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Aviation Industry Chengfei: Responsibility is on the shoulders and sticks to the "epidemic"


introduce: China Aviation News: The Aviation Industry Chengfei Youth League Committee immediately organized the establishment of the Wu Daguan Youth Volunteer Service Team, "No 'Rong' speech, 'epidemic' moves forward", to charge t

China Aviation News: The Aviation Industry Chengfei Youth League Committee immediately organized the establishment of the Wu Daguan Youth Volunteer Service Team, "No 'Rong' speech, 'epidemic' moves forward", to charge the "epidemic" line and assist the community in the old single apartment Carry out nucleic acid testing for all staff, fight side by side with community staff and medical staff, practice "five and one knowledge" with practical actions, and interpret the most beautiful "volunteer red".
Volunteers patiently guide every member of the public, do every service with a warm heart, do their best to shine, rush to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and let youth shine on the front line of the "epidemic" battle. (Zhou Jianan)
Kaitian: Going backwards to the front line
On September 1, the Chengdu Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice that the Kaitian Party Committee of Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. actively cooperated with the local government’s epidemic prevention and control policies and started the emergency closed-loop production mode as soon as possible. The company's emergency on-duty personnel, when they hear the order, act immediately, follow the order, go up, and go to various front-line positions.
In order to implement the nucleic acid testing requirements of all employees, the company's young volunteers rushed to help the nucleic acid testing work. Under the unified command of the company, one after another "Volunteer Red" was busy in the testing site, conveying warmth and strength with practical actions. In order to protect the living materials of the cadres and employees stationed in the factory, all staff in the material center worked hard to expand the inventory. Most of the assembly shifts in the electrical equipment factory are female employees. In the face of intense production tasks, they resolutely choose to stick to it to ensure the production and delivery nodes. The 130 cadres and employees of the sensor business department took the initiative to ask Ying to stay behind, take the factory as their home, and take root in the front line of scientific research and production. The 66 emergency duty personnel in the machining plant are targeting key projects to ensure that the supporting nodes remain unshakable. Under the efficient and orderly production organization, the production schedule of some key projects was completed ahead of schedule. (Hu Shuhao)
Panhua efficiently responds to emergency deployment
Recently, in order to quickly respond to the spirit of the meeting of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee's Leading Group for Responding to the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic, the Aviation Industry Pan-China Party Committee responded quickly, formulated a response plan, and launched a first-level response to the epidemic prevention and control.
In order to ensure that the company's scientific research and production are not affected, under the call of the company's party committee, key and important personnel have been stationed in the factory, and the rest of the employees have been isolated at home to fight the "epidemic" together.
On September 1, under the unified command of the company, more than 10 young volunteers came forward, turned into "Little Red Riding Hood" and rushed to the key points of epidemic prevention and control, and worked together to build a nucleic acid testing site.
As soon as the notice to work in the factory was issued, more than 400 Pan-Chinese people responded to the call and rushed to the front line to immediately devote themselves to scientific research and production management positions.
In the middle of the night, Fanhua was still brightly lit, and the long queues at the factory gate were in an orderly manner, cooperating with nucleic acid testing; the countless lights in the office building were dotted, and the Fanhua was silently and persistently sticking to their posts. (Wen Jiaxing)
Beacon volunteers build safety barriers with actions
Recently, in the face of the sudden epidemic situation in Guiyang City, the Aviation Industry Beacon Party Committee organized a working meeting of the epidemic prevention and control leading group as soon as possible, launched the epidemic prevention and control plan, arranged and deployed epidemic prevention and control and scientific research and production work, and made sure to grasp the epidemic situation. As the most important task at present, prevention and control is to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and the battle of scientific research and production, and ensure that epidemic prevention and control and scientific research, production and operation are both correct.
In the process of carrying out nucleic acid testing for all employees in various districts of Guiyang, the company's party committee, trade unio, and youth league committee organized party members, the masses, and youth league members to carry out volunteer activities. Beacon employees responded positively to the government's call, carried out volunteer activities in their nearest communities and communities, guided the community to line up in an orderly manner, and provided strong support for nucleic acid testing.
According to incomplete statistics, a total of more than 50 people from various departments of Aids to carry out volunteer activities in various communities, reflecting the responsibility and responsibility of aviation people in the new era. (Zhong Haoyue)
Anji Precision Casting Holds Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group Meeting
On September 5, Aviation Industry Anji Precision Casting held a working meeting of the leading group for epidemic prevention and control to arrange and deploy related work on epidemic prevention and control in the near future.
The meeting conveyed the spirit of the special video conference on the epidemic prevention and control work of AVIC Heavy Machinery on September 3, studied and implemented the "Anji Precision Casting Company Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Plan", and listened to relevant business departments' reports on recent epidemic prevention and control measures. .
The meeting emphasized that all units should improve their political positions, attach great importance to epidemic prevention and control, and increase ideological education and guidance on the basis of doing a good job in arranging information on various personnel. The first is to strictly implement the relevant policies and requirements of territorial epidemic prevention and control, and to further strengthen the information mapping and daily management of incoming (returning) personnel, so as to ensure accurate data and real-time grasp; Communication and coordination to ensure the reserves of production materials, epidemic prevention materials and living materials, and ensure normal and orderly production and life; thirdly, to carry out emergency plan drills, set up volunteer service teams, and actively communicate with the government and hospitals; fourthly, to strengthen external commissions Outsourcing and other related parties and labor dispatchers should normalize epidemic prevention management; fifth, strengthen the management of areas where workers live in Anji Community and Anji Jiayuan, and carry out epidemic prevention and control work as required. (Sasha Li)drone with bombs
Wan Jiang: Epidemic prevention and control are not slack, production work is not stopped
At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Guiyang is extremely complex and severe. The Wanjiang Party Committee of Aviation Industry attaches great importance to it and quickly convened an online epidemic emergency meeting to make overall arrangements for production and operation, logistics service support, etc., and resolutely take responsibility, take active actions, and vary Depend on.anti drone laser system
The company has set up an emergency command group with Yang Jian, secretary of the party committee, Liu Shude, general manager as the team leader, and heads of various units as members. Two team leaders are responsible for overall coordination and work arrangements, and three deputy team leaders are responsible for material supply, logistical support, and production arrangements. The person in charge of each unit deploys the unit's epidemic prevention and control work, within the scope of responsibilities and temporary arrangements. implementation of the transaction.
The company resolutely implements the requirements of "preventing the epidemic, stabilizing the economy, and ensuring safety in development" to ensure that epidemic prevention and control are "not slack", production and operation are "non-stop", emergency supply guarantees are "not broken", and employees' lives are "safe". Assure". (Liu Yan)

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