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China's Drone Market Is Expected to Reach 96.8 Billion Yuan by 2023


introduce:"Despite the impact of the epidemic, drones in Shenzhen have continued to grow healthily compared to the same period last year." Yang Jincai, President of the Shenzhen Uav Industry Association, said at the fourth World UAV Conference.According t

"Despite the impact of the epidemic, drones in Shenzhen have continued to grow healthily compared to the same period last year." Yang Jincai, President of the Shenzhen uav Industry Association, said at the fourth World UAV Conference.

According to the reporter, the output value of China's UAV industry in 2019 was 50 billion yuan, while Shenzhen's output value exceeded 40 billion yuan, accounting for 80 percent of the total. China Business News saw more than 400 unmanned helicopter, fixed-wing drone, multi-rotor drone, airship, umbrella wing uav, flap-wing micro drone, underwater drone and supporting products of upstream and downstream industries from more than 400 Chinese and foreign drone enterprises covering an area of 15,000 square meters at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference also set up a number of cutting-edge forums focusing on epidemic prevention and control, safety management, industrial applications, 5G, artificial intelligence, robotics, unmanned ships and other topics.

In recent years, China's civil drone industry has developed rapidly, playing an important role in many fields such as plant protection, aerial photography, surveying and mapping, and patrol inspection. Due to factors such as air traffic control, cyber security, privacy security and personal safety, "consumer drones" around the world are now lagging behind the development of industrial drones. In this exhibition, industrial drones have become the absolute "protagonist".

Yang told the media, including China Business News, that there are more than 6,000 drone companies in China, and the biggest market for civil drones is in the provision of government public services, such as security, fire protection and meteorology, which account for 70 percent of the total demand. In the future, the market with the greatest potential for drones is expected to be in the civil sector, with new market demand in agriculture, cargo transportation, and aerial wireless network data acquisition and other fields. "During the epidemic, drones have played a positive role in disinfection, logistics, express delivery, public security and medical care," he said.

A drone industry practitioner told China Business News that in the uav industry, Shenzhen and Linshen region have complete industrial chain supporting, with absolute advantages in cost, which has created such a leading uav company as DJI. This advantage of strong research and development and low cost is reflected in China. An obvious example is that after DJI entered the plant protection market, it quickly occupied most of the market share in this field under the influence of market leading factors.

Internationally, industrial drones also play a leading role. According to Drone Industry Insights, in 2019, the world's military drones will be flying off the radar. about 65 percent, civilian drones about 34 percent. The largest market of civil drone is the provision of administrative services, accounting for up to 45%, fire protection uses accounting for 25%, agricultural, forestry and plant protection uses accounting for 13%, and other uses such as energy, geographical observation and commercial broadcasting account for about 17%.

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