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Build an emergency tactical Internet, build a digital battlefield for exercises, and create a new mo


introduce: The "Emergency Mission 2022" earthquake disaster relief exercise in the plateau and alpine regions is nearly 800 kilometers away from Dunhuang in the west of the Hexi Corridor to the easternmost Maya Snow Mountain. The altitude fluctuates

The "Emergency Mission 2022" earthquake disaster relief exercise in the plateau and alpine regions is nearly 800 kilometers away from Dunhuang in the west of the Hexi Corridor to the easternmost Maya Snow Mountain. The altitude fluctuates from 1,100 meters to 3,000 meters, with an altitude of nearly 4,700 meters in the middle. Big snow mountain barrier. At the same time, the high altitude, high latitude, low temperature, and low air pressure in the plateau and alpine regions have resulted in "altitude sickness" of personnel and equipment, and reduced stability and reliability of communication equipment. In the face of the dual challenges of “disconnection, network disconnection” and equipment performance degradation in a large area, it is unprecedentedly difficult to achieve efficient coordination of emergency command and communication, and to open up the “lifeline” of emergency rescue.Heavy Fuel Engine
In order to solve the emergency communication problem of the plateau alpine earthquake and catastrophe, the emergency management department has comprehensively used new technologies such as wireless communication, satellite communication, fusion communication, IoT perception, simulation deduction, and edge computing to build an intelligent command and dispatch system as the core, The emergency tactical Internet is the backbone and the emergency IoT perception network is the nerve. The emergency rescue digital battlefield system has created a new emergency rescue model of "digitalization of individual soldiers, networked battlefields, visualization of command, and intelligent rescue". Precise command and efficient rescue.
For the first time, the exercise used the communication network simulation and deduction system to simulate the communication network environment at the disaster site, and accurately and quickly generate an auxiliary plan for the deployment of communication equipment, avoiding the repeated operations caused by traditionally relying on experience to erect equipment. According to the simulation results, the Emergency Management Department dispatched two Wing Loong uavs to fly to the relay point over the exercise area to quickly build an air emergency communication platform, and set up emergency tactical Internet backbone nodes in the main exercise field and sub-exercise field. Special emergency communication highways for exercises, emergency tactical subnets for rescue teams, and these national highways can be dynamically connected to backbone network highways, forming an air-space-ground integrated emergency tactical Internet with access at will, resilience against destruction, and global interconnection, realizing cross-regional, Cross-team, cross-military collaborative communication.
Relying on vehicle-mounted IoT terminals and other equipment to build an IoT perception network at the exercise site, the monitoring location trajectory, vehicle operating conditions, vital signs, on-site environment and other information are collected in real time, and the emergency command "one map" and the on-site digital command and dispatch system are used. Multi-dimensional display, timely reminder when abnormality occurs, which greatly improves the safety of rescue team members. The IoT perception network realizes the visualization of battlefield situation, promotes rescue from macro to micro focus, and provides strong support for leaders to assist decision-making. At the same time, with the help of the emergency resource management platform and the tower big data analysis system, the emergency resource information and the operation data of the iron tower in the disaster area can be obtained in real time, so as to realize the whole process supervision of emergency materials, traceability and refined management of one object and one code, as well as the targeted analysis of the communication situation in the disaster area. Provide big data support for accurate and efficient allocation of materials, emergency rescue, and restoration of communications in disaster-stricken drone

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