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Hongdu of aviation industry: benchmarking first-class, helping enterprises' high-quality develo


introduce: "Great! The first AOS project of Hongdu in the aviation industry in 2021, 'optimization of the installation position of the higher education department', successfully passed the acceptance review with an excellent score of 98.01."

"Great! The first AOS project of Hongdu in the aviation industry in 2021, 'optimization of the installation position of the higher education department', successfully passed the acceptance review with an excellent score of 98.01." Liulihua, project director of the first aircraft assembly plant of Hongdu company, breathed a sigh of relief after the review meeting. After more than 100 days of hard work, he finally came to fruition.
On November 16, 2021, the AOS Promotion Office of Hongdu company organized an acceptance review expert group to the first aircraft assembly plant to conduct an Acceptance Review on the project of "optimization of higher education aircraft assembly station". After a comprehensive evaluation of the project summary report, expert questions, on-site physical verification and other links, the expert group affirmed the achievements of the project, agreed that the project had achieved the set goals and successfully passed the acceptance review. This also indicates that Hongdu company has made a new breakthrough in the exploration of new AOS project management mode.
Lay a solid foundation and draw a new blueprint
AOS management system is an integrated management system integrating "multiple systems, multiple elements and multiple tools", which is basic, long-term and systematic. Therefore, the construction of AOS management system needs the unremitting and systematic promotion of all business departments, which is a long-term work to deeply practice internal skills.
2021 is the first year of the "14th five year plan" and a key year for Hongdu company's development. Hongdu company is facing new situations, new requirements and new challenges of increasing delivery tasks, shortening production cycle and efficient and low-cost production and delivery. In order to further solve the development problems and improve the delivery efficiency, Hongdu company proposed the "fourteenth five year plan" goal of "building an enterprise management system suitable for Hongdu's high-quality development, consolidating the management foundation, improving the management ability and realizing excellent operation", focusing on the improvement of AOS lean management to promote Hongdu company's high-quality leapfrog development during the "fourteenth five year plan".
A person's effort is addition, and a team's effort is multiplication. Hongdu company 0s business backbones all business departments as a whole, establishes an AOS project promotion team, establishes an AOS promotion office, transforms the original conference room into a project management and control center that can accommodate 14 people, and implements the work plans of Hongdu company's AOS management system construction leading group and promotion office deployment one by one in the form of centralized office.
How to implement the plan requires a good method, and a good working method is a necessary link to make the goal "take root". Under the leadership of Hongdu company, the AOS project promotion team clearly adopted the "two hands" working mode of system positive design and project management. That is, on the one hand, in accordance with the overall requirements of the aviation industry, we did a good job in the construction of various systems, carried out the identification and decomposition of compliance obligations, organized 17 business areas to sort out business process scenarios and process maps, and formed an enterprise process map; Organize AOS management system construction and operation maturity self-evaluation, identify system construction weaknesses and organize improvement. On the other hand, the AOS project was established to focus on "firepower" to solve problems, focus on the bottleneck problems and weak links that affect the delivery of scientific research and production, and achieve overall planning and targeted.
Systematically promote and open up new prospects
The key is to implement the blueprint. According to the 2021 work plan, the AOS Promotion Office of Hongdu company has promoted 9 key tasks and 70 work plans around the work goal of "improving quality and efficiency", forming a new situation of "1+4+n" AOS work.
Build "one" AOS promotion platform. Guided by the guidelines for the construction and implementation of the AOS management system in the aviation industry, the platform focuses on the needs of customers, strategies, benchmarks, etc., takes the process as the main line, takes the project management as the starting point, takes the tools and methods as the support, and uses the incentive mechanism of "showing leadership" to establish a project promotion team and formulate a milestone plan for project promotion. Then, the promotion team shall formulate specific implementation plan and implement improvement; Regularly track the progress of the project, take strong project management and control, timely find and solve problems, and ensure that the project is promoted as planned to form deliverables. Finally, organize experts to review the project conclusion, summarize the project promotion experience, and use standardized means or information platform to solidify the project results; Clarify the assessment responsibilities and implement assessment incentives according to the project implementation and acceptance review. drone
