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Liu Yanmei, a member of AVIC's "Luoyang Youth Commando": silently guarding the blue s


introduce: 42-year-old Liu Yanmei is a super technical expert in the aviation industry, the chief metallurgist of Shenfei Aviation Industry Co., Ltd., and one of the first members of the "Luoyang Youth Commando". Since she started working in 2010, sh

42-year-old Liu Yanmei is a super technical expert in the aviation industry, the chief metallurgist of Shenfei Aviation Industry Co., Ltd., and one of the first members of the "Luoyang Youth Commando". Since she started working in 2010, she has participated in the development of various types of aircraft, organized and carried out a number of scientific research projects such as national key research and development plans and national major scientific and technological projects, and obtained more than 10 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements.
The Voice of China, a special report by CCTV of the head office, "Strugglers Are Youthful", focuses on the story of Liu Yanmei silently guarding the blue sky of the motherland.
Female doctor who takes the initiative to be a welding engineer
12 years ago, the aviation industry Shenfei introduced high-end technical talents. Liu Yanmei, who just graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology with a doctorate, entered Shenfei as a highly educated person and became a welding technician.
Liu Yanmei said, "Shenfei is known as the 'cradle of Chinese fighter jets', because aircraft are produced from parts, and I am a technical engineer, considering that the components of future aircraft will be large-scale and integrated development. Trends, and welding technology is a particularly effective way to connect, so I started as a welding technician, got down to earth, and did it bit by bit.”
There are not many lesbians who are engaged in welding work. Liu Yanmei likes to be serious in her profession, which should be considered an advantage. As a result, the technicians on the production line gave her a "serious" class.
"Everyone has a lot of energy. The technicians and workers of the unit are very sincere when they encounter problems and will analyze them carefully. Everyone is very happy when the problem is solved, but they are very humble when they encounter honors and awards, and everyone is full of righteousness. The love of aviation, the love of fighter jets."
The flag of "Luoyang Youth Commando" began to fly
Because of love, I do my best. This is Liu Yanmei's work principle and Shen Fei's work spirit. In November 2012, just over ten hours after my country's J-15 carrier-based aircraft successfully completed the first landing test, Luo Yang, the commander-in-chief of the J-15 carrier-based aircraft development site, suffered an acute myocardial infarction. Died in the line of duty.
Luo Yang left, but in the place where Luo Yang fought, young people like Liu Yanmei held up the vast sky of serving the country by air. In 2013, Liu Yanmei, as the first member of the "Luoyang Youth Commando", began to overcome difficulties. Liu Yanmei said that the "Luoyang Youth Commando" is not a fixed team. Wherever there are urgent and dangerous tasks, the "Luoyang Youth Commando" will be erected.
Liu Yanmei said that the "Luoyang Youth Commando" will be established regardless of the needs of model development, technological development, or some difficulties encountered in the production process. The team is particularly wide, including technical personnel, skilled personnel, management personnel and so on. "In Shen Fei's stadium, where the 'Luoyang Youth Commando' flag is flying, it means that there is a task of overcoming difficulties. It is a kind of courage and strength."
In 2016, Liu Yanmei received an emergency notification from the production site after get off work that a batch of key parts of a certain fighter plane had abnormal detection, which not only affected the completion of the production task, but even the troop pick-up task. The flag of the "Luoyang Youth Commando" fluttered again.
Liu Yanmei recalled, "All our relevant personnel, including technicians and on-site workers, set up a commando team at the scene to analyze day and night and find ways to solve the problem."
In addition to young people, old experts are often present in the commandos. At that time, Liu Yanmei, who was very anxious, found Yao Zhicheng, a researcher-level senior engineer at SAC, who had escorted the safety of key metal parts of various aircraft models. Yao Zhicheng searched and translated relevant foreign language materials overnight to help the commando solve the problem.
Liu Yanmei said, "The elderly are amiable and amiable. Even if they retire, they come to guide and help us every day. This spirit of silent dedication is passed down from generation to generation."
Over the past ten years, the Aviation Industry Group has established more than 15,000 "Luoyang Youth Commandos", and as of November this year, a total of 370,000 people have participated. Liu Yanmei said that technical challenges and technical guidance one by one are spiritual inheritance.
A fighter jet that flies far away is just a child away from home
At the recently concluded 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Expo (Zhuhai Air Show), "Falcon" fighter jets, J-16D, J-16, J-15, J-11B and other models were exhibited. Liu Yanmei stood silently in front of the booth, listening to the audience's admiration for these "powerful weapons". In her heart, these fighters who are brave and good at fighting in the eyes of others are just some "children" who have just grown up and walked out of the house.
Liu Yanmei said, "We were also very excited when we watched them fly. Maybe there were parts on which we had touched, or even the whole machine we had assembled. We treated the planes as our own children, little by little. Manufacture it and put it in service. We're all keeping an eye on its condition when we're outfield."
On November 12 this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to the members of Shenfei's "Luoyang Youth Commando", highly affirming the team members' rooting in the front line of aviation equipment development and their united struggle, and encouraging young people in the aviation industry to actively contribute to building a strong aviation country. Liu Yanmei said that when she joined the aviation industry, her dream was to become a technical expert, so that more aviation people could have dreams and eyes.Military Drone Swarm
"I need to be hard on myself. I want to take the lead in innovation. More importantly, I must lead a technical team and cultivate a technical team. Cultivate the next generation of talents for the aviation industry."
Youth monologue: It is my dream to serve the country by aviation. I am willing to shine here and use my professional knowledge and work experience to contribute to the self-reliance and self-improvement of aviation technology, so that youth can shine in the fiery practice of serving the country by aviation.

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