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Dialogue Jingdong agricultural UAV: big companies lose money, small companies barely survive.


introduce:Jingdong agricultural UAV: big companies lose money, small companies barely survive.For a long time, the Jingdong's distribution in the UAV is linked to its logistics business, but this time, the Jingdong chose to cut into agriculture through unmanne

Jingdong agricultural uav: big companies lose money, small companies barely survive.
For a long time, the Jingdong's distribution in the UAV is linked to its logistics business, but this time, the Jingdong chose to cut into agriculture through unmanned aerial vehicles and then link up the entire Jingdong supply chain.
In April 9th, Jingdong launched the opening of the UAV open energy and smart agriculture community at the headquarters of Jingdong group. At the meeting, the Jingdong announced that it would take the UAV agroforestry service as a breakthrough to integrate the logistics, finance, fresh and large data of the Jingdong group to build a smart agricultural community. Lei Feng network also talked with Jingdong about its layout in the field of agricultural UAV, industry foresight and business mode exploration.
Jingdong agricultural UAV: big companies lose money, small companies barely survive.
Why is the first choice of Agriculture
Whether in Sichuan, Shaanxi or other provinces and cities, the Jingdong's action in the field of uavs is linked to the logistics of each step - in April last year, Liu Qiangdong announced that Jingdong would set up 150 unmanned aerial vehicles airports in Sichuan, and would cover all the counties in Sichuan and connect urban and rural areas. If the progress is going well, the airport is expected to be put into operation in 3 years. At that time, the freight cost of Chuan Chuan is expected to delet by about 7. The special products in Sichuan are expected to be transported to all parts of the country within 24 hours.
In June, the Jingdong announced that its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) delivery had formally entered the normal operation, and was temporarily limited to the center of the Xi'an space base general airport and the Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College, with a radius of about 8 kilometers. According to Lei Feng network, Jingdong takes the two points as the center and plans 40 routes. The UAV used for transporting parcels is 10-15 kilograms, and the mileage is 15-20 kilometers.
In February of this year, Xiao Jun, vice president of Jingdong group and President of the X business department, said, "as the first national pilot in China, the Jingdong will officially open the large-scale commercial application of UAV in the logistics field in Shaanxi."
So, why does the high profile aim at the field of agriculture?
Xiao Jun said to Lei Feng, with the gradual deepening of the exploration in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and the discovery of new opportunities for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), the Jingdong can complement the Jingdong logistics and complement the freight. The biggest advantage of Jingdong lies in the aspect of open energy, which is most directly reflected in supply chain capabilities and sales capabilities.
First, Jingdong can integrate and empower resources, which can help farmers avoid middle dealers, sell consumers directly through Jingdong, and remove intermediate links.
Second, the seven major logistics centers of the Jingdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Xi'an, Chengdu, will be delivered and returned empty and empty, with a very low full load rate. This will provide conditions for Jingdong to dig up the upstream space of agricultural products and make unified brand sales.
Third, as we all know, rural finance is the most difficult to penetrate. Now it is mainly confined to insurance and postal services. But with the operation of agricultural UAV industry, farmers who have the productivity of farming are the best and best financial service objects.
Fourth, sales capacity, the Jingdong through the concept of public integration through the concept of the whole Jingdong farm brand, to plant protection and service farmers, through the supply chain and logistics system to promote agricultural products, through the unified brand sales of grain.
In conclusion, the Shaw army concluded that the Jingdong would position itself as a platform for the Jingdong flying defense team, the upper reaches of the plant, the plant protection aircraft and the plant protection equipment, which provided the equipment for the customers of the plant protection business, and the downstream is a specific team company to do plant protection business. At present, the Jingdong and the Great Northern Wilderness and the entire eastern three provinces, Henan agricultural reclamation, including Shaanxi, Anhui, Guizhou, etc., cooperate to undertake a large number of plant protection needs, each village also has a country distributor to provide a plant protection business, belonging to the downstream docking of the Jingdong unmanned aerial vehicle.
In this way, we can improve the operation of Jingdong's plant protection UAV platform through the coordination of upstream and downstream businesses.
In fact, in January 23rd this year, Lei Feng had reported that the Jingdong United honeycomb technology launched the UAV 2 system and the agricultural UAV service cloud platform "buzz farm suit". The UAV 2 system includes Swarm cloud bee UAV system, Zen Plus three dimensional holographic navigation system, and Air Supply low altitude replenishment system three products. At the time, the CTO sips of honeycomb technology said, "the original intention of the industry is to updat manpower with unmanned equipment, not the science popularization for every farmer to learn to operate the UAV."
Jingdong agricultural UAV: big companies lose money, small companies barely survive.
What is the most concern of farmers
No matter how perfect the Jingdong's plant protection platform or technology is, as a new field, it is fresh and challenging for the direct users -- farmers. To understand farmers' needs and pain points and provide solutions for them is a direct way to provide efficiency.
Xiao Jun says there are two things that farmers are most concerned about -
The first is the price;
Second, it's also very important that products can be sold.
Xiao Jun, as a fresh standard of operation, naturally has its price curve and is sensitive to price and payment methods. Therefore, the Jingdong aims to introduce Jingdong finance and analyze the past consumption behavior of Jingdong accounts. At the same time, Jingdong finance, based on the situation of its own land, and the integration of its credit side, can delay the time of payment and pay after half a year's harvest, so that the farmers' sensitivity to funds can be solved.
Secondly, farmers are most concerned about not plant protection themselves. They are most concerned about how much they sell and how much they will sell in the future. In this case, the Jingdong will be allocated

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