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Haikou Longhua District Used Drones for Marine Sanitation and Cleaning


introduce:"There is a floating garbage about 150 meters straight ahead, please go to salvage." In haikou city on September 13 morning, wanlu park on the west side of the arch bridge, a mechanical sanitation ship set off from the shore, in haikou bay water

"There is a floating garbage about 150 meters straight ahead, please go to salvage." In haikou city on September 13 morning, wanlu park on the west side of the arch bridge, a mechanical sanitation ship set off from the shore, in haikou bay waters, haikou dragon horse sanitation environment engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "dragon horse sanitation company) operator HuiHaiXing is standing on the shore by uav view the overall situation, the sea and through the intercom and sanitation workers to communicate on the ship.

"Roger that. Clean up immediately." The voice of the ship's pilot came over the intercom.

After the sanitation ship continues to move to the target location, the staff skillfully picks up floating garbage with garbage collection bucket and brings it to the shore for unified treatment.

A longma sanitation company operator controls a drone to guide a mechanical sanitation boat to salvage floating objects from the sea. Hainan Daily reporter Guo Cui

Marine sanitation has always been a difficulty in cleaning work.

The more scattered the trash is, the harder it is for sanitation workers to clean it up. Dragon horse sanitation waters manager WuZiRui tell hainan daily reporter: "the sea can only rely on machinery ship sanitation, especially is affected by the typhoon, storm, tidal, off the coast of branches, grass will greatly swept into the sea, a flake, zonal distribution, garbage easily with water rafting, so the discovery of garbage and salvage has certain difficulty."

In the vast sea, how to judge the location of sea drift garbage? Longma's newly launched drone has solved this problem and greatly improved the efficiency of cleaning the sea.

In Hui haixing's phone, the picture sent back by the drone is very clear, showing the health situation of the whole sea at a glance. "The drone can patrol the open sea with a radius of about six kilometers." Hui haixing said that when he finds floating garbage, he will send pictures, types and specific locations of the garbage to his work group, and then a Marine sanitation worker will come to salvage the garbage or guide the ship in real time during the operation.

In addition to offshore operations, uAVs can also be applied to a wide range of scenarios in sanitation operations. "In rural waters, for example, drones will be able to tell exactly which dead spots are filled with rubbish." Wu Zirui said.

"We currently have two machines, each with nine batteries, that can operate continuously for more than two and a half hours, basically meeting the needs of a single operation." Wu Zirui told reporters that the Longma sanitation company is responsible for cleaning the area of longhua area of 13.431 million square meters, cleaning and remediation covers datong ditch, Haikou Bay, Haidian Creek, Shapo reservoir, Longkun Ditch, The United States she River, Jinpan ditch and other 32 waters.

In order to do a good job of cleaning the waters of Longhua District, Longma Sanitation Company introduced multiple batches of water operation machinery and equipment, and actively explore the new mode of water regulation work, the implementation of tour cleaning system, to achieve full coverage of floating garbage salvage cleaning, no dead corner. Wu Zirui introduction: "at the beginning of this year, we also invested in two new salvage ships, equipped with 120 liters of garbage classification bucket on the ship, will be salvaged to collect garbage on the ship into recyclable garbage and other garbage, garbage generation by the region under the jurisdiction of the classification truck for transportation, and do daily clean."

"Now we will continue to purchase of high-tech equipment such as UAV into the water sanitation work, gradually establish a sanitation vessels supplemented, artificial sea operation mode, establish and perfect the longhua district 'Marine sanitation' long-term mechanism, promote Marine sanitation work in scientific, refinement, standardization management track." Wu Zirui said.

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