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Long Vacation Is Boring? Drone Race Cues You


introduce:Just in this year, the race under the guise of "drone racing" began to move to public view.As one of the new science and technology category, UAV industry is developing rapidly in China.In the entertainment consumption area, the UAV application


Just in this year, the race under the guise of "drone racing" began to move to public view.

As one of the new science and technology category, UAV industry is developing rapidly in China.

In the entertainment consumption area, the UAV application market is relatively blank, which gives the UAV race a chance.

The aristocratic movement of "Western Learning and spreading to the East"

Like F1, UAV race was the earliest product of the West.

Today, Drone Racing League (DRL) in the United States and Drone Champions League (DCL) in Europe, the world's most famous drone races, launched in 2016.


Nick Hobachesky, founder of Drone Racing League.


UAV used in Nanjing Station of Drone GP

Because of its aristocratic origins, the sport is popular in the Middle East, in addition to its origins in North America and Europe.

Chinese players are coming, too

In China, UAV racing has also taken off as a starting point.

In Europe, DCL will choose the city's landmarks to host the event, and their first stop in China is Beijing.

There are nine participating clubs, three of which are from China


DCL Beijing Station held at the Great Wall Theater in Gubei Water Town

Ticket will be priced at 80 yuan, 280 yuan and 980 yuan.

Full of curiosity about the game, I'm afraid is the main reason for attracting the live audience to watch the game.

In addition to the DCL, there are two drone races in China: Drone GP and X-Fly.

So far, Drone GP has held three large drone races.

While X-Fly has held six games in 2017, with more than 20 countries and regions taking part in the event, with more than 500,000 RMB per game of sponsorship revenue.

At present, the domestic players of UAV race are between 15 and 35 years old, mainly male, wher higher education, loving sports, and are interested in science and technology, and also wher a certain consumption ability.

Challenge and opportunity

The birth of a new thing always faces all kinds of challenges. It is found that drone racing itself has a lot of problems to be solved.

The biggest problem is the lack of effective viewing time. Too little time to watch the game effectively makes the audience feel idle, making it harder to keep the audience sitting in front of the screen.

Secondly, UAV racing requires a high level of operation. It's easy to blow up.

Another problem is about broadcasting. At present, players in UAV events use the picture transmission signal as analog signal, and the advantage is that it is timely enough, but the problem is that the picture is not clear enough and will be intermittent.


UAV players are required high real-time for the screen, so they prefer to sacrifice some clarity for this purpose.

In addition, the approval of holding the venue is also a problem that can not be ignored.


The airspace for light unmanned aerial vehicles stipulated by the state is actually relatively loose.

But some local governments are concerned about drone races for security reasons, which is a big test of their ability to break through their resources.

The same question will also involve the routine training of contestants. After all, it is now difficult to find an open space in the city center, not to mention security interference.

Of course, nothing new can be perfect. And neither the technical difficulties nor the challenges of race performance are left unsolved, since the entire drone industry is growing at a high speed.

Interestingly, the industry is also exploring other forms of drone athleticism. Chen Pin felt that racing is not necessarily a very good demonstration of the charm of UAV competitive means. He is planning to produce drone-themed entertainment shows in the form of Reality Show. Of course, this could mean greater input costs behind it.

In the long run, from the point of view of the race, the UAV as the carrier, there is still no small space for imagination. Maybe in the near future, we'll see drone combat.

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