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Drones Are So Popular!


introduce:n recent years, with the rapid development of flight control, navigation, sensing and other technologies, the UAV industry is getting bigger and bigger, and the application of UAV is becoming more and more extensive. In the past three days of Qingming hol

n recent years, with the rapid development of flight control, navigation, sensing and other technologies, the uav industry is getting bigger and bigger, and the application of UAV is becoming more and more extensive. In the past three days of Qingming holiday, the UAV has shown a high rate of appearance, whether in people's travel or ancestor worship activities, it has shown a unique value, become a beautiful scenery in the holiday! The picture
Drones empower holiday travel

During the three-day Qingming Festival, many people choose to travel, and for the current generation of young people, drones are becoming a must for holiday travel. According to data from Ctrip, pets, hanfu and drones are the three favorite items for backwave travelers during this year's Tomb Sweeping Day, reflecting diverse cultures, aesthetics and values. So why are drones so popular?

On the one hand, young people like to seek innovation and change. UAV, as a new generation of innovative technology, caters to their psychology. On the other hand, it's because drones have unique value for travel photography. Compared with ordinary cameras, drones can take aerial photos from the sky, providing a new perspective for travel photography and bringing unprecedented photography and travel experience to people.
According to the 2019 China Civil UAV Development Report, by the end of 2019, the market size of China's civil UAV has reached 21 billion yuan, of which the most mainstream and crucial application is aerial photography. That is to say, the current aerial drone has become the majority of consumers' favorite, and the most used scene of aerial drone is the holiday tourism application.

Drones coordinate traffic management

A large number of people choose to travel during the Qingming Festival, which inevitably leads to various traffic problems, such as traffic congestion and traffic accidents. based on this, during the Tomb-Sweeping Festival, drone also appear frequently in the traffic field, becoming an important tool to coordinate traffic management and guarantee holiday travel. It is understood that before and after Tomb Sweeping Day, including Nanjing, Hangzhou and many other provinces and cities, have sent unmanned aerial vehicles for high-altitude inspection.

Drones are uniquely valuable to the crowds of people and cars that come during the holidays. On the one hand, the UAV can dredge the road traffic through the form of propaganda, accelerate the passage of vehicles and reduce the possibility of congestion. On the other hand, when an accident happens, the UAV can also arrive at the scene in the first time from the air and collect evidence on the scene, so that the traffic accident can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

In the past two years, with the increasing value of UAVs in traffic management, more and more police teams in provinces and cities have set up special UAVs, becoming an important force to assist traffic law enforcement. It is not only Tomb-sweeping Day, but also every time when the traffic is at peak during holidays and holidays, the unmanned aerial vehicle police team will "attack the whole army" and become a key helper to ensure people's travel safety and help traffic coordination and management.

Drones help fight wildfires

Of course, besides tourism activities, mourning for ancestors is undoubtedly the main theme of the Qingming Festival. For a long time, we have to pay tribute to the ancestors of the inevitable burning paper money, incense, which is very easy to cause mountain fire disaster. In view of this, in recent years, the state has advocated civilized ancestor worship and prohibited the burning of paper money in mountainous areas, which is easy to generate open flames. This has enabled the UAV to be reused in the Qingming prevention and control of mountain fires.

First of all, drone can effectively publicize and supervise civilized ancestor worship through long-range propaganda. For example, during the Qingming Festival this year, Sichuan Daily reported that the province used drones to patrol high above the ground to effectively supervise and warn against uncivilized acts of ancestor worship, such as burning paper in cemetries and smoking preserved meat in the forest, so as to effectively prevent the potential risk of mountain fires.

Secondly, in the event of a real wildfire caused by uncivilized ancestor worship, drones can also help with fire fighting and rescue. The drones are patrolled from the air with sensors that can pinpoint the source of a fire and help firefighters put it out. Meanwhile, drones can also use this principle to search for trapped people in a fire and assist in rescue operations. It plays a big role in hill fire prevention!

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