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Aviation Industry Changfei Composite Blade Factory: Keeping in mind the entrustment, innovating and


introduce: "Aviation equipment is a focus of China's manufacturing development. To adhere to the innovation drive, in the key core technology independent research and development up and down greater efforts, facing the future demand for new products,

"Aviation equipment is a focus of China's manufacturing development. To adhere to the innovation drive, in the key core technology independent research and development up and down greater efforts, facing the future demand for new products, and strive to build an advanced manufacturing system, to create a world-class helicopter enterprise." This autumn, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the earnest wishes of the aviation industry Changfei all cadres and workers are encouraged, officers and entrepreneurs full of passion.
The whole staff of the compound blade factory took the first time to study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Changfei on technological innovation, product upgrading, and the development of the aviation manufacturing industry, to deeply understand its significance and practical requirements, to accelerate the model of the key products, the key technology research and development work as the main line, focusing on the key points, difficult problems to carry out the attack and surprise attack, and to run with full force to win the annual task objectives, to put the General Secretary's wishes into practice to the courageous, courageous and courageous. The General Secretary's mandate is realized in the practical action of climbing the peak of science and technology and striving to build a world-class helicopter enterprise.
Self-improvement and self-reliance through scientific and technological innovation
As one of the main research units of the core moving parts of helicopter lift system rotor, Compound Blade Factory focuses on the new requirements for blade manufacturing put forward by the development of aviation industry, puts great efforts in the development of new blades, digs deep into the potential, tackles the difficulties, continues to promote scientific and technological innovation, and endeavors to create high-quality moving parts blades, and makes significant breakthroughs in a series of key technologies.
Compound paddle factory in the form of unveiling the marshal, to carry out the rotor structure of the key components of the flexible beam molding key technology research. The team members start from the principle of molding process, carry out defect generation mechanism analysis, focus on paving slip control technology, molding process parameter control technology, part curing deformation control technology and other aspects of the research, to solve the molding process of bending, wrinkles, and other internal defects and dimensional overshooting problems. In order to find out the curing and pressing law of flexible beams, the team members stayed beside the equipment for a month, constantly testing and adjusting, precisely controlling the temperature, and observing the changes of material and structure during the holding process; in order to find the suitable testing method for flexible beams, the team members also went to Harbin, Beijing, Tianjin and Luoyang to seek for the trial of the equipment and debugging of various testing methods. In response to the new requirements for process and quality stability put forward by the application of bearingless rotor blade batch production and installation, the project team this year focused on automated molding, gluing and curing simulation, as well as the continuous optimization of temperature and pressure parameters and other technology research on process stability, to help continue to improve the qualification rate of the manufacturing of flexible beams.
Practical work and play a decisive battle to win
In order to accelerate the scientific research process of new structure and new products of rotor blade, Compound Blade Factory and engineers and technicians collaborate with the designers of helicopter institute to carry out the research work of new materials and new technology, study the process performance of carbon fiber beam material in the blade structure, and solve the technical problems such as assembling and pressurizing of complex regional structure. After three months of exploration, the team gradually solidified the main points of the paddle manufacturing process combing method, and the new functional composite material paddle development was successfully installed on the first flight. In order to promote the continuous improvement of rotor performance of the subsequent development models, the composite blade factory and the engineers and technicians pinpointed the key core problems and made great efforts to tackle the problems, laying a solid foundation for the improvement of the subsequent batch loading and application level.
In order to ensure the completion of the annual production tasks and objectives, the Compound Blade Factory has formulated a four-quarter labor competition program around the difficulty of attacking, product quality, team output, etc., to motivate the front-line production team to focus on the goal of striving for the first; the formation of flexible beam delivery attack and other party members, Luoyang youth commando team, cohesion, and overcome the difficulties of the product production and delivery of the establishment of the target to reach the assessment mechanism, to stimulate product quality and production capacity to improve again. Production capacity to improve again.
The words are still ringing in our ears; the high hope is like a mountain, urging people to move forward! The whole staff of Composite Blade Factory focuses on the company's annual task, joins forces, overcomes difficulties, accelerates the research and development and application of new technologies, new materials, new processes, new products, helps the technological innovation and iterative upgrading of aerospace equipment manufacturing, and decides to win the annual task objectives with practical actions, and protects and escorts the company's high-quality development.

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