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Drone avatars "pioneer" for epidemic prevention and control


introduce:Under the epidemic, after a video of drones calling villagers broke the internet, similar cases began to appear frequently in areas with large populations and high pressures for control and propaganda. In Shantou, Guangdong, Chaonan District used the tech

Under the epidemic, after a video of drones calling villagers broke the internet, similar cases began to appear frequently in areas with large populations and high pressures for control and propaganda. In Shantou, Guangdong, Chaonan District used the technology of drones to speak at high altitudes to effectively disperse the crowds during night inspections.

"The operating efficiency of a drone is equivalent to the operating efficiency of a 20-man guided vehicle on the ground. Each drone can monitor and monitor up to 10 square kilometers per hour," said Lu Zhihui, chairman of Cobbit Aviation Say.

Drone avatars "pioneer" for epidemic prevention and control

In Zhaoqing, a number of drones were dispatched, hovering above the high-speed intersection, and implemented air patrol deterrence, patrol monitoring and supervision at the high-speed intersection; set up at the entrances and exits of Dinghu East Station, Hangkou Market, etc. The temperature instrument will point and measure the temperature of the passing personnel, and send an alarm to the person whose body temperature exceeds the preset temperature, and the staff will immediately go forward and intercept again.

In addition to infrared high-precision temperature measurement technology with an accuracy rate of up to 95%, applications such as high-definition image AI analysis technology, 4G remote control technology, and cloud system command technology are integrated into the drone, ensuring the underlying orderly and efficient advancement of the above operations. For protection, we can see that drones have played an important role in preventing and controlling this epidemic.

As the industry's first company to open up the entire industrial chain of drone manufacturing, Cobbit Aviation rushed to the front line in this epidemic defense battle. In Shantou and Zhaoqing, there are currently dozens of Cobbit uavs each working around the clock, providing full-time and full coverage of relevant administrative areas.

From February 1st to February 8th, Cobbit Aviation delivered 66 drones to the public security traffic police, the Ministry of Publicity, the Transportation Bureau and the Market Supervision Administration, dispatched 68 people, and accumulated a total of 560 hours of operation.

In fact, as early as the first day of the new year, Cobbit Aviation has invested in epidemic prevention and control operations in various places. At first, drones simply used air drones and policy propaganda. With the deepening of its front-line use requirements, headquarters in various places have put forward to the drone companies requirements for crowd control, high-altitude temperature screening, night area inspections, large-scale inspections and large-scale disinfection and killing. As a result, Corbett quickly launched the R & D team, designed a complete drone solution in only seven days, and took the lead in landing in Zhaoqing.

Drone avatars "pioneer" for epidemic prevention and control

It is understood that the operating procedure of this "Corporate UAV Solution" first is to conduct a large-scale high-definition inspection through drones to automatically identify the crowd gathering in the area. Then, the drone will automatically fly over the crowd and switch to an infrared temperature measurement system to screen the crowd. After the screening is OK, the remote megaphone system is used to drive the crowd away. Drone disinfection of suspected cases.

Lu Zhihui said that the epidemic prevention war has activated the demand for new scenarios of drone application in epidemic prevention and control. And such a complete unmanned epidemic prevention and control plan, completes a large number of manual operations by remote drone command, avoiding the risk of transmission to staff during the epidemic prevention and control process.

At this moment, the fight against the epidemic has entered a critical period. How to respond quickly and provide sufficient production capacity, Cobbit Aviation has played a prominent role in this fight against the epidemic.

It is reported that with the surge in demand in local cities, Cobbit ’s drones have been deployed to Zhaoqing, Shantou, Foshan, Ganzhou, Jiaxing, Changsha, Shanghai, Linxia and other regions. There are about 100 models.

Among them, the leading products into Yunlong have reached the industrial-grade three-proof level, which can operate in harsh environments such as storms and rain, the single operation time reaches one hour, and can match more than 40 task systems, thereby being competent for various operations.

Lu Zhihui revealed that as early as 2018, Corbett established the first district and county government drone dispatch command center in South China in Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City. This remote cloud drone dispatch command system has been running for two years. Data fusion with the public security system, emergency system and transportation system. It takes on average 30 minutes from the dispatch of government service dispatch instructions to the on-site response.

Relying on the advantages of the whole system's R & D and production, Cobbit Aviation integrated some other simple and discrete functions into this system to achieve the improvement of system operation efficiency. At the same time, Cobbit took the lead in adopting a remote cloud command and control system, which greatly improved The application efficiency of the drone.

关键 The key point of competition in R & D is the practicality and cost-effectiveness of the solution. At present, the technical advantages of Cobbit industrial drones are in core application areas such as power inspections, oil pipeline inspections, high-speed rail inspections, river inspections, surveying and mapping, drone plant protection, public security applications, emergency command, and illegal construction inspections. Provides highly practical and cost-effective industry solutions.

几年 Through several years of development, Cobbit M & A has integrated 13 outstanding drone companies and teams in the industry, opened up the entire industrial drone industry chain, and has a unique advantage in the research and development and production side of industrial drones.

Drone avatars "pioneer" for epidemic prevention and control

Lu Zhihui said, "In the response to this epidemic, drone technology has played an important role, letting everyone see the advantages of unmanned equipment such as drones. In the long run, this crisis has brought enterprises New opportunities have been gained, the team's ability to face such urgent dispatch of major tasks has been trained, and a number of company backbones who have the responsibility and responsibility to face various difficulties have been trained. "

The relevant person in charge of Zhao Zhaoqing government department said that the epidemic situation is an order and prevention is the responsibility. Relevant departments should increase the use of new technologies in practical work, improve management levels and governance capabilities, and better complete work missions.

Ye Wenrui, director of the Dinghu District Emergency Management Bureau, said that as the front-line on-site guidance department for emergency management and the epidemic, under the correct leadership of the district party committee and district government, the local area took the lead in bringing the high-tech power of drones in the critical period of disease prevention and control Applied to epidemic prevention and inspection work, it has greatly saved manpower, reduced contact between people, and reduced the risk of infection.

It is clear that the use of drones instead of manpower provides work efficiency on the one hand, and new technology has brought positive results to improve management and social governance capabilities. "The general public saw the unmanned aerial vehicle appear in this road traffic management and publicity work, and I feel very fresh and the effect is very good," said the responsible person in charge of Shantou government department. (Yi Ming)

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