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"Fully autonomous flying drone without GPS" unveiled at the 2nd World Digital Friendship C


introduce: The 2nd World Digital-Friendliness Conference (WDFC) was grandly held on June 24, 2022 in the conference hall (online) of the Metaverse Digital Friendly Safe Space Development Forum. Light, build a digital friendly world" as the vision, with th

The 2nd World Digital-Friendliness Conference (WDFC) was grandly held on June 24, 2022 in the conference hall (online) of the metaverse Digital Friendly Safe Space Development Forum. Light, build a digital friendly world" as the vision, with the theme of the development of the world's digital friendly security space, aiming to build a safe and efficient air, ground and sea digital security space; drones, unmanned ships, unmanned vehicles, etc. Unmanned systems and digital friendly city construction; low-altitude airspace management and construction of urban safe space; world drone development trends and security countermeasures; logistics drones and medical rescue; unmanned systems offensive and defensive integration strategies, etc. Approved by the Chinese government, the conference is co-hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television, the State Internet Information Office, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Association for Science and Technology and the Tianjin Municipal People's Government .
Suzhou Heqing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., as the invited company of this conference, presented the "New Series of Fully Autonomous Flying uavs without GPS" in the final link - Digital Friendly International Intelligent Exchange (New Technology, New Product Promotion).
Fully autonomous UAV without GPS - a new field of UAV application
No beacon, no lighting, high temperature and high humidity, high dust, toxic and harmful gases, electromagnetic radiation, nuclear radiation, unreachable personnel and other complex working conditions in mining, water conservancy and hydropower, energy, electricity, municipal facilities, emergency and other industries The reserves are huge. In order to protect personnel, increase efficiency and reduce costs, safe production, and digital construction, it has become a top priority for these industries to carry out normalized, high-frequency inspections, inspections and data collection for the above working conditions.
Suzhou Heqing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has carried out in-depth research on autonomous control, machine vision and other fields based on the incubation of the Intelligent UAV Engineering Technology Center of Tsinghua University. It is the first domestically focused fully autonomous flying UAV without GPS scene It is also the first company in China to complete the delivery of products in complex industrial scenarios.
This series of products includes: three-axis six-screw UAV, four-axis UAV, and coaxial two-screw UAV suitable for working in narrower spaces. For the needs of different scenarios, it is equipped with a variety of UAV platforms. The beacon-free fully autonomous flying robot can operate in the above-mentioned complex working conditions without relying on the real-time remote control of the ground station, without relying on cloud computing, and without prior environment modeling or manual operation.
The flight records waypoints and does not require any auxiliary equipment. In an unknown environment without GPS, according to the inspection strategy, tasks such as fully autonomous flight, autonomous navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic inspection, real-time mapping, and 3D modeling can be realized. Good news for people in such work scenarios.
Fully autonomous platform + adaptive sensor module = specific industry/scenario inspection solution
In terms of hardware composition of a single system, the company adopts an aircraft platform designed and produced independently, equipped with a fully autonomous navigation module without beacon with core technology, which realizes positioning without external information such as GPS, without manual remote control or ground station control, and without remote control. In the case of cloud computing, fully autonomous flight is carried out. According to the different needs of customers, it can also be equipped with various sensors such as visible light, infrared, gas, temperature, radiation dose, directional sound collection, etc., which can complete the inspection of equipment and facilities and the collection of measurable information in space.
Three core technologies of beaconless navigation module
1. Multi-source fusion SLAM algorithm: The multi-source information fusion SLAM algorithm integrating vision, lidar and IMU information, realizes local map fusion and update, solves autonomous navigation and positioning in closed and narrow indoor, roadway, and tunnel environments, and solves long corridors effect.
2. Fully autonomous flight control system: According to the time-scale separation method and the nonlinear dynamic model of the UAV, a series control structure for the fast and slow variables of the system is established, which greatly improves the maneuvering and anti-disturbance of the UAV in complex environments. ability.
3. Reverse position controller algorithm: integrates multi-source sensor high-precision odometer, and completes the precise control of the route according to the target trajectory tracking method.
Rich non-beacon application scenarios and requirements
Coal mine industry: It is mainly used in the patrol inspection of smooth transportation, belt lanes and belt conveyors, underground safety assessment, spatial mapping and modeling, safety emergency rescue and other directions.
Non-coal mining: The main tasks to be realized include post-blasting assessment of goaf, goaf surveying and mapping to assess over-explosion, under-explosion, and backfill volume, safety assessment of slide well surveying and mapping, equipment inspection and inventory, digital twin dynamic data acquisition means, and safety emergency. Rescue etc.
Water conservancy and hydropower industry: It can provide inspection and modeling of the state of dam concrete, various holes and holes, inspection of high-pressure water diversion pipes, and inspection of pipes and tunnels in the dam body.
Thermal power plants and nuclear power plants: It can carry out internal inspections of boilers, nuclear island inspections, radiation dose monitoring, etc.
Other scenarios: It can also be applied to factory inspection, large-scale logistics warehouse inventory, power pipe gallery inspection, forestry assessment...loitering munition
This series of products has created a precedent in the field of UAVs in the field of fully autonomous flight operations in a GPS-free environment. At the same time, we also believe that in the near future, my country's UAV research and development business will surely develop vigorously, and the application of fully autonomous flying robots without beacons Technology will also be more involved in various pillar industries.

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