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Huixinghai has prepared a lot of useful drone application solutions for you!


introduce:Today, the Shenzhen UAV Exhibition, which has received much attention from the industry, officially opened! The scene was crowded and the scene was very hot! Huixinghai entered the 2B155 Hall 2, carrying the company's star products FH18V, White Shark

Today, the Shenzhen UAV Exhibition, which has received much attention from the industry, officially opened! The scene was crowded and the scene was very hot! Huixinghai entered the 2B155 Hall 2, carrying the company's star products FH18V, White Shark, Gaia 160S and a wealth of industry application solutions, attracting many exhibitors to stop watching, and the media conducted live coverage!

Rich industry application programs gain high popularity

Figure: Media interview

As an industrial-grade UAV application enterprise, Huixinghai has provided high-quality, high-efficiency and reliable UAV application solutions for industry users for decades. It insists on using products, services, technological innovation, quality, and four carriages. Let more people enjoy the revolutionary changes in the operation mode brought by industrial-grade drones, and have been widely recognized by industry users. The products are sold well in 76 countries around the world.

Figure: The booth is highly popular

At the Shenzhen exhibition, Huixinghai’s strength has attracted the attention of many exhibitors, and its popularity is hot:

FH18V is known as the best cost-effective mapping machine with superior performance and stable performance. When using F518V for surveying and mapping, the A7R full-frame camera can be used for 1:500 surveying of up to 10 square kilometers on the basis of 65% route overlap rate. The real-time differential positioning and post-difference system can be used to achieve centimeter-level surveying accuracy. It is the surveying and landing crane with the largest coverage and the lowest cost in the market.

The small white shark integrates the three-mode positioning system and is equipped with a post-differential PPK system, which can output centimeter-level positioning accuracy, enabling the drone to achieve precise flight according to precise trajectory, meeting the needs of various high-precision industrial applications such as surveying and mapping, data acquisition. In addition, the white shark can fly autonomously throughout the journey. By planning the route, you can complete the data acquisition, flight state transformation, vertical takeoff and landing and other missions. Intelligent operation, convenient operation and saving labor costs.

The Gaia 160S is a pure electric six-axis drone that can last up to 110 minutes, has strong maneuverability, stable flight, and flexible operation in densely populated areas. The Gaia 160S is equipped with a variety of professional equipment and is a reliable choice for surveying and mapping, equipment safety inspection, gas detection, and public security applications.

In addition to the above products, Huixinghai also has a variety of multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAVs with different endurance and load, such as Gaia 160 Hybrid Elite Edition, Xia 130, Great White Shark, etc. At the same time, Huixinghai has a rich supporting product chain. There are all kinds of map control links, zoom cameras and ground stations; because of the limited space of booths, they cannot be displayed one by one, but experienced staff can quickly give targeted solutions to users according to the needs of exhibitors. , was recognized by the exhibitors. Many of them expressed their willingness to cooperate further, and the two sides will conduct more detailed program communication in the future.

More tidbits: pictures hit the hot show site

△ company general manager Fu Xing was interviewed by the media! Looking forward to the future, Huixinghai adheres to the ecological development of drones and promotes the prosperity of the industry. The general manager of the company, Fu Xing, said in an interview with the media that “I hope more friends from the same industry and friends can find us through a diversified cooperation model. The market is bigger."

△ Huixinghai has a rich product chain, including industrial-grade drones, pods, long-distance data links and video links, ground station systems and power systems, etc., can be customized according to customer needs, to create customer-specific drone solutions The program meets the diverse operational needs of users.

△ Huixinghai users in 76 countries around the world, with a large number of practical application data, programs continue to strive for excellence, better help industry users to operate efficiently.

△ Huixing Hairen has always focused on the improvement of the overall solution for the UAV industry application, and won the trust of users with excellent quality and effective industrial application solutions.

△ June 20-22, the exhibition will last for 2 days, Huixinghai (Booth No.: 2B155) is looking forward to your arrival! We will provide you with a stable and reliable industrial application solution to help you start your work faster and better.

Huixinghai Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Address: 3rd Floor, No. 9 Haitai Development, Xiqing District, Tianjin

Tel: 022-27989688 ext 312/324




Established in 2010, Huixinghai Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise for R&D, production and sales, and provides professional industrial-grade drones for industrial, industrial users and aviation surveyors. The solution is also the pioneer and leader of ecosystem construction in the field of drones.

Huixinghai has the largest overseas professional UAV B2B and B2C platform, including industrial-grade UAVs, pods, long-distance data links and video links, ground station systems and power systems, with monthly fixed visitors of 2,500. Ten thousand times. Huixinghai adheres to the business philosophy of “win-win cooperation and mutual benefit” to realize the effective integration of high-quality resources in the drone industry and drive the rapid development of the entire industry.

Huixinghai owns the professional brand of “FOXTECH” drone, and its products are targeted at the international market. After 8 years of rapid development, “FOXTECH” has become a trusted brand of global industrial, industrial users and aviation surveyors, and its products are sold in more than 70 countries around the world. Huixinghai adheres to independent innovation and has been in the leading position in the fields of industrial design, flight control algorithms, aviation mapping and equipment production technology for drones. The products include aerial survey, fire protection, reconnaissance, agriculture, explosion protection, live broadcast, film and television, etc. Every aspect. Huixinghai continues to innovate and focus on industrial applications of drones, allowing more users to enjoy the revolutionary changes in the work and lifestyle brought by drones.

Huixinghai has a mature fan infrastructure and a large user base in the world. On YouTube and Facebook media platforms, the number of Huixinghai fans exceeds 100,000; in the world, the number of Huixinghai users exceeds 200,000.

Huixinghai, adhering to the concept of cooperation and win-win, leads the industrial ecological development, hopes to carry out in-depth cooperation with more peers, through the effective integration of the resources of both sides, a total development and prosperity.

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