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It Is A Thing of the Past That Plant protection and Flight Control Can Not Make Money


introduce:Today's plant protection and flight control is a stable job that can make money and make you become rich. But why do some people always say that plant protection and flight control can not make money? 1. Subjective factorThos

Today's plant protection and flight controlis a stable job that can make money and make you become rich.

But why do some people always say that plant protection and flight controlcan not make money?

1.Subjective factor

Those who did not make money in the past tell their own personal experience about all kinds of difficult.

2. Objective cause

In today's plant protection and flight control industry, you can not fight alone absolutely. You only can spray pesticide for up to 300 mu of land a day by one drone. For large farmers who have planted thousands of acres of land, can you satisfy this kind of the customers by only one drone?

3. Industry factor

In previous plant protection and flight control industry, there were no application standards, no pre-application of a large number of pesticide trials and no dedicated pesticidefor agricultural drone. Therefore, the effect of spraying was difficult to meet the requirements of farmers, so farmers were not willing to accept drones.

But today, the National Plant Protection and Flight Control Service Organization has completed the formulation of standards for flight protection and plant protection and introduced a special agent for agricultural drones. And it has set up hundreds of service centers throughout the country with the ability to operate on a scale of one million mu.

It also has realized the example of getting rich by more than 200,000 yuan a year, and also promoted the development of the whole plant protection and flight control industry.

4. Policy orientation

Especially in recent years, China's agricultural policies are favorable, the state encourages the emergence of large agricultural service organizations, and governments at all levels come forward to solve the problems of the aging of the agricultural population, the wasteland of farmland brought by low degree of mechanization, and the reduction of crop production.

Plant protection and flight control can not make money is a thing of the past. Now it is a good "career" to make money.

Flight control absolutely can make money with hard-working spirit.

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