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How to apply for UAV subsidy


introduce:At present, China's plant protection UAV technology is leading in the world, and the number of UAVs is the first in the world. The plant protection UAVs developed and produced in China are all over the world. It promotes the intelligent development o

At present, China's plant protection uav technology is leading in the world, and the number of UAVs is the first in the world. The plant protection UAVs developed and produced in China are all over the world. It promotes the intelligent development of global plant protection and makes plant protection simpler, more efficient and safer.
In the face of the general trend of UAV plant protection, China began to implement pilot subsidies in 2017. Since its development, various policies have been improved, and UAV plant protection has become more and more popular. No matter whether it is government purchase, unified distribution, private purchase, or professional flight control team, it has been common, so what is the current situation of UAV industry? Let's take a look at it together
Price of plant protection UAV?
On the market, the drug quantity of plant protection UAV is mostly 20 liters or less. With the improvement of battery performance, the load capacity of electric plant protection UAV is also increasing, and 22 liters of large drug weight has appeared on the market. The price is about tens of thousands of yuan, but there are subsidies from the state and regional governments. In most regions, the price of plant protection drones is only about 1 / 3 of the original price.
Do you need operation qualification?
At present, the UAV operation of plant protection needs to work with certificates. Each UAV company will arrange training when customers purchase UAVs, combine theory with practice, and involve in industry knowledge, UAV maintenance and operation skills. After the assessment, the UAV operation qualification certificate recognized by the state will be distributed.
How much is the homework per mu?
According to statistics, the price per mu of land for professional UAV flight control team varies from 5 yuan to 10 yuan, and the price of pesticide needs to be calculated separately.
National subsidy policy
At present, most provinces and regions in China have implemented the subsidy policy for purchase of UAV for plant protection, which is based on the principle of simple and easy operation. However, the actual situation of provinces and regions is different, and the subsidy policies are different. The following conditions are based on most of the situations, and the specific provincial policies need to be inquired about the local subsidy policies.
1. Subsidy amount
The total amount of purchase subsidies in each pilot province is basically controlled within 10 million yuan, and the subsidy amount for each plant protection UAV is basically between 10000 yuan and 30000 yuan.
2. The subsidy objects are agricultural production and operation organizations engaged in plant protection, mainly including farmers (agricultural machinery) professional cooperatives, plant protection operation organizations, crop disease and pest control and control organizations, etc. no subsidy is temporarily granted for the purchase of personal plant protection drones. The subsidy object shall also meet the following conditions:
1. Possess the brand products of subsidized UAV or professional institutions to train qualified operators, and provide training qualification certificate
2. There is a relatively sound operation and management system of plant protection drone, including in and out registration, special personnel custody, plant protection operation process, safe flight control, operation record statistics and other systems;
3. Before applying for subsidies, the real name registration or nationality registration has been completed in accordance with the real name registration management regulations of civil unmanned aerial vehicles, the property loss insurance and the third party liability insurance have been insured, the insurance policy has been provided, the plant protection work volume of a certain scale has been completed, and other materials required by the agricultural machinery department at the county level have been provided.
3. The application process of UAV subsidy for plant protection shall follow the principle of "purchase first, then use, apply first and then subsidy". Generally, buyers can apply for subsidies only after they have completed a certain scale of plant protection work. When applying for subsidies, they should provide relevant information such as materials, work contracts, work volume certificates, etc. in accordance with the regulations of each region, and bear legal responsibility for their authenticity.
With UAV plant protection operation, simple operation, high efficiency and accuracy, separation of human and medicine, safety and convenience, users are liberated from the dry and tired spray, greatly improving the plant protection efficiency, replacing human with machine, which is the inevitable trend of future agricultural development. With the development of science and technology, the renewal of plant protection machine, the improvement of subsidy policy, the price will be more and more affordable, and more fields will have the figure of plant protection UAV operation.

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