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Introduction of UAV Application in Construction Management


introduce:With the rapid development of science and technology, drones have been used in various industries. It is compact, lightweight, low-noise, energy-saving, can shoot from multiple angles, and the image is clear. In project management, it can assist in monito

With the rapid development of science and technology, drones have been used in various industries. It is compact, lightweight, low-noise, energy-saving, can shoot from multiple angles, and the image is clear. In project management, it can assist in monitoring site safety protection, high-altitude operations, construction progress, etc., and provide accurate and real-time information support for construction management.

Introduction of uav Application in Construction Management

First, the application of drones in field management

How to do well on-site management of construction sites is a major problem facing the construction industry. The quality and education of construction workers are generally low, the staff is relatively complicated, and the phenomenon of negative idle work is common. Safety accidents caused by lack of safety awareness occur from time to time. Utilizing HD video equipment for on-site inspections can effectively monitor the behavior of construction workers. This application is particularly important for high-rise construction sites. UAVs can take aerial photos of the site from different heights and angles, and transmit video and image data to the operator in real time. Through the software's collection and analysis, the entire view of the construction site is displayed in front of the management staff for easy management. Developers conduct on-site management in a timely manner and adjust engineering strategies in a timely manner according to the construction situation, thereby optimizing the entire construction process. In addition, the drone can also contact the construction site in close range, which can timely discover the quality problems and hidden safety hazards existing in the construction, which is convenient for managers to carry out hidden danger investigation and engineering quality inspection.

Instead of manual inspection, it saves time and effort. In the past, the inspection of the construction site mainly used manual inspection. The shortest time required for the inspection was half an hour, even an hour or even longer. Now, using UAVs to inspect the site can be completed in as few minutes as half an hour, greatly reducing time, saving labor costs, and improving work efficiency. The project's contracted projects include original grain silos, buffer silos, run wheat silos, flour mills, etc., with a construction area of ​​110,000 square meters. A group of project departments will introduce aerial drones. The on-site inspections that were originally completed by humans in an hour and a half Work can now be completed in half an hour.

Expand the scope of inspections to ensure no dead ends. Because the drone is small and light, it can patrol construction blind spots, dead ends, and other human resources from the air. It can intuitively reflect the construction dynamics, provide more efficient and intuitive decision-making information for the project, and effectively promote project site management. The demolishing of the mold and platform of the Fangcang of the project group is a "super-dangerous large project" with a working height of more than 40 meters, a large risk factor, and a long dismantling cycle. The project department uses drones to supervise the operator's construction behaviors, such as whether to wear seat belts correctly, operate in accordance with specifications, etc., and check whether there are concrete debris residues on the top of the warehouse wall, etc., in order to eliminate the hidden danger of object strikes.

Real-time supervision to hide hidden dangers. UAVs are used to carry out inspections on the sliding formwork construction and formwork dismantling, high-altitude operations, and building cranes, etc., to monitor the construction site safety in real time. The project department adopted a combination of drones and manual inspections of all in-use tower crane stops and safety devices, which effectively solved the problem of time-consuming and labor-intensive inspections caused by top elevation and scattered locations.

Application of drones in green construction

While effectively performing on-site monitoring and management of construction sites, drones can also perform environmental monitoring and data collection on construction sites. At present, more and more construction companies have begun to pay attention to environmental protection during the construction process. Therefore, it is particularly important to use drones for on-site environmental monitoring.

Drones can be equipped with high-definition video equipment and data acquisition devices, which can effectively monitor the air quality at the construction site and collect dust, PM10 and PM2.5 data values. At the same time, drones can also obtain a full range of images of the construction site, which helps managers reasonably arrange the site layout, create a safe and civilized working environment for construction workers, and promote green and civilized construction.

Application of UAV Quality Inspection

During construction, UAVs are used to record images in real-time at different construction stages through multiple angles and multiple parts, and retain the original data to provide a basis for future project acceptance and settlement; supervise whether there are common diseases such as honeycomb, pitted surface, leaky ribs, holes in the concrete surface , Found problems to rectify in a timely manner, and promote the improvement of project quality.

During construction and use, the building may be affected by uneven settlement of the foundation, bad weather, etc., which may cause the overall structure of the building to change, and due to construction quality and other reasons, quality problems such as cracks and pits may occur on the building surface. We will perform quality inspections on these quality issues. Traditional detection methods usually use professional equipment to check the mechanical properties of building structures and main parts, and use microscopes, telescopes and other equipment to check the appearance of buildings. For complex building structures and high-rise buildings, the use of manual inspection is very difficult and time-consuming, and there is a certain degree of danger. At this time, if you use a drone equipped with professional detection equipment, take flight shots around the building, and transmit the captured images back to the ground for real-time detection and analysis by the quality inspection personnel, not only can save a lot of manpower and material resources, but also effectively avoid security accidents The occurrence of this makes the building quality inspection methods more secure, efficient and intelligent, and has accelerated the construction progress to a certain extent.

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