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Key UAV enterprises in Longgang District


introduce:I. United AircraftShenzhen lianfei is a national "civil military integration" pilot excellent enterprise registered in Shenzhen in September 2014 and a star enterprise of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" in Shenzhen. At present,

I. United Aircraft
Shenzhen lianfei is a national "civil military integration" pilot excellent enterprise registered in Shenzhen in September 2014 and a star enterprise of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" in Shenzhen. At present, it has many subsidiaries, such as Beijing AVIC Smart Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen AVIC smart aircraft equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen United Navigation Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei United Aircraft Technology Co., Ltd., CSIC Haikong smart equipment Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing, service, computer software technology development, computer intelligent manufacturing of unmanned intelligent equipment systems such as uav system, unmanned ship system, unmanned vehicle system, etc.
The civil unmanned helicopter produced by the company has been widely used in dozens of fields, such as electric power (the largest UAV supplier in the State Grid for three consecutive years), agriculture, public security, forestry, emergency disaster reduction, petroleum and petrochemical, marine police, maritime affairs, geological exploration, etc. At the same time, it is also the only undertaking unit for the domestic marine police and Maritime National Class shipborne helicopter project.
Up to now, the company has applied for 20 international invention patents, 8 authorizations, 15 core software copyrights, 400 employees and a market valuation of more than 10 billion yuan.
II. Global Hawk
Global Eagle (Shenzhen) UAV Co., Ltd., founded in July 2015, is located in Shenzhen Longgang Universiade software Town, a national level business incubator, specializing in industrial UAV research and development, UAV industry application solutions, UAV driver training business, and is a national high-tech enterprise.
Global Eagle has obtained dozens of patents and intellectual property rights through strong cooperation with scientific research institutes such as Beihang University and West University of technology. The company has developed a number of UAV emergency command system, UAV intelligent traffic patrol system, UAV intelligent land violation system and other comprehensive solutions, which have been applied to such fields as Shenzhen land violation and Hainan public security system The company has 14000 square meters of UAV flight base, which is the largest civil UAV pilot training base in South China. It is also the UAV pilot test base authorized by CAAC, the UAV standard setting unit in Guangdong Province and Anhui Province, and the UAV evaluation base in Guangdong Province. It is rated as the top ten UAV operation services in China in 2018.
III. brother Tianying
Tianying brother UAV Innovation Co., Ltd. is a young agricultural UAV innovation and entrepreneurship team, attracting a group of excellent UAV R & D engineers and a strong software technology team.
At present, 12 branches are established in Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Henan, Anhui and Heilongjiang in China, and branches will be established in Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia in 2018.
The company focuses on the research and development of precision agriculture and intelligent agricultural UAV, including UAV flight control, seeding, spraying solid fertilizer and agricultural data collection and transmission.
Existing UAV series: 17-30kg battery powered unmanned helicopter, 10-20kg multi rotor and other models. Among them, the battery powered single wing UAV independently developed by the company has refreshed a number of technical gaps at home and abroad, including load, structure, appearance, etc., and has obtained a number of invention and utility model patents.
IV. great innovation
Gaoju innovation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen zhonglianxun Technology Co., Ltd. (established in Henggang Town in 2005, a national high-tech enterprise). In 2014, the company transformed and upgraded, specializing in R & D, production and manufacturing of UAV products. In addition to R & D and production and sales of its own brand, it also provides OEM and ODM services for UAV peers. The enterprise has a complete UAV manufacturing chain from product research and development, mold manufacturing, processing to product assembly.
At present, there are nearly 100 members of the R & D team, including overseas students graduated from famous universities at home and abroad, as well as senior technical talents from large international enterprises. The company has spent more than two years in R & D and technology accumulation, and has launched UAV products and services since 2017. In August 2017, the first product went offline, covering from consumer entertainment products to industry-class application products; from the world's first memory cruise of UAV to the shocking cluster of large-scale UAV formation flying. At present, there are 6 consumer UAV products, 1 fire-fighting UAV, 2 sports project UAV. The application scenarios of industry-class UAV products involve fire protection, security, mapping, maritime and military police.
In the 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Gao Ju UAV team boarded the programs of Beijing main venue, Zhuhai branch venue and Sanya Branch venue; in March, Hunan Satellite TV followed up the report. At present, it has published and promoted the brands of Audi, Nissan, Hanzhong, Tianjin world intelligent conference, etc. There is an increasing demand for group performance orders, including Jingdong, various colleges and universities and some large brand promotion. This summer vacation, Gaoju UAV team performance officially entered Chimelong sea Kingdom, Zhuhai for long-term performance. 40 years of reform and opening up (Shenzhen), 40 years of reform and opening up in Guangdong Province, 11.1 Shenzhen talent Park talent day and other domestic large-scale UAV formation performances are all undertaken by Gaoju innovation. 3D UAV formation technology is leading in the world.

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