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Fighting the Clock Against Death, Drones Again!


introduce:"Thank you very much for allowing my family to receive rescue and medical treatment in the first place. She is now out of danger."On the morning of April 2, the police patrol brigade of Linhai Municipal Public Security Bureau received a phone ca

"Thank you very much for allowing my family to receive rescue and medical treatment in the first place. She is now out of danger."

On the morning of April 2, the police patrol brigade of Linhai Municipal Public Security Bureau received a phone call from Ms. He's family, thanking them for helping them in a critical moment.
April 1, Ms. He was seriously injured in an accident accident, the police patrol brigade of the Linhai Public Security Bureau staged the relay of life, escorting Ms. He to the first people's hospital in Linhai City in time for treatment, to win the precious time for the rescue.

That afternoon, linhai police brigade deputy brigade leader Ye Fei, police Yin Zhongmin and others in Dongcheng town to carry out unmanned aerial patrols.

"We have a situation here! It was 16:37 at that time, Ye Fei and Yin Zhongmin police through the uav scene transmission of the picture, found the west road (from east to west section) a traffic accident. Two people quickly arrived at the scene of the accident, found a middle-aged woman lying on the motorway, more serious injuries, has been in a coma, the road is still oozing a lot of blood. "Please contact 120 and find a way to send the wounded to hospital immediately."

However, the accident happened during the rush hour when the school was leaving and the school was leaving. The traffic volume increased significantly and the road became congested at times. The police immediately started the "joint patrol" working mechanism, deputy brigade leader Ye Fei went straight to the front of the accident site, while evacuating the onlookers while guiding the road vehicles to pay attention to the safety of the slow bypass, to ensure that the injured no longer suffered secondary injuries. The police Yin Zhongmin immediately called 120 emergency number, "considering this period of time, let 120 emergency car back and forth on the congested road, is bound to spend a lot of time, miss the best opportunity to rescue the injured." So Yin Zhongmin immediately with the masses will be injured Ms. He carried on the SWAT car.

Along the way Yin Zhongmin turned on the police lights, sirens, along the 225 Provincial Road, Linhai Avenue opened the way to escort. At the same time, the police and 120 all the way to keep in touch by telephone. Until 4:53, police escorted Ms. He to the Chaoyang Village intersection section, and came to the rescue of 120 ambulance seamless docking, Yin Zhongmin combined with medical personnel to carry Ms. He into the ambulance. "I spent every second in my heart ticking the clock, racing against death." Yin Zhongmin said afterwards.

Due to proper measures, the original ambulance needed at least half an hour's journey, in the relay of the police patrol arrived at a city hospital in less than 15 minutes, for the seriously injured Ms. He to win the precious rescue time.
It is understood that the injured Ms. He passed through the western intersection section, was hit by a construction truck fainted in the ground. The doctor diagnosed that Ms. He lost many facial teeth and bleeding, ribs, instep and other parts of the fracture.

"The patient was severely injured and had lost a lot of blood. If it had been delayed, the consequences would have been unthinkable."

Doctors say she is no longer in danger.

It is understood that since this year, Linhai Municipal Public Security Bureau to improve the public security prevention and control system, adhering to the "a police multi-functional, multi-purpose police" integration of efficient service, the implementation of the police patrol, traffic police, police station joint service linkage of the police comprehensive new mechanism, break the service barriers, has been high-speed and efficient disposal of the completion of many police situation.

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