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Aviation Industry Nanjing Electromechanical Co., Ltd. contributes to the Aviation Industry Managemen


introduce: On May 10, the "Aviation Industry Management Innovation Forum 2023" was held in Nanjing. The forum was organized by the Aviation Industry Group Science and Technology Committee, hosted by the Aviation Industry Industry-University-Research-

On May 10, the "Aviation Industry Management Innovation Forum 2023" was held in Nanjing. The forum was organized by the Aviation Industry Group Science and Technology Committee, hosted by the Aviation Industry Industry-University-Research-Application Management Innovation Alliance, organized by Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and supported by Nanjing Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the Aviation Industry Corporation. Wang Xiangyang, First Deputy Director of the Aviation Industry Science and Technology Committee, Zheng Yongan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Liu Gaoqun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing Mechatronics, experts in the field of management innovation, and scholars from relevant universities participated in the forum.
With the theme of "management innovation empowers high-quality development of the aviation industry", the forum focuses on the macro policy, micro management, information technology and digital technology management application of the aviation industry. The guests at the meeting conducted in-depth exchanges on the latest research results of management innovation and research trends at home and abroad, and pooled their wisdom to jointly promote the high-quality development of the aviation industry.
Wang Xiangyang and his party also investigated Nanjing Electromechanical, visited the exhibition hall and production site of the professional system department, and listened to the special work report.
Wang Xiangyang affirmed the achievements made by Nanjing Mechatronics in various tasks. He hoped that Nanjing Mechatronics would conscientiously implement the overall deployment of the Group's Science and Technology Committee, focus on the main responsibilities of the Science and Technology Committee, focus on the role of think tanks, and continue to play the role of the Science and Technology Committee on the basis of serving scientific research and production.
Liu Gaoqun said that the Science and Technology Committee of the Group fully affirmed Nanjing Electromechanical as the first stop of this special research. Nanjing Electromechanical will continue to make good use of the expert resources of the Science and Technology Committee, give full play to the role of a think tank, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.
The food cooked by my mother is delicious in the world. My mother's nagging is a whisper in my ears... Mom is not a superman, but she has become omnipotent for us. In the breeze of early summer, we welcome Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world. May you be healthy, safe and happy. Time flies, and when we grow up, we have a lot to say to our mothers. Paper is short and love is long, please accept this letter of love.
WeChat picture_20230515113200
WeChat picture_20230515113203
My mother is an ordinary people's teacher. In my impression, she always leaves early and returns late, and the most decorations at home are piles of papers and teachers' books. The figure of my mother always buried in the pile of books has been imprinted in my memory. When recording online classes during the epidemic, my mother "races against the clock", just to save some traffic for poor students. Every day, I use the bracket I made for her to record videos over and over again. Every night, I think the mother under the light is the most beautiful person. This kind of light also lights up the lights in my heart, and the honor certificates that my mother stuffed the drawer are the driving force for me to move forward. My mother seldom talked to me about the truth, but she taught me love, diligence, tenacity, and kindness with her words and deeds, and she created the treasures of my life. ——Equipment Center Yu Yin
WeChat picture_20230515113206
On a weekend in early March, I accompanied my mother to visit Beihai Park. My mother is 80 years old this year, and she is already an octogenarian. She has been exercising for many years. Compared with her peers, her body is relatively flexible and her legs and feet are also strong. Visited Jingshan Park in the morning, took a short break in the afternoon, came to Beihai Park, entered from the south gate, passed through Yong'an Bridge, Shanmen, Falun Hall, Zhengjue Hall, and Pu'an Hall, and climbed three long steps to Baihai Park. tower. It is true that the health of parents is the blessing of children. ——Equipment Center Liu Xudong
The middle of the photo is what my mother looks like now, and the others are what she used to be. Years of undefeated beauty, the mother who is 30 years apart still looks so good-looking when she smiles, and her appearance is more beautiful and kind. I was ignorant when I was a child, and always complained that you didn't care and love me enough. only when I grew up did I gradually understand your greatness and difficulty. I do not know when, your health and happiness have become my greatest wish. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world! ——Equipment Center Zhao Mengchen
