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China's military enterprises set up artificial intelligence plan to help UAV cluster technology


introduce:China is the top manufacturer of the top military radar and chip in the world. China's latest naval ships and Air Force fighter aircraft early-warning aircraft are produced from 14, 38, 55, and other well-known R amp; D institutions under the Chinese

China is the top manufacturer of the top military radar and chip in the world. China's latest naval ships and Air Force fighter aircraft early-warning aircraft are produced from 14, 38, 55, and other well-known R & D institutions under the Chinese radio.
Recently, a new generation of artificial intelligence program has been issued by the Chinese electric science department, which is called the advantages of data intelligence, machine intelligence and group intelligence on three main lines of intelligent society, intelligent economy and military intelligence. According to the action path of "industry +AI" and "product +AI", the core competence of the new generation AI technology and industry is rapidly formed.
Analysts said that this is the first time Chinese military enterprises announced the plan of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is considered to be the core of the next generation of weapons and equipment. The current Chinese fighter -20, the American army F-35, and Russia Su -35 and Su -57 have some artificial intelligence technology to assist human beings to make a precise judgement of the changing situation of the rapidly changing battlefield. In addition, the introduction of artificial intelligence also makes the training of advanced weapons operators faster.
Artificial intelligence concept map artificial intelligence concept map
As an air force, the United States and China are equally faced with the lack of fighter and military aircraft pilots. The application of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more extensive, and the embarrassment of this aspect will be alleviated.
In addition to fighters, artificial intelligence systems are gradually introduced in other weapon systems. In 2017, the operation system of nuclear submarines was upgraded to a new system with artificial intelligence, which would greatly improve the efficiency of nuclear submarines and the speed of judging the battlefield situation, and further raised the combat effectiveness. Rise.
The unmanned aerial vehicle cluster technology is considered as the most representative future weapon system for artificial intelligence. After the uav takes off, it can attack the target according to the set requirements. In the process, the UAV group does not need to accept the instructions of the operator again. It can adjust the attack tactics and the UAV according to the instant change. Formation。
Cluster technology of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
In the current research of artificial intelligence, one is very special, that is, the artificial intelligence system can quickly locate the location of the aircraft carrier by analyzing the real-time water waves produced by the satellite image and the aircraft carrier. If such a system is installed on the anti ship missile identification guidance system, it looks like it is in the anti ship missile identification guidance system. The situation of the aircraft carrier that is difficult to find on the vast sea is very dangerous.
However, the application of artificial intelligence technology is still in the primary stage. It can only analyze some data collected by historical data and sensors, and there are many shortcomings in deep learning, human-computer interaction and security communication. (by the author: the frontier post again)

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