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Liu Qiangdong: ready to build more than 100 UAV airports in Sichuan and Shaanxi


introduce:Liu Qiangdong: ready to build more than 100 UAV airports in Sichuan and ShaanxiLiu Qiangdong's speech / map source: surging newsIn May 16th, at the opening ceremony of the second world intelligence conference in Tianjin, Liu Qiangdong, chairman and c

Liu Qiangdong: ready to build more than 100 UAV airports in Sichuan and Shaanxi
Liu Qiangdong's speech / map source: surging news
In May 16th, at the opening ceremony of the second world intelligence conference in Tianjin, Liu Qiangdong, chairman and chief executive of the Jingdong group, made a keynote speech on what the Jingdong thought, the future, and the future of the Jingdong in the age of intelligence.
Around the Jingdong's intelligent hardware route, Liu Qiangdong revealed that the mature UAVs that Jingdong can use on a large scale have 4 models and have achieved normal operation. The Jingdong has got 6 provinces and more than a dozen cities' flying licenses in China. In addition, it is also ready to build more than 100 unmanned aerial vehicles in Sichuan and Shaanxi to deliver high quality agricultural products inside Shaanxi and Sichuan's remote villages to all China's large and medium cities within 24 hours.
Liu Qiangdong also said that Jingdong's UAV focuses on solving the problem of high logistics costs in remote areas, especially in rural areas.
The following is Liu Qiangdong's speech:
Dear vice president Wan Gang, Secretary of Hong Zhong, leaders and friends, good morning, everyone! Share three views with you today.
First, let me introduce briefly what Jingdong is thinking in the era of intelligence, what it is doing and what the future direction is.
Jingdong is a relatively young company, so far only 14 years. The advantage of a young company is that many of our new businesses will be able to use the latest technology on the first day, say Jingdong finance, for about four years, but the architecture that started from the day of its founding is based on artificial intelligence. And all loans are made to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. We have a logistics system and a large number of partners.
Jingdong is divided into two lines, hardware and software in the era of intelligence. In hardware, the most widely used Jingdong today is logistics, we expect to be able to build a whole set of intelligent systems from warehousing to distribution vehicles, from distribution stations to the last kilometer delivery robot. A year ago, in Shanghai, Jingdong had built the world's first B2C unmanned warehouse. Many people say that no one has seen it 10 years ago, and 20 years ago, I saw a private warehouse. But I can assure you that the unmanned warehouse you see is in the To B mode. But to be able to put a small gum into a toy, to a pen, to a mobile phone, from the nearly about 3000000 kinds of products we have in the warehouse, we can accurately test one of the goods that one of the customers need, the complete B2C small package unmanned barn, which is the first in the world to say.
We have built the first unmanned distribution station in Xi'an. The entire distribution station is flying UAVs, and the following are robots. It looks like the old air conditioning outdoor machine, a large iron cylinder, all of which are automatic machines, intelligent devices.
In addition, today's Jingdong's mature UAV has been able to large-scale use of 4 models, has been in normal operation. We have got 6 provinces and more than ten cities' flying licenses in China. Jingdong's UAV flew 15 kilometers from 5 kg to 15 km, and flew 200 km to the most recently tested cargo. Medium and light UAVs are all vertical take-off and landing, horizontal flight, in order to reduce future airport investment. What's the use of your UAV? Us Amazon's UAV is delivering to terminal users. But most Chinese do not live in villas, no HOUSE, no backyard, we live in apartments. So the most important solution to the Jingdong UAV is not to send the package to the customers. We focus on the problem of the high cost of logistics in the remote areas, especially in the rural areas.
The logistics system of Jingdong has covered all 600 thousand administrative villages in the whole country. Each village has our part-time job as a villager. In a lot of times a village is a parcel. In order to send this package, we have to send a driver out of a car, drive from the city to the village, come back, oil money, pass fee, labor, time cost, leading to a lot of parcels sent to a village today to be sent to a big city like Tianjin about 5 times as much as possible. The cost of manual labor. At the same time, a large number of agricultural products are also difficult to send to the cities, so the Jingdong UAV solves this problem. For example, we are preparing to build more than 100 unmanned aerial vehicles in Sichuan and Shaanxi, and we can do it in 24 hours to send Shaanxi, Sichuan Province, no matter how far the remote villages have high quality agricultural products to all the large and medium cities in China, and can reduce the logistics in the province by 70%. This is the application of our UAV. The value is.
Jingdong has spent more than a year now, and is developing the first heavy UAV in the real sense. People now often see video on the Internet, and some say heavy UAVs, that is, unmanned aerial vehicles with more than 1 tons of weight, are actually buying ready - to - drive aircraft and turning it into unmanned aerial vehicles. But the Jingdong is starting from zero, developing a real UAV. The aircraft has no cockpit, no driver's position, completely new design and manufacture according to the UAV. We expect to carry on the first test in the end of June this year, of course, the actual application of the future may need a few more. The time of the year.
Our distribution robot has been delivered in a number of colleges and universities in Beijing, including the people's Congress, Peking University and Tsinghua, and the robot has been able to communicate with the elevator.

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