My mother is my elementary school Chinese teacher. She sends me to school, accompanies me after school, and even teaches me to read. In her class, I can’t help but be a little sloppy, and sometimes I am so happy because of other people’s speeches, she always scares me, holding chalk and pretending to throw it into my mouth, and other students in the class just watch silently The two of us "acted". It's Mother's Day again, I don't know if there are such naughty students in her current class, but she can't let her worry. ——Gu Yimin, Discipline Inspection Department/Audit Department
That year, our family of three came to the Pekutso Lake in Tibet. Looking at the blue lake, my mother excitedly asked my father to take this group photo for us. The blue sky, white clouds and distant mountains and lakes reflect the mother's smile, so kind and beautiful. Mom, I want to tell you loudly: Mom, I love you! I will try my best to be an excellent aviation person, and I will live up to your expectations of me! ——Wang Hongrui, 108 institutes
After taking this photo for my mother, she wrote these words: "After the rain, the weather is sunny, and the breeze in early spring burns melancholy in the garden, and the cold branches grow peanuts." Now I want to tell you: "Dear mother , although the years have burnt your youth, and time has faded away the youthfulness on your face, but your care and encouragement will accompany the flowers you have carefully cultivated to walk through the wind and rain. I wish you a happy Mother's Day, happiness and health!"—— 108 Tan Jianchang
The photo was taken when I was in college. It was too hot in summer, so I asked my mother to cut my hair short with a pair of scissors, but it was still very hot, so I had to tie it into two jiujiu. I think it is very cute~ I pushed my shoulder and said to take a picture, how cute~ I have such an interesting photo. ——Wang Xinyi, 108 Institute
Dear mother, your mother’s kindness is boundless, you care for me and protect me to grow up healthily; Inch Grass Chunhui, your precepts and deeds help me to grow strong. Now, I have finally fulfilled my wish and embarked on the long road of scientific research of aviation serving the country. I will use my wisdom and sweat to contribute to the development of the motherland and the well-being of the people. This is my most heartfelt return and best wishes to you. Mom, no matter how far away the world is, whether the mountains are high or the water is long, your care and teaching will always be the strength to help me move forward! You have always been my role model, and I hope I can be your pride! Mom, happy mother's day! ——Yang Tianyu from the 108 Institute
Life lies in exercise, and health lies in exercise. Mom has maintained a good habit of exercising since she was young, and now you can often see your vigorous figure in the gym. Mom, just as Mother's Day is approaching, I hope you will have less troubles at work, more fun in life, and stay healthy and youthful. ——Pei Xu, Institute 108
The breeze is blowing and the lights are friendly. Every evening when I walk on the country road with my mother, my heart calms down. The lights and evening wind, morning and evening, slowly took away her youthful appearance. May the evening wind blow slowly and whiten her black hair on the temples. With my mother around, I was still a child, how happy it is to call "Mom" and someone agree. I wish all mothers in the world good health and a long life. ——Fan Zhipeng, Special Institute
I found out my mother's work certificate by accident, only to realize that she was such a young girl before becoming a mother, but after working hard for my family and me for more than 30 years, my impression of her has solidified into what people say. "Teacher Zhang". After joining the work, I deeply appreciate her hard work, and I hope that I can help her reduce some troubles and worries in the future, and wish her good health and happiness. Mom, thank you, happy mother's day! ——Fu Yixiang from Special Institute
For my mother, I have always had a strong love in my heart but I was ashamed to express it. In retrospect, my mother rarely expressed "love you" to me, but in the hot noodle soup on the table late at night, when I was sick, she was very nervous In the furrowed brows, in her gratifying laughter when I am happy, in her comforting words when I am frustrated, every bit of it is her deep love and concern for me. On Mother's Day, may mothers be happy and healthy for thousands of days. ——Chen Chen, AVIC Hi-Tech
I was a little "timid" when I was a child. My mother always told me not to go with strangers, not to eat snacks given by strangers... I used to complain that she nagged too much. After the hardships of childbirth, I also became a mother I understand that every exhortation is my mother's deep love for me, and I am even more grateful for her education and love for me. I will do my best to repay her love and let her enjoy a better life. She goes to see the bigger world and repays her mother's nurturing grace with actions. ——CAO Jiaye, AVIC Hi-Tech

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