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Force smart police Yi watts provides "one-stop UAV platform" plan.


introduce:The Ninth China International Police Equipment Expo was hot, and the focus on the industry solution to the "one-stop UAV platform solution" brought three series of products including UAVs, airborne equipment and UAV management system.At present,

The Ninth China International Police Equipment Expo was hot, and the focus on the industry solution to the "one-stop UAV platform solution" brought three series of products including UAVs, airborne equipment and UAV management system.
At present, the emerging information technology, such as Internet, large data and artificial intelligence, has developed rapidly around the world, coupled with the public security system continuously and constantly overlay. Intelligence has increasingly become the key component of the anti-terrorism department, fire rescue, public security management and other fields. It affects the office management of public security personnel deeply and deeply. And the efficiency of investigating and breaking the case.
As an intelligent product, unmanned aerial vehicle has the advantage of "checking accurate, stare, and fast passing". It can realize real-time monitoring, field data collection, fixed point tracing and other functions by carrying high definition camera, face recognition and tracking, yelling and enlarging and so on. In the counter terrorism office, city prevention and control, traffic management and elimination. The advantages of anti rescue, anti drug border control, illegal construction and investigation are particularly obvious. "Leaving the simple to the police, leaving the complexity to the machine", the UAV is a powerful potential force for the construction of smart new police. In addition to the conventional drones, the Expo also brought the latest hybrid six rotor UAV. It
EWZ-H6/ map from yuwat new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Yuchen network
The forum, with the theme of "intelligent police affairs under the Global Counter-Terrorism pattern", invites authoritative experts and academicians at home and abroad to discuss the social focus and constructive solutions of the counter-terrorism, network security and other issues facing the field of public security in the complex international situation.
Use UAVs to change manpower and increase efficiency with an intelligent platform
The "enjoy flying" platform launched by Beijing Guotai Beidou Technology Co., Ltd. for the first time is unveiled for the first time. It builds regulatory information based on operators, UAVs, drivers and airspace applications to fully help UAV users meet the requirements of supervision, while data statistics, trajectory analysis, tracking functions The multidimensional help of terrain data enables UAV to release the police force and enhance the core combat effectiveness of public security organs.
Ivat "enjoy flying" platform / map source space network
At the conference site, the first half of the Yi watt "enjoy flight" industry UAV intelligent management platform (DMS) has attracted great attention from industry experts and customers. As a key R & D project, the platform is based on an excellent team of senior experts, senior advisers, experts and experts, and an excellent team of experienced pilots. It is focused on providing a complete UAV SaaS (Gong Youyun) platform service and PaaS (private cloud) solution for UAV users The enterprise users quickly build the integrated information management of UAV and the data computing and sharing platform, so as to realize the intelligent management of the operation of the UAV in the industry.
It is reported that the so-called "PaaS" refers to Platform-as-a-Service, meaning "platform is service", set up flying hands, Unicom users, the mass UAVs terminal connected together, the realization of the airspace data services, UAV data computing services, flight mission comprehensive management, UAV IoT platform, UAV large data cloud services, unmanned aircraft complex. Integrated scheduling and management.
Ivat UAV part of airborne equipment / map source Yu Chen network
Cloud platform exploration truly intelligentized
Tian Zong, the director of the project, said that in the context of the Internet era, the manufacturing and application mode of China's industrial industry is changing, and industry 4 emphasizes the value of data, and many industries have begun to plot a layout in this field. As an unmanned aerial vehicle industry with huge amount of data and growth space, it is also necessary to achieve innovation and guidance in this technological transformation. From the design level to the practice level, the application of the Internet and big data can enhance the efficiency of the whole production. The birth of "Xiang Fei" platform is to improve the application efficiency of UAV industry demand and data value.
Driven by multiple factors such as demand pulling of users, national strategic guidance and intensifying competition of enterprises, the applications of civilian UAV in the fields of news, film and television, electric power inspection, logistics and distribution, agriculture, forestry and plant protection, wedding tourism, police fire fighting, land surveying and energy inspection are not broken. The platform of man-machine intelligence service management will be promising. In the general view of Tian, the platform is the ultimate form of service to represent the customer's demand level, and the opening and opening platform intelligentize will be the next vere, which is the reason that the ywate is focused on the one-stop service area of the UAV platform and continues to plough.

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