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Fill out your application and choose your major, aviation experts are here to give you advice!


introduce: It's the time to fill in the college entrance examination application again. So here comes the question - "If you want to build an airplane, how do you choose a major?" Come on, candidates who are determined to devote themselves to th

It's the time to fill in the college entrance examination application again. So here comes the question - "If you want to build an airplane, how do you choose a major?" Come on, candidates who are determined to devote themselves to the aviation industry, look here! Peter Pan has specially invited several aviation experts for the vast number of students who have dreams of aviation, and asked them to guide you with their personal experience~
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chief Designer of the Chengdu Institute of Aviation Industry
Wang Haifeng
In 1978, I was in high school. At that time, the National Science Conference had just been held, and the "spring" of science had arrived. Xu Chi's reportage "Goldbach's Conjecture" came out of nowhere and had a huge impact on society. Scientists became idols worshipped by everyone and were the dreams of many young people. In 1980, I took the college entrance examination. Young people thought that airplanes and missiles were very powerful, so when filling in the application, I chose the missile engineering Department of Northwestern Polytechnical University (now the Aerospace Engineering Department of Northwestern Polytechnical University), and thus came to this major that only recruited students once every two years at that time.
Dear students, the fields of aviation, aerospace and navigation are in a period of rapid development, which is an opportunity worth cherishing. Learning is a lifelong thing. only by continuous learning can we become more fulfilled and confident, and have the ability to face and take on greater challenges. University is a place of learning and education. University is a critical period for the formation of a person's world view, outlook on life, and values, and it is also a critical period for learning methodology. We must use the university platform to continuously enrich and improve ourselves, build a ladder to the future, and thus realize our own life value.
Perhaps the work you will do in the future may not be completely consistent with the major you studied or your own interests, but as long as you have a learning attitude, you will "do one line, love one line, and know one line". My undergraduate major was missile flight mechanics. After graduation, I entered the aviation field. In the following 40 years, due to work needs, I adjusted my professional direction many times. The content of my work involves multiple professional fields such as aircraft overall, flight control, flight test, autonomous guarantee and health management. Every time I face cross-professional and cross-departmental challenges, I insist on learning from books, colleagues, and work. During this period, I also completed my master's and doctoral studies. Looking back now, I have a deep understanding and love for every professional field I have been engaged in, and I have achieved certain results. I hope that you will always maintain your thirst for knowledge in your future studies and work, maintain the scientific spirit of tracing the roots, work hard, study hard, and persevere, and you will surely achieve something in the professional field you are engaged in.
Wang Yongqing, Chief Expert of Aviation Industry Shenyang Institute
It is another year of application season. The current mood of the students reminds me of the summer vacation I spent in anxiety when I was 17 years old. In the summer of 1982, I chose to apply for Beijing Institute of Aeronautics (now Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics). The motto of Beihang University, "both moral and talented, unity of knowledge and action", has always accompanied me in my aviation career. At the important moment of application, I hope everyone can choose a major that suits them and design the future development direction.
17 and 18 years old are the most dreamy years in life, and once people have dreams, every ordinary day will shine. During the 35th anniversary of the National Day military parade, when I stood behind the banner of "Hello Xiaoping" and looked up at the fighter planes flying over Tiananmen Square, "designing our own aircraft" became my simplest dream. In this great era, there is always a dream that suits you, the aviation dream, the strong military dream, and the Chinese dream.
More than 30 years of career have made me the chief designer of multiple aircraft. Aircraft design is most attractive to young people who have ideals and dare to innovate, because there are new challenges every day, and there will be hardships when there is struggle. When we combine our personal dreams with the needs of the motherland, it is the easiest and happiest. I sincerely hope that aspiring students can apply for aviation-related majors and build aviation dreams with us. The aviation industry is spread all over the country. There is always a city that you can love and a position that can make you shine!
Tao Chenggang, deputy chief designer of Aviation Industry Chengdu Institute
