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Aviation Industry Baocheng: Integrate aviation culture into humanistic atmosphere


introduce: China Aviation News: When you are at the Qingjiang West Fourth Crossing on the north side of the Baocheng Gate of Aviation Industry, you will be shocked by the huge picture in front of you. On the side wall of the entire building, Chinese fight

China Aviation News: When you are at the Qingjiang West Fourth Crossing on the north side of the Baocheng Gate of Aviation Industry, you will be shocked by the huge picture in front of you.
On the side wall of the entire building, Chinese fighter planes hold their heads high in the clouds, walk in the wind, and soar with wings. The Yun-20 "Kunpeng" is charming and cute, the J-20 "Dragon" is majestic, the J-15 "Flying Shark" volleys out of the water, the J-10 "Raptor" takes off in the air, and the H-6 and J-7 fly in the clouds... Under the realistic three-dimensional and vivid giant 3D hand-painted painting, on the front of the Baocheng Cultural Center, the eight new and bright red characters "Loyalty, Devotion, Dream and Blue Sky" are striking. The special-shaped landscape signs mainly in the shape of airplanes on the roadside at the entrance remember the important events that history cannot forget since the birth of the New China Aviation Industry in 1951 and the establishment of the factory in Baocheng in 1955...
Integrate aviation culture into modern urban pattern
This is the "Cultural Landscape of Aviation Service Spirit Theme" recently built by Baocheng Aviation Industry, and it is also a new starting point for Baocheng to build an aviation culture-themed block. As the only aviation company in Baoji, Baocheng actively responds to the initiative of the jurisdiction to build a characteristic industrial block and inherit the memory of industrial culture, and takes this opportunity to further publicize aviation culture, tell the story of Baocheng's entrepreneurship, strengthen cultural branding, and comprehensively localize Start the aviation brand. From April 2022, Baocheng has launched the construction project of aviation culture-themed blocks.
The Baocheng Party Committee attaches great importance to this project, not only as an important carrier for promoting the spirit of serving the country by aviation and spreading aviation culture, but also as a state-owned enterprise deeply integrating into the local grassroots social governance, actively integrating into the modern urban pattern, and actively fulfilling the social responsibility from the cultural level. specific actions of responsibility. Liu Zhiyong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Baocheng, pointed out: "We must stand at the height of fulfilling social responsibilities in an all-round way, and constantly explore new ways to promote aviation culture and spread aviation culture." He personally reviewed the design plan, put forward specific guiding opinions, and asked many times. The progress.
Let the spirit of aviation serving the country continue from generation to generation
There is a kind of loyalty, which is the red gene that aviation people integrate into their blood and pass on from generation to generation;
There is a kind of spirit, which is the original mission of aviation people who are unswerving and unswerving.
67 years ago, a large number of outstanding aviation talents with both ability and political integrity responded to the call of the Party Central Committee to build a new China aviation industry, with the enthusiasm of aviation serving the country, from Shanghai, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Beijing and other places to the mountain city of Baoji. , In the ruins, the blue thread straightened Baocheng's spine.
The first-generation builders of Baocheng took on the sacred mission of the development and production of aviation instruments in my country. They started from copying and imitation, and then designed and developed them by themselves. a miracle. In 1960, Baocheng successfully trial-produced my country's first set of surface-to-surface missile autopilots; in 1961, it successfully trial-produced my country's first air-to-air missile autopilot, providing the new China Air Force and Navy with the first self-developed autopilot in my country. It has successively contracted and assisted the construction of 31 aerospace enterprises, and delivered batches of outstanding talents.
Thousands of hardships, all kinds of tempering, vicissitudes of life, the truth remains unchanged. The new generation of aviation people, following in the footsteps of their predecessors, gathered under the banner of the spirit of serving the country by aviation, took root in this land, trudged through ups and downs, sought after challenges and dangers, and interpreted loyalty and determination with firm beliefs. Unswervingly solve the problems, the butterfly has been reborn to create miracles, and it has made due contributions to the development of the aviation industry of the motherland and the prosperity of the local economy.
The spirit of serving the country by aviation, which is precisely expressed in terms of "loyalty, dedication, and pursuit of the blue sky", is the precious spiritual wealth for all aviation people to overcome difficulties from generation to generation. The great historical mission of aviation people.
Integrate aviation culture into humanistic atmosphere
Culture, whether implicit or explicit, always exists spontaneously with a force. It is the proper meaning of corporate culture construction to shape the characteristics of corporate culture in a tangible way, integrate it into more humanistic atmosphere, and present it in a form that people like to see.
Flying as a cultural phenomenon has made the world colorful more than 100 years after its birth. As a unique cultural symbol, airplanes have brought extensive and far-reaching influence to our world. Hua Liang, a painter born in the 1985s who was responsible for the painting of this project, said that he was "excited and a little nervous when he accepted this task." He graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts and admitted that this was the first time he painted an airplane on a wall. A young man who has been an aviation "enthusiast" since he was a child, he often saved money from his food expenses to buy aviation magazines when he was in college. He is familiar with the development process of China's aviation industry and the past and present of each type of aircraft he wants to express. For him, this painting is not simply to complete a task, but to give each plane a soul with a sense of sacred mission, so that it can soar in the sky in a flying attitude, rather than standing still on the wall. He sighed: "From the J-7 to the J-20, this is the result of the efforts of several generations of aviation people. I have the honor to use a brush to spread aviation culture to the people in this city, as if I have become an honorable member of the aviation people."
As the only huge 3D hand-painted aviation culture theme landscape in Baoji City, it not only makes the passers-by stop happily, but also attracts many aviation enthusiasts in the city to come to watch and take pictures.
A 7-year-old boy who made a special trip from the city to Baocheng to "see the planes" pointed at the painted paintings with great interest, and was eloquent about the Yun-20, J-20, J-15 and other models, which attracted his father's surprise and admiration: " I didn't expect you to know so much about airplanes, brat!" The son said proudly, "Of course, I'm an aviation fan of 'if you can't buy a fake'. When I grow up, I want to fly a fighter jet to defend the motherland!"anti drone laser system
In order to spread aviation culture and show aviation style, in recent years, Baocheng has continued to carry out aviation science popularization into campus activities in local places. only in the first half of 2022, Baocheng will carry out 10 local primary and secondary schools, and strive to make aviation culture participate in the growth and memory.
It is of great significance to integrate culture into the humanistic atmosphere and play the subtle role of the environment on people.

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