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Aviation Industry Changfei Sun Binsheng: One Part, Half-Life Pursuit


introduce: Recently, the China National Defense Posts and Telecommunications union named 100 model workers and craftsman talent (workers) innovation studios for the defense postal and telecommunications industry. Aviation Industry Changfei's "Su

Recently, the China National Defense Posts and Telecommunications unio named 100 model workers and craftsman talent (workers) innovation studios for the defense postal and telecommunications industry. Aviation Industry Changfei's "Sun Binsheng Model Worker Innovation Studio" is among them.
As the leader of the studio, Sun Binsheng is remembered not only for the national, provincial and ministerial-level honorary titles he has won, such as the National Model Worker, National Moral Model, and National Technical Expert, but also for the fact that he has always practiced The craftsman spirit of "choose a career, lifelong".
01. There is no end to learning, solid progress
Since 2015, Sun Binsheng's Model Worker Innovation Studio has been successively awarded the "Jingdezhen Model Worker Innovation Studio", "Jiangxi Province Skill Master Studio", "Jiangxi Province Model Worker Innovation Studio" and won the honorary title of "National Worker Pioneer". These honors are inseparable from the daily study and discussion of professional knowledge by team members.
Members make full use of scattered time before class, after class, lunch break and other scattered time to carry out learning flexibly, set aside a fixed time every week to conduct special research, brainstorm on a certain problem, jointly discuss solutions and methods, and carry out "knowledge charging"; For collective activities, there are no less than 4 fixed activities per month, and a work report meeting is held every quarter to summarize the work, exchange experience, report the progress of tackling key problems, and deploy the next stage of work.
Through skills training, technical exchanges, and mentoring of apprentices, an indispensable practical environment has been created for young workers, which has greatly improved the overall quality and professional level of young workers in the studio. Since the establishment of the studio, many young technicians have been trained, and they have won many honors in skill competitions at all levels. Studio members Huang Xiaojiang and Peng Wei won the 6th and 7th place in the finals of the 2017 China Skills Competition. Huang Xiaojiang also won the honorary title of aviation industry technical expert. Shi Zhimin won the 2018 China Skills Competition Aircraft Sheet metal Worker Award.drone
02. Keep innovating, stand up to the tide
Using the advanced iron-clad forming technology for large-scale integral blades of helicopters led by the studio members, the team successfully developed a 7-meter-long large-scale integral blade leading edge cladding, which is the longest in China. The breakthrough has filled the gap of this technology in China, and has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level in terms of technical performance.
The forming of high-strength ferrous metal complex sheet metal structural parts is a major difficulty in the batch production task of foreign cooperation projects. For the first time, the studio has used simulation technology to quickly and effectively evaluate the forming process plan of this part of the parts, and the potential forming defects of the parts. Analyzed and formulated effective preventive measures, effectively solved the springback problem in the forming process of high-strength sheet metal parts, and greatly reduced the development cycle and development cost of parts. In order to meet the precise requirements of the film thickness and surface quality of some types of thick-plate hard-material large-scale skins, the studio also organized special technical research, and explored the process parameters of the thick-plate hard-material skin stretching horizontally and vertically. The special convex fillet block for large curvature leading edge skin, and the process test has been carried out, and good forming quality has been obtained. Among them, the large-scale thin-wall skin technology of the A109 model has been affirmed by foreign experts and has reached the world's advanced level.
In response to the technical problem of international cooperation in the development of the S76D machine system catheter, the studio has carried out the digital bending and forming of thin-walled catheters and the precision forming of the ends. A kind of end forming technology, and this technology is applied to domestic models under research, digital model establishment in a specific data format, digital manufacturing and inspection of spatial pipeline layout to special equipment, exploration and opening of conduit numerical control bending to digital inspection The springback is fed back to the numerical control program and then bent until the product is qualified in the whole process of digital bending and testing, forming a set of digital manufacturing and forming system for thin-walled pipeline system, which completes the digital processing and forming of helicopter conduits in a true sense. It has reached the international advanced and domestic leading drone
Choose a career, stay true to your ideals, never regret, Sun Binsheng leads the team to the forefront of the industry with such craftsmanship spirit, and builds the blue sky dream in his heart with the parts that he has devoted half his life to!

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