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Domestic UAVs appear overseas in combat formation for the first time


introduce:Recently, good news came from the just concluded Turkey International Defense Exhibition. The Chinese Ziyan company's "puffer fish" series of drones were greatly favored by Turkey, and it successfully signed a contract with the Turkish defe

Recently, good news came from the just concluded Turkey International Defense Exhibition. The Chinese Ziyan company's "puffer fish" series of drones were greatly favored by Turkey, and it successfully signed a contract with the Turkish defense group company on the spot, and obtained a large overseas order. Turkmenistan proposes to make the uav and flight control system realize landing and localization as soon as possible. Turkey International Defense Exhibition started in 1993. It is one of the four most famous defense exhibitions in the world and the largest defense exhibition in Eurasia.
Foreign representatives have a detailed understanding of Ziyan's products
It is worth noting that as an unmanned combat aircraft, puffer fish A2 has demonstrated its superior flight and control system, as well as its strong saturation attack capability in the field of anti Exhibition for the first time in the form of multi aircraft combat formation. It is reported that the reason why we dare to demonstrate the formation of UAVs in front of all countries is due to the unique self networking intelligent cluster function of the "puffer A2" UAV.
Puffer fish A2 with 8 mortar shells
It can be seen from the on-site demonstration and introduction that this set of ad hoc intelligent cluster can meet the requirement of forming a formation of up to 10 puffer A2 UAVs at present. Each UAV can take off independently with one key operation. During the mission, the ground personnel do not need to worry about collision accidents in flight, because the flight system of puffer fish A2 has built-in positioning and collision avoidance system, which can realize autonomous avoidance.
UAV group flight demonstration
After approaching the target, the ground operators can operate the system to switch to attack mode, and determine the attack sequence and route according to the different types of weapons carried by each aircraft in the formation. As long as the target is locked, each aircraft will attack autonomously according to the designated order. After the ammunition is projected, it will automatically change the attack route and prepare to return, so as to make way for the next UAV and avoid accidental injury.
"Puffer fish" UAV mount machine gun module
As a kind of light helicopter UAV, puffer fish A2 can carry out common front-line reconnaissance tasks by changing different mission modules. After changing the armed module, it can attack the ground target with various weapons. There are three kinds of armed modules in this turkey International Defense Exhibition, namely, airborne machine gun system, Airborne Gun grenade system and airborne mortar projectile system.
Turkey International Defense Exhibition
When attacking the ground, these three armed modules can be configured in all 10 puffer A2 formations. For example, a fighter plane carrying eight mortars first launches a bombing attack to disturb the formation of ground targets, then uses a fighter plane carrying a gun grenade module to carry out accurate point to surface combined killing, and finally uses a fighter plane using a machine gun module to clean up the remaining targets. Or first use machine guns to suppress the enemy's fire, and then use mortars and grenades to carry out all kinds of point to surface attacks. In a word, since the number of fighters under the jurisdiction of the formation is up to 10, the tactical combination will be very free.
UAV throwing mortar shells
In addition to the "puffer A2", the "puffer A3" also participated in the Turkish International Defense Exhibition in a low-key manner. As the plane has not yet been officially launched, there is no more details to flow out. In short, the first appearance of domestic UAVs in the form of formation has successfully won a large overseas list. I believe that more countries will choose Chinese products in the future, and our military trade export path will be wider and wider.

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