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AVIC XAC's civil aircraft makes employees feel more at ease


introduce: China Airlines News: "I've been a little busy recently, and I haven't gone through the procedures for hospital reimbursement!" "Why don't you find a trade union?" "I heard that Xiao Zhang from the un

China Airlines News: "I've been a little busy recently, and I haven't gone through the procedures for hospital reimbursement!"
"Why don't you find a trade unio?" "I heard that Xiao Zhang from the unit has breast cancer, and the treatment will cost 100,000 to 200,000!"
"The heat this summer is a record high!" "Thanks to the unio for buying fans and delivering ice every day!"
On the way to get off work, everyone chatted with each other, but it was not difficult to see from everyone's conversation that they recognized the