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Aviation Industry Shaanxi Airlines: Guaranteeing the journey with twists and turns


introduce: China Aviation News: "You have to take a bus to attend the China Air Show and go overnight? You have to be quarantined 3 times to participate in the air show? You don't even go to the exhibition hall when you participate in the air show? I

China Aviation News: "You have to take a bus to attend the China Air Show and go overnight? You have to be quarantined 3 times to participate in the air show? You don't even go to the exhibition hall when you participate in the air show? It's a shame!"
Listening to the story behind the guarantee from the aviation industry Shaanxi Airshow Security Party Commando, can't help but make people sigh.
Captain Fu Liangliang said: "I say goodbye every morning, but I didn't expect to see my wife and children for more than 30 days." Quan Shuaike, who was responsible for the air show material support, said: "I was quarantined 3 times. This time the protection is really twists and turns." Said: "If I can straighten my arms and legs on the road, I will be very happy." Three people, three sentences, showing the bitterness of the road.
A sudden epidemic made the security team tense for a while. "Prepare plans, actively carry out risk control management, and take the initiative to meet changes." After receiving the order, Fu Liangliang immediately notified the team members, hurriedly packed up and rushed to work. They eat and live in the office, work with materials, materials, personnel organization, etc., everything is ready. In accordance with the work principle of "strictly following the minimum scope of personnel to ensure the quality and quantity of the airshow support work", they urgently reduced the support staff and repeatedly sorted out the tasks and itinerary.
"We are party members, and we have to overcome difficulties when we have difficulties!" Liu Lei, Zhu Lei, and Wang Heng, three team leaders, led the organization, and the members made repeated calculations. In the end, the plan was closely matched, the time was precisely locked, the personnel were scientifically distributed, and the materials were advanced in advance. in place. They didn't have time to say "goodbye" to their families. They packed up their luggage and work materials, boarded the bus, and rushed to Zhuhai.
Along the way, the car became the base camp. To save time, they drink less water, eat less, and get off less often. When hungry, take a bite of bread, and when cold, put on a coat. After more than 30 hours, they passed through Shaanxi, Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, and after more than 1,800 kilometers, they finally arrived in Zhuhai as planned.
"We are greeted with no blue sky and white clouds, flowers and delicacies, only nucleic acid testing and strict three-day inspections." Quan Shuaike, who participated in the air show for the first time, felt both excited and helpless. The second centralized isolation began. Mobile phones and computers have become the closest partners. Zhu Jin and Li Qian, who are in charge of information aggregation, carefully manage the work group: hold video conferences, confirm mailboxes repeatedly, organize and summarize information, arrange daily meals, accommodation and travel, and warm greetings in the morning and evening.
Due to the epidemic prevention policy, most of the security team failed to enter the exhibition hall, but the security work was not delayed in the slightest. They transmitted information in a timely manner through the Internet, mobile phones, and telephones, and finally completed the guarantee task with high quality.anti drone laser system
As a volunteer of the aviation industry, Feng Jun participated in the explanation work of the Aviation Industry Museum. Xu Zhe also accepted an interview with CCTV reporters. They couldn't hide their excitement and pride. "The journey was bitter, and the rich guarantee experience was unforgettable. At a time when many international and domestic exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed, it is a blessing for us to be able to experience the China Air Show. Seeing so many high-level aviation technology And weapons and equipment, to personally experience the Chinese power of aviation weapons and equipment, we are very excited and excited. In the future, we will continue to innovate and explore as always. We firmly believe that the next China Air Show is worth looking forward to, and China's modern high-end aviation equipment More to look forward to!”

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