Establish "four guarantees". Organize support, set up the AOS work leading group. The AOS office has five working groups, set up several project teams, clarify the division of responsibilities of team members, implement the project plan, and systematically promote the AOS project. System guarantee: the AOS project promotion management measures (Trial), the AOS project promotion and leadership incentive management measures (Trial), the AOS talent team management measures (Trial) and other system documents have been formulated to provide system guarantee for the whole life cycle management of the project. Operation guarantee, strengthen project process management, take on-site tracking, plan control and other control measures to follow up the plans at each level of the project, timely understand the project implementation progress and existing problems, and establish a problem feedback and tracking solution mechanism. Guarantee training publicity, organize and carry out various trainings through "going out, inviting in" and "online and offline combination"; Through reading sharing meetings, knowledge competitions, AOS cultural walls, case sets, brochures and other channels, AOS knowledge and work trends are fully publicized.
Organize the implementation of "n" AOS improvement projects. Through demand analysis, the "top-down" and "bottom-up" methods are adopted to sort out AOS project requirements, carry out project initiation and organize implementation. In 2021, Hongdu company focused on the business domain of the main value chain, focused on the bottlenecks and weak links that affect the delivery of scientific research and production, and clearly adopted the innovative incentive method of "taking the lead", organized and carried out 30 AOS projects, including 11 company level projects and 19 Department / branch level projects, to make every effort to overcome the blocking points and difficulties that affect the delivery of scientific research and production. In 2022, Hongdu company has sorted out 47 AOS project requirements through a large number of visits, surveys, reviews and discussions.
Show new transformation through accumulation
Centralized office not only improves the work style, but also greatly improves the work efficiency. Every Monday morning, in the AOS promotion office, a group of energetic young people get together on time for a meeting. They sat around in front of the AOS board, and each project director reported the progress, raised questions, brainstormed and studied countermeasures. Then everyone went to each production management site to continue field investigation, collect problems, take further measures to solve the problems, and study and deploy the project plan. This is not only the new normal of the AOS promotion office, but also an epitome of the AOS work of Hongdu drone
At the same time, AOS promotion office has gradually evolved into an innovation and improvement project incubation and talent cultivation platform. Guohongliang, deputy director of Hongdu company's enterprise management department, said: "Through cross department cooperation, the company has gathered all the talents in various business fields. Under the influence of the unified AOS management concept and management culture, through the practice of AOS projects, it has gradually mastered a set of unified management tools and methods, experienced the remarkable results brought about by the implementation of the project, brought the seeds of management back to the grass-roots level, and initially formed a point to area improvement atmosphere for all employees."
With the gradual improvement of AOS management system and mechanism, the concept of AOS management culture has become increasingly popular, and management improvement has become a trend. Further in-depth integration between multiple systems, processes and it, the concept of continuous improvement by using lean management tools and methods has been further recognized, and the effect of management creating value and improving management ability has been further highlighted. The AOS culture of "integration, value-added, standardization, efficiency and excellence" and the AOS team culture of "daring to work hard, cohesion, emphasizing methods, focusing on details, seeking practical results and creating excellence" have been gradually formed throughout the company. This is also further conducive to the efficient solution of difficult problems in production management, breaking the bottleneck of scientific research and production delivery, and enabling the future development of the enterprise.
No pains, no gains. In 2021, under the leadership of the Party committee of Hongdu company, the AOS project promotion team overcame difficulties, made precise efforts, and completed the set goals and tasks on schedule. All AOS projects achieved good results, including the capacity of component assembly stations, assembly processes, skin production, composite structural parts and other projects increased significantly; Lean management of production plan and preliminary realization of online information management and control; The warehousing cycle of raw materials, the physical and chemical testing cycle of products and the ad hoc finished product test cycle of aircraft single sorties have been effectively shortened, and we have been moving forward on the road of AOS management innovation.
"Innovation is the first power to lead development", and management innovation is the inevitable choice to lead the development of enterprises. A first-class enterprise must have first-class management. Standing on the new journey of the "fourteenth five year plan", Hongdu company will take advantage of the momentum, benchmarking first-class, adhere to the momentum of "stepping on the stone and leaving a mark on the iron", comprehensively promote the construction of AOS management system, constantly consolidate the management foundation, improve management ability, improve business efficiency, and promote the high-quality leapfrog development of the enterprise with high-quality management.

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