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Aviation industry Hongyuan liangbaoming: Hongyuan "business card" flowing on the wheels


introduce: Air China News: more than 520 safe trips a year, with a journey of more than 70000 kilometers, saving more than 380 liters of fuel; Talking about the equipment strength of enterprises, he is like a family treasure; Talking about the third tier cultu

Air China News: more than 520 safe trips a year, with a journey of more than 70000 kilometers, saving more than 380 liters of fuel; Talking about the equipment strength of enterprises, he is like a family treasure; Talking about the third tier culture, he talked freely; He is proficient in the performance of various types of vehicles; He is "Hongyuan business card flowing on the wheels" -- liangbaoming, driver of vehicle management center of Hongyuan comprehensive management department of aviation industry. Everyone habitually calls him "Liang Shi".
Liangbaoming, 59, has short hair and looks lean and capable. With a military career, he has been transferred to Hongyuan for 35 years. Since the deepening of enterprise reform in 2002, he has been transferred from vehicle repairman to car driver for 20 years. Regardless of the severe cold and heat, wind, frost, rain and snow, he has been strict with himself all the year round with the progressiveness of Communist Party members and the excellent style of soldiers, always playing an exemplary role of "punctual service, safe driving, diligence and dedication", and has been rated as advanced quality, energy saving and safety by the company for many times, Outstanding communist party member and other honors.
Tireless and hard-working. "Mr. Liang is never choosy in his work. In one year, he has the highest attendance rate, the most safe driving kilometers and the lowest fuel consumption year on year." People say so about him. When picking up and seeing off guests, they would rather call the car and wait for others than wait for the car. They have established a service image of being serious, punctual and performing the contract. "Especially when the team was short of manpower, he used to go to and from Xi'an and Xianyang airports fourorfive times a day. He was recognized as a tireless old scalper." Li Jian, manager of the vehicle management center, said.
Liangbaoming, who carried out safety inspection before leaving the car, said with a smile, "this is what I should do. As I get older, I should set an example. I can't lose the identity of Party members and soldiers." His simple words show his sincerity and friendliness in dealing with people and doing things, and it is not difficult to understand why his colleagues strongly recommend him as an excellent representative. drone
Love and work hard, and act actively. No matter how late the car was collected the day before, liangbaoming would arrive at his post more than half an hour in advance the next day to "cosmetic" the whole car inside and outside. This is his long-term professional habit. He said: "car transfer is a 'business card' flowing on the wheels and a window for direct external service. It is necessary to show the best corporate image and employee quality to customers."
"We, Mr. Liang, can tell where the car is' sick 'by stepping on the accelerator and listening to the sound. Grasping the steering wheel is our factory's volunteer propagandist." Xiao Han, a young driver, said that once when he was about to leave the car, he just inserted the key to ignite, and heard a shrill cry. When he didn't know how to deal with it, Liang Baoming asked to turn off the engine and open the engine cover. He adjusted the engine with a screwdriver and rosin. The problem was solved immediately. When soliciting guests, he will timely talk about the third-line construction, corporate culture, R & D achievements, future development and other contents according to the guests' interests. He will talk and laugh along the way, which not only publicizes the enterprise, shortens the distance between customers, enhances the confidence of potential customers, but also passes the "boring" time on the way. He is an example for colleagues to learn drone
With the afterglow of the sunset, liangbaoming, who parked his car at the gate of the community, said that he had to pick up and see off guests at the airport at 2 a.m. for fear of affecting the rest of the concierge staff, so he parked the car a little farther away. When talking about hard work, he said that the whole company was working hard for the "double half" to welcome the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. As an ordinary veteran party member and an old driver, he should also try his best to give full play to the role of safety service guarantee and make modest contributions to the development of the company. It is worth and will soon be happy.

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