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Li Yuliang, Hongdu of the aviation industry: Overcoming difficulties and taking on the role of brave


introduce: China Aviation News: In the development and struggle of the motherland's aviation industry, there are always a group of people who are sailing the sails of the new era, bravely standing at the forefront, using their wisdom and responsibility to

China Aviation News: In the development and struggle of the motherland's aviation industry, there are always a group of people who are sailing the sails of the new era, bravely standing at the forefront, using their wisdom and responsibility to forge ahead and forge ahead. wher participated in the work for 19 years, he is well aware of the original mission of the aviation people, actively fulfills the responsibilities of party members and leading cadres, and is down-to-earth and ready for action. He is tenacious and persistent in overcoming difficulties, and moves forward with confidence. He is at the helm and at the helm in innovation and transcendence, and opens the way in every mountain. He is Li Yuliang, director of Hongdu 660 Institute and chief model designer of the aviation industry.anti drone laser system
Since he joined the work, he has successively been appraised as a first-class expert in the aviation industry, 0ed into the "Double Thousand Plan" of Jiangxi Province, and "Jiangxi Province's Million Talents". 2 third prizes for technological invention, 1 aviation industry technical invention award, 3 first prizes, 3 second prizes, and 6 third prizes for scientific and technological progress in the aviation industry.
Not afraid of competition, gather strength to achieve new breakthroughs in the field
In 2021, a new research project will be officially launched. In the midst of new technology research and development and fierce industry competition, Li Yuliang, as the chief designer of the project, strengthened his confidence and faced up to difficulties. Facing the urgent development cycle, he led the project team to innovate the working mechanism and established the "overall planning + multi-channel promotion" system The project model adopts measures such as concurrent engineering project research and development, optimization of trial production process, and implementation of "chief engineer responsibility system" and "strong project management" based on trust and unified responsibility and authority. Under his leadership, the R&D team effectively compressed the scientific research cycle and completed the design of detailed structural schemes and prototype trial production ahead of schedule.
At the same time, as the secretary of the party committee of the 660 Institute, Li Yuliang always adheres to the leadership of party building, deepens the party building of the whole line of model development, sets an example, and takes the lead in setting an example. During the work, I went back and forth between the office, the laboratory and the outfield, went to the front line to give guidance, solved problems all night, and always stood up with everyone. Under his leadership, the project established more than 10 party member commandos, and completed a number of technological breakthroughs and innovations around key and difficult points. A number of key technologies have been successfully verified, and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members has been fully utilized in the R&D team. The project finally achieved excellent results in the review and was successfully shortlisted, making important contributions to the development of aviation equipment.
Not afraid of challenges to promote the in-depth development of the main business
With the changes in the international situation, the demand for armaments has become increasingly urgent, and the competition in the industry has become increasingly fierce. In order to meet the requirements of customers, the aviation industry and Hongdu's "14th Five-Year Plan" planning demonstration, Li Yuliang systematically planned and considered comprehensively, and continued to promote scientific research around the "three major series". Under his leadership, multi-type projects have completed the design finalization and transferred to the batch production stage. At present, there are more than dozens of products under research, pre-research and foreign trade.
Recently, as a certain project was officially approved for project approval, he coordinated the resources within the institute and concentrated his superior forces to carry out the overall scheme design and test verification of the project. The project successfully passed the overall scheme review, and the overall technical scheme was well received by the evaluation expert group. For bidding projects, on the one hand, he organized the project team to conduct self-assessment and plan optimization according to the bidding rules, and to design and implement various bidding plans; Research and development, to ensure that excellent bidding products are provided to users on schedule, and to enhance the competitive advantage of the project.
For different projects, Li Yuliang changed traditional thinking, actively adapted to the needs of technological change, and actively explored and researched new fields. Relying on systems engineering thinking, he led the team to carry out detailed and in-depth system requirements analysis the system level, conducted scientific and rigorous technical route demonstration and decision-making, and completed cross-generation technology simulation modeling and Simulation, calculation and analysis, and the method of concentrated breakthroughs were adopted to overcome a number of key technologies in a short period of time, and completed the overall scheme design and multiple rounds of iterative optimization, realizing the closed loop of the overall scheme.
Bravely explore the frontier and open up a new situation of scientific and technological innovation
Li Yuliang is well aware that technological innovation, self-reliance and self-improvement are the vigorous driving force for the continuous advancement of scientific research. He has always taken General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on technological innovation and the spirit of important instructions on the reform, development and innovation of the aviation industry as a guide to action, focusing on technical research in the field of equipment, enhancing originality and core competitiveness, carefully planning, sorting out, and constructing Formed 660 "leading innovation" specific measures. Successively established "Jiangxi Province Precision Guidance Technology Engineering Research Center" and "Jiangxi Province Advanced Aviation Structure and System Integration Technology Innovation Center". Concentrate superior forces to break through the bottleneck of key technologies for precision guidance of air-to-surface weapons, strive to overcome core technologies such as modern aeronautical structure design, manufacturing, integration, and system verification, and achieve self-reliance in aviation technology and high-quality development of the aviation industry.
He dared to innovate, was diligent in thinking about change, and accelerated the construction of scientific research talent team. In terms of salary distribution mechanism, the organization has formulated an incentive policy related to annual scientific research tasks, highlighting the incentive orientation of "active, first, grabbing, and taking responsibility", and selecting the best incentives; in terms of project management mechanism, for temporary urgent tasks, resources are given priority Configure, set up an IPT team, shorten the communication link, gather intelligence, close, and focus on thematic research, and complete tasks efficiently. He pays attention to the multi-channel training and experience of talents, and takes "combination of near and far, echelon development" as the starting point to form the framework of talent development system and growth roadmap of 660 institutes. After several years of concentrated development, a group of "post-80s "Chief designer, "post-85" deputy chief designer, and "post-90s" chief engineer assistant are the young backbone R&D teams. A large number of scientific research and technical personnel. At present, experts at all levels of the 660 Institute, young technical backbones of the aviation industry, and the Eagle Education Program have formed a talent team with comprehensive professional fields and a reasonable age echelon.
Li Yuliang has always been rooted in his main business, consciously dedicated, closely following the development trend of science and technology at home and abroad, deeply integrated with scientific research tasks, and contributing solid strength to the implementation of the strategic planning of the aviation industry and the realization of first-class national defense construction.

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