I studied in the Automation Department of Tsinghua University for my undergraduate degree. I also love domestic fighter jets and chose to work in the aviation industry. The design and development of fighter jets is an art of integration of multiple disciplines: fluid mechanics is the mechanism of fighter jets "flying"; power engineering is the "heart" of fighter jets; mechanical engineering and structural strength are the prerequisites for fighter jets to be "made"; automation and control are the basis for fighter jets to "fly well"; electronic information engineering is a must for fighter jets to "see far and aim accurately"; artificial intelligence is the key to making fighter jets "win"... More than 100 professional fields are involved, and none of them can be missing, so you can choose engineering and science majors with confidence.
I hope you will keep moving forward, strive for self-improvement, learn what you love, and learn what you learn. I look forward to your future connection with aviation, joining the great journey of building a new era of aviation power and building a science and technology power, and contributing Chinese wisdom to the world's aviation science and technology innovation.
Hei Wenjing, deputy chief engineer of the First Flight Institute of Aviation Industry
The college entrance examination is over, and the dream is set sail. Entering university will open a new stage of life and conduct professional learning. There are boundaries between professions, but work is a fusion of multiple professions. My undergraduate major is automation. When I was engaged in the design of aircraft flight control systems, I was involved in multiple professional fields such as flight mechanics, flight control, electromechanical control, human factors engineering, flight testing, and artificial intelligence. No matter what major you choose, on the one hand, you must master your major, and on the other hand, you must master related professional fields and strive to become a comprehensive talent. Forge ahead on a new journey and make contributions to the new era. I hope that more outstanding young people will emerge in the construction of a strong aviation country in the future!
At present, the aerospace majors in the "Catalogue of Undergraduate Majors of Ordinary Colleges and Universities" of the Ministry of Education mainly include aerospace engineering, aircraft design and engineering, aircraft manufacturing engineering, aircraft power engineering, aircraft environment and life support engineering, etc.
The goal of the aerospace engineering major is to cultivate senior talents with solid basic theories such as mathematics, physics, mechanics, and computers, master multidisciplinary knowledge in the field of aerospace, have good comprehensive ability and innovation awareness, and can engage in related work such as the overall, structural and system design of aerospace aircraft.
The training goal of the major of aircraft design and engineering is to cultivate senior engineering and technical personnel with good basic knowledge of mathematics and mechanics and professional knowledge of aircraft overall design, aerodynamic design, structure and strength analysis, test technology, etc., who can engage in design, scientific research and technical management in the fields of aerospace engineering and airworthiness. For example, the "Huang Yushan Aviation Class" of Northwestern Polytechnical University is a special class dedicated to cultivating future academic masters and model chief designers. Its students will be awarded a bachelor's degree in "Aircraft Design and Engineering" after graduation.
The training goal of the major of aircraft manufacturing engineering is to cultivate senior engineering and technical personnel with good knowledge of mathematics, mechanics, basic theories of mechanical design and manufacturing, and aircraft manufacturing processes, with innovative qualities and sustainable development capabilities, who can engage in design and manufacturing, scientific and technological development, applied research, operation management, and business sales in mechanical engineering, material forming, aircraft manufacturing and related fields.
The major of aircraft power engineering mainly cultivates high-quality engineering and technical personnel with good basic knowledge of mathematics, basic knowledge of mechanics, basic theory of aircraft power engineering, mastering engine overall design, structural design, control design and test capabilities, obtaining basic engineering training in aircraft power engineering, and wher strong adaptability in engineering practice, information technology and foreign language application.
The major of aircraft environment and life support engineering cultivates engineering and technical personnel with knowledge and design research capabilities in aircraft environment control and life support, who can engage in the design and research of environmental control systems and life support systems in the aerospace field, and can engage in thermal energy utilization, air conditioning, heating and other aspects in the civil field.Synthetic Aperture Radar
The above is the information summary of aviation industry related volunteer filling compiled by Xiaofeixia for all students. We sincerely invite young people with aspirations to join the construction of the motherland's aviation industry and walk side by side with us on the journey of striving to become an aviation power!

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