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COMAC Holds Safety Culture Publicity Activity


introduce: On July 29th, COMAC held a safety culture publicity activity to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on production safety and the important instructions for the large aircraft busines

On July 29th, COMAC held a safety culture publicity activity to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on production safety and the important instructions for the large aircraft business, and earnestly ensure that quality and safety are politics, survival, and prison The "red line", "bottom line" and "lifeline" of the large aircraft business promote the company's safety culture to take root. He Dongfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Zhao Jiufang, Zhou Xinmin, Wei Yingbiao and Zhang Yujin, attended the meeting. The event specially invited Qian Huide, a second-level inspector of the Civil Aviation Administration of East China, and Guo Yibai, deputy director of the Aviation Safety Office, to give guidance.
After listening carefully to the speeches given by the 5 spokespersons for the safety culture of large aircraft, He Dongfeng fully affirmed that everyone can combine their positions and explain the importance of safety work from various perspectives. He pointed out that it is necessary and meaningful for the company to hold this safety culture publicity activity. He hoped that everyone can learn from each other and promote each other in the exchange.
For "safety", a keyword that the company has always attached great importance to, He Dongfeng emphasized
First, we must
Adhere to life first, safety first, safety always first. The aviation industry has come to this point through the perseverance of groups of strugglers. We must deeply understand the extreme particularity of the industry and the extreme importance of safety. We must always walk on thin ice, as if facing the abyss, tightly bind products, conscience, responsibility, attitude and the life safety of passengers, earnestly implement the "two absolutes" requirements put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping on civil aviation, and insist on quality and safety. Politics is about survival.
Use scientific management methods to ensure the realization of goals. The core of safety management is risk management, that is, through the identification and risk assessment of hazard sources, the control measures of hazard sources are formulated, so as to prevent the occurrence of safety problems and realize the leap from passive safety to active safety. It is necessary to continuously improve and improve the safety management system, continuously improve the level of safety management, and use scientific tools and methods to build safety barriers.loitering munition
three things
‍Use the power of culture to keep the "red line", "bottom line" and "lifeline" of the large aircraft business. "COMAC Three-Year Action Plan for Safety Culture Construction" is an important carrier for the implementation of safety culture. All units should attach great importance to it, continuously improve the safety literacy of employees, gather the safety force of all employees, and practice the safety concept of large aircraft with practical actions. Cultivate a large aircraft safety culture and consistently take care of the safety of large aircraft.
Qian Huide pointed out that the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Construction of Safety Culture of COMAC" is guided by party building and guaranteed by organization. The four-in-one company safety management system of enterprise system and behavioral environment is both grounded and operational. To do a good job in the quality supervision of civil aircraft production, it is not only dependent on the unremitting efforts of all employees, but also inseparable from the attention of safety management cadres. Qian Huide shared three points of understanding on the construction of safety culture: keep in mind the lifeline of civil aircraft quality and safety, and control the quality of civil aircraft is the foundation of safety culture; The foundation of safety culture; keenly finding problems and daring to "blow the whistle" are the realm of safety culture. He believed that with the strong leadership of the COMAC Party Committee and the unity of the whole team, a serious and relaxed safety culture will surely be created, and the high-quality development of the large aircraft business will be vigorously promoted.
During the event, the person in charge of the company's safety and emergency management department introduced the specific content of the "Three-Year Action Plan for Safety Culture Construction of COMAC", and the participants watched the video "Safety always comes first, and safety culture escorts high-quality flying in the blue sky". In the short video, five young people from large aircraft from Shanghai Aircraft Institute, Shanghai Airlines, customer service company, flight test center, and Shanghai Airlines gave safety presentations as safety culture spokespersons based on their own work and practice, which aroused applause from the participants.
Leading cadres above level 8 of the company participated in the activity.

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