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Attack 11 UAV C exit


introduce:For the first time on the 70th anniversary of the National Day, the Chinese-made attack 11 stealth UAV face burst meter, the shape of science fiction is very clear, firmly occupying the absolute C position of the UAV array! This kind of UAV, which can onl

For the first time on the 70th anniversary of the National Day, the Chinese-made attack 11 stealth uav face burst meter, the shape of science fiction is very clear, firmly occupying the absolute C position of the UAV array! This kind of UAV, which can only be seen in science fiction movies, is formerly a sword drone. It is developed by the China Aviation Industry Institute of aircraft design and research, and is one of the world's most advanced stealth observation and attack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The aircraft was assembled and launched in 2012. The first flight was completed in 2013. Now it has been in service for 6 years. It has to be exclaimed: the real speed of China!
Attack 11 UAV
_Attack 11 UAV Absolute C Bit
At present, no matter the MQ9 death god of the United States or the Rainbow series and pterosaur series reconnaissance and attack UAV of our country, the biggest disadvantage of the UAV is its low speed, high visibility and poor stealth performance. When dealing with the general anti-government armed guerrillas, it can carry precision guided weapons to the ground for reconnaissance attacks, but in the face of the army with certain air defense capabilities, its own survival performance is very good. The limit is extremely easy to shoot down by air defense missiles, or even captured directly like the US military drones.
_US MQ9 Death UAV
If we want to cope with the future high intensity war, and improve the air defense penetration capability of UAV has become an urgent need for us to wait for now, we can see that there is a boom in high-speed stealth UAV around the world. For example, the US Army X-47B, European neurons, the British Raytheon, Russian hunters and so on, have adopted the advanced flying wing fins modeling. The purpose is to minimize the radar cross section of aircraft and minimize the detectable performance. Unfortunately, these flying-wing UAVs, X-47B, neurons and hunters, Raytheon are still slowly advancing. The only flying-wing design UAV in the U.S. Army, RQ-170, is capable of reconnaissance, but not ground and air strikes. So far, other military powers in the world have not officially installed large UAVs with flying wings.
_X47B Although science fiction, but the U.S. Army's artificial intelligence technology is not pass, can only be forced to dismount
According to previous news reports, we also know that all the weapons and equipment of the 70th anniversary parade of the founding of the People's Republic of China are the current active equipment of the PLA, so the domestic attack 11 UAV will become the first large UAV with flying wing layout in the world as soon as it appears! The performance of the attack 11 is not natural. It uses a turbofan engine with large fighters, with a wingspan of 14 meters, and a maximum take-off weight of more than 10 tons. The maximum carrying capacity can exceed 2 tons, and the cruising speed can reach about 0.8. In addition to the flying wing configuration, Attack 11 also employs a variety of stealth designs, such as built-in ballistic compartment, semi-concealed intake and S-shaped backpack intake. On the basis of the basic model of the sword, the new attack 11 has redesigned the tail nozzle which has been criticized. The jagged semi-stealth design, long tail brace and mixing high temperature tail gas with cold air can effectively reduce the spillover of infrared signals. Not blowing black, said that since the beginning of the UAV, our army has achieved a partial transcendence over the US UAV technology, and officially opened the first year of China's UAV leading the world trend.
Attack 11 UAV
_Rapier UAV prototype
_Attack 11 Production Plans
So what is the role of attack 11 in actual combat? CCTV commentary is like this: Attack - 11 UAV can strike enemy deep targets accurately! This reveals two information: Firstly, Attack 11 has high-speed, high-stealth performance and long enough range to penetrate the enemy's front air defense network at night and directly enter the deep area behind the enemy. Second, attack 11 UAVs can carry certain precision guided ammunition, to the enemy rear such as command post, ammunition depot, oil depot and other high value targets to carry out a precise beheaded blow. Thirdly, Attack 11 UAV has highly intelligent autonomous combat capability. It is totally impossible to launch an attack alone in the deep area behind the enemy without reliable AI performance.
_The design target that US X47B failed to achieve will continue by Attack 11!
In addition to a separate assault on enemy air strikes, attack 11 is also promising in air combat. Under high-tech air combat conditions, Attack 11 can form two or even three aircraft formations with J 20 or even J 10 C. By using the detectability of Attack 11, it can be used to detect or decoy the enemy fighter before mounting the electronic suppression equipment such as phased array radar and electronic jammer, to find out the exact location of the enemy fighter and implement electronic jamming. Finally, battlefield information can be shared through data link. Transmission to the host, J-20 can catch cicadas by mantis, and the Yellow sparrow can launch a lethal blow in the rear! This can also reduce the losses of J-20 and even pilots, and maximize the combat effectiveness of our living air planes!
J 20 Future UAV Cooperative Operations
In addition, with the continuous launching of domestic aircraft carriers, the attack 11 will take advantage of its lightweight advantages relative to the human-machine, and it will also be able to ship in the future. It will serve as a small early-warning aircraft and reconnaissance aircraft for carrier aircraft, even if it matches the manned aircraft with high altitude. In a word, the future of attack 11 is limitless, and its significance is no less than that of annihilate 20.

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