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AVIC followed the footsteps of Comrade Luo Yang, who strengthened his confidence and forged ahead


introduce: Since General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to the members of Shenfei's "Luoyang Youth Commando" on November 12, China Aviation News, Liaoning Workers' Daily, People's Daily Online-Liaoning Channel and many other industries,

Since General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to the members of Shenfei's "Luoyang Youth Commando" on November 12, China Aviation News, Liaoning Workers' Daily, People's Daily Online-Liaoning Channel and many other industries, provinces, cities and local media Focusing on the Shenyang Institute, widely reported the work of the Youth League of the Shenyang Institute, as well as the story of the struggle of Luoyang Youth Commando Team Leader Ban Ruiyang, which had a good response.
"China Aviation News" resolute eyes inspire me to move forward
Ban Ruiyang
Back in 2012, I was still a sophomore in school, and I clearly remember one day when the news about the first landing of the J-15 aircraft was rolling on the TV in the school cafeteria. The whole restaurant suddenly became noisy, and my classmates, including me, were all excited, and the "aircraft carrier style" became our favorite action at that time. However, the breaking news of Luo Yang's unfortunate sacrifice was broadcast on November 25th, which instantly made the atmosphere of joy and excitement suddenly dignified.
That was the first time I saw the face of this hero who is inextricably linked with the aviation industry and the J-15 aircraft: when the news screen showed that the hearse carried Luo Yang back to the place where he struggled and cared for the last time, the aviation people and the citizens of Shenyang When braved the severe cold and spontaneously honked the whistle to see Luo Yang off on both sides of the road, tears involuntarily soaked his eyes.
"If you didn't leave, you would still do it. Take Wu Hook and patrol thousands of miles of Guanshan." The moment the J-15 landed was deeply imprinted in my mind, which also made my acquaintance and encounter with the aviation industry a necessity. In the later study time, aviation became my main focus. Whenever I saw something about aviation on TV or the Internet, I would stop to watch it, and I also learned that Shenyang is known as a Chinese fighter jet design in the aviation industry. The base of research and the cradle of aviation talents. In 2017, I chose aviation and followed Luoyang's footsteps to the Shenyang Institute. The four characters of "Serving the Country by Aviation" at the job fair made me more determined that this is the direction I will strive for.
After joining the office, it is in the critical period of the transformation of the institute. The unit has built a high-level development platform for young people, allowing them to have the opportunity to undertake key tasks in the development of key models and key projects. Likewise, we also face more challenges. The project's flight control system development and verification test is in a critical period. As the core young backbone of the test team, like other team members, he is uneasy. In a short period of time after the start of the test, all kinds of problems have come one after another, involving many factors such as new technology, new personnel, and new situations. , which makes me anxious. On my way home from get off work, I was still anxious for the experiment, and when I looked up, I saw Luo Yang's statue not far away. Standing in front of the statue, I read determination in his eyes.
At that time, the Youth League Committee of the Institute was preparing to set up the "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" and appointed me as the commando captain. I was determined to bring together a group of like-minded people, take Luoyang as an example, strengthen faith, serve the country by aviation, perform duties and dedication, Contribute youth to the realization of the dream of becoming a powerful country in aviation in the new era and the centennial goal of building the army. At the beginning of the establishment of the commando team, the team members jointly discussed the idea of ​​organically combining R&D tools and test tasks by using systems engineering R&D processes and methods, implemented and used related methods in practice, and solved some contradictions and problems scientifically; It also established an integrated agile verification platform for us, which has the ability of rapid iteration and agile verification. The system automates the testing process and greatly improves the efficiency of test verification. If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. Under the traction of these advanced methods and theories and high-quality platforms, the test progress and efficiency have been significantly improved.Military Drone Swarm
The average age of our team is only 28 years old. In the face of new systems and complex technologies, the Luoyang spirit has always inspired us. All the team members played the role of youth force, faced difficulties, devoted themselves, worked overtime, and kept the test site 24 hours a day. stop. As the captain, I saw it in my eyes, and it hurt in my heart. I remember that it was a hot afternoon. There was no air conditioner at the test site. In addition, the huge heat dissipation of the test equipment, the rolling heat wave was visible to the naked eye, and the clothes on my body were soaked with sweat. A colleague next to me suddenly turned pale and vomited, and I and other colleagues rushed to cool him down. When taking him to the hospital, he insisted that he was fine, thinking that the test just now was not finished.
We planned the test tasks in detail, coordinated the test equipment, and adopted a series of measures such as a 24-hour shift work system, pre-testing, intermittent troubleshooting, writing test reports at the same time, and problem-free nights, etc., and finally gnawed on this hard bone, according to the node high quality and high quality Efficiency completed the test task and achieved a staged victory. Behind this is the perseverance of the team members day and night. Each of us is a practitioner of Luoyang spirit and a beneficiary of Luoyang spirit.
Now, every time I pass by the Luoyang statue, I will pay attention to him. The Luoyang spirit guides the new generation of young aviation personnel. The "Luoyang Youth Commando" will take on more arduous tasks in the future, but we know that as long as we follow his footsteps, strengthen our confidence and forge ahead, the goal of building a strong aviation country in the new era will be achieved. It must be possible.

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