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Aviation Industry Brake Company: 48 hours of hard work, the mission must be achieved


introduce: China Aviation News: At the time when all units of the aviation industry are in full swing to sort out the remaining tasks of the year and strive hard to tackle the overall goal of the year, there is a rush of telephone ringing in the production dut

China Aviation News: At the time when all units of the aviation industry are in full swing to sort out the remaining tasks of the year and strive hard to tackle the overall goal of the year, there is a rush of telephone ringing in the production duty room of the aviation wheel factory: "User Urgently need the company's assistance to complete a certain supporting task, and request delivery within 48 hours."
"What the user thinks is what we think, and what the user wants is what we do." After receiving the call, the branch immediately called team members, party members, and technical and technical backbones to hold a "pre-war" deployment meeting, requiring that the company must ensure that it was completed within 48 hours. complete the task before. A tough battle then kicked off.luneburg lens
A special work party member commando team composed of the branch leadership team, party members and technical and technical backbones was established, with Luo Zhen, the deputy factory director in charge of production, as the team leader. "This task must be completed within 2 days. Except for the relevant procedures, planning, finished product inspection, and paint drying, the real time left for our branch factory is less than 16 hours. We must consider all possible situations. Inside, come up with a detailed, feasible and efficient work plan before the product comes back." After arranging the relevant work, he immediately threw himself into the busy communication. At the same time, the personnel of each unit in the work coordination group also entered the state and carried out various tasks in an orderly manner.
At 3 o'clock in the morning on December 4th, after multi-party coordination by the product delivery center, the vehicles transporting the products arrived at the company. Fu Mingxing from the production management office of the branch factory completed the corresponding procedures and greeted the vehicles at the door early.anti drone laser system
When the vehicle arrived at the door of the lean assembly unit, everyone was already waiting for it. At this time, Xiao Hou from the craft room also came to the lean assembly unit with the work plan, and his face was obviously more tired. After checking and analyzing the product status, the team members in charge of each module immediately returned to their respective positions and began to prepare for the next work. In them, only proficiency, care and determination can be seen.
At 6 o'clock, the product disassembly and accident verification were completed, and the components that needed to be processed by the relevant units were sorted out. Although everyone basically did not sleep a night, they would carefully check every step of the process when they were completed, and did not miss any details to ensure that nothing went wrong.
At 7:30, Shang Haidong, deputy secretary of the company's party committee and general manager, came to the assembly site of the lean unit of the wheel factory, asked the front-line operators about their work, and supervised and coordinated the handling of problems. Zhang Haidong, the production management office of the branch factory, contacted the heat meter treatment plant, the composite material business department, the production and supply chain department and other relevant units to assist in the processing.
At 16:00, all the paint touch-up parts and storage parts were in place. Product assembly and testing were closely linked. Every work was meticulous. All products were assembled in place and all inspection indicators were normal.
At 19:00, when the last product was loaded onto the truck and sent to the heat meter treatment plant, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. When looking at the qualified products, there is only one sentence in everyone's mind: "The 16 hours of hard work just now are worth it."
At 19:10, after receiving the news that the urgent products were about to be transferred in, the spray painting section of the heat meter treatment plant was prepared according to the draft "combat plan", "we must start the painting work as soon as the products arrive".
At 15:00 on December 5th, after nearly 5 hours of hard work, everyone finally finished painting the surface of the product in the early morning. In order to speed up the drying process, the drying temperature was strictly controlled in the painting section, and the horsepower of multiple equipment was fully activated, and the drying work was completed in only 15 hours. Seeing the products being transferred to the delivery center, everyone was filled with the joy of hard work and harvest.
At 17:00, after the product delivery center received the product, the backbone of party members took the lead, and everyone worked together to complete the sealing of the product, and the product was successfully delivered to the user at 20:00 on December 5. (Zhang Diqing, Li Han, Li Xueqing, Hao Yun)

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