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Aviation Industry First Flying Institute: Build a strong army and start again


introduce: China Aviation News: 2022 will come to an end. The chronology of time and the development of careers point to new beginnings. These days, the various fronts of scientific research, production, operation and management of the First Aviation Acad

China Aviation News: 2022 will come to an end. The chronology of time and the development of careers point to new beginnings.
These days, the various fronts of scientific research, production, operation and management of the First Aviation Academy of Aviation Industry are carefully sorting out and stepping up their finalization; new plans and new arrangements for the future are being carried out in their hearts.
The success of model missions is frequent, the projects under research are being accelerated, pre-research projects are being accelerated in an all-round way, individual projects are completed ahead of schedule, breakthroughs have been made in scientific research and flight tests, and 100% rectification of field technical problems is about to be realized.
All the race against time is just to strive for the greatest perfection: resolutely complete the model task, and ensure the full realization of the assessment plan and technical indicators.
For a long time, the planning and deployment of project development have been carried out simultaneously.
On December 10, the First Aviation Institute held the fourth meeting of the project management committee to make analysis, decision-making and action deployment on the overall and planning situation of the new project. Since the establishment of the Project Management Committee in March 2022, as the highest decision-making body of the institute's project management, it has conducted research, decision-making and coordination on the planning, process, organization and resources of more than ten projects. Formed a trend of far and near collocation, step-by-step implementation, mutual support, and co-creation.
All the overall layout still focuses on continuous high-quality development: to create useful and durable aircraft equipment, to improve the combat effectiveness of service users, and to take a steady and solid path to build a strong army.
The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that realizing the goal of the 100-year struggle for the establishment of the army as scheduled and accelerating the transformation of the people's army into a world-class army is a strategic requirement for comprehensively building a modern socialist country. We know very well that a first-class army is inseparable from first-class equipment, and first-class equipment lies in the continuous struggle of our aviation to serve the country and strengthen the country.anti drone laser system
The country is so big, who can give it to me; the mission is on the shoulders, and the responsibility is on the way. The war drum urges the new airline to be recruited, and the battle song of the strong army is loud and clear. The burden on the shoulders, the responsibility in the heart, and the model in the hand are always calling, and I am here to build a strong aviation country and set off with a strong army.
Think again, let the oasis of mission always water the intense journey of building a strong army. Knowing who we are, where we come from, and where we are going is something we need to keep clear at all times. We are glorious aviation people. We set out again in the blueprint of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and strive to continue to write new glory in the great journey of hundreds of millions of Chinese people expressing their feelings to the Party and striving for rejuvenation.
Every unprecedented creation is because of the needs of the country; every extraordinary persistence is for the strength of the sky. We have traveled through thousands of rivers and mountains, and we have not changed our original intention: based on building a strong army, we were born for a strong aviation country, and empowered with Chinese power.
Start again from the ideological point of view, and endow the mission with a new connotation of the times.
Plan again, let the passion of struggle always accompany the great cause of building a strong army. The big issue of building a strong army must be a fuss in the implementation. The research institute puts "adhere to the first responsibility of strengthening the army, and gather strength to complete the model task" at the top of the development idea of "five persistence and five gathering strength", and distribute it according to the urgency; the party committee of the institute formulates a special plan, lists action items, and implements the party's The spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the general secretary's reply letter are based on the current situation; each project team insists that technology is the primary productive force, talents are the primary resource, and innovation is the primary driving force, and they are connected from top to bottom. Look for ideas before tasks, find solutions in difficult problems, push forward in creation, turn blocking points into high points, turn pain points into hot spots, make difficult points into bright spots, arrange plans, stick to good nodes, and plan well. We are not only idealists, but also aviation people who strive for our ideals.
Start from the action again, let the blueprint bloom more beautiful wisdom.
Let's start again, let the firm footsteps continue to practice bravely and vigorously build a strong army. Thousands of miles are accumulated in small steps, and the river and sea converge in a trickle. only by working hard every day and striving as usual will we have a successful future. The global check-in of Yun-20 will expand the new trajectory of the Chinese Air Force; the use of Yunyou-20 in military training and preparations will double the long-range maneuverability of the aviation force; the collective expedition of the "20 family" and the series of outfits will paint the picture of a strong country and a strong army concentric circles. In the process of development, building a strong army is the "key" to build a sword and defend the country, and it is also a "reagent" to test high-quality development.
Starting from practice again, we will give the future a bright future.
Focus on the main responsibility and the main business, build a strong army with me! This is the oath made by 400,000 airmen. It is easy to start, but difficult to go steadily. The historical experience given to us by the development of the aviation industry, the confidence in a strong army given by equipment construction, and the hope of our career given by the future grand plan are all worthy of a hearty start again. Building a strong army is both a big and a small matter. The big ones are what the country needs and what it is necessary to build a strong army, but it’s so small that everyone can do everything; it’s as big as aviation equipment and combat systems, and as small as a blueprint and a report; As big as a milestone node, as small as an assessment plan, no matter what form it is, it is a gesture of strengthening the army. As an enterprise, with the attitude of always being on the road, shoulder the mission and responsibility of building a strong army; as a cadre, grasp the team, lead the team, and seek development; Light, illuminating the career path. There are no bystanders when we start again. We are all aviation people, good teams, and practitioners who are building a strong army.
Start again, the traveler is like the wind; start again, the prospect is picturesque. Looking at the giant picture of Chinese-style modernization, the journey of building a strong army is a journey of tempering, a test, a dedication, and a journey of growth.
The battle flag moves the road of struggle, and the singing is loud and clear. On the journey of building a strong army, we will move forward all the way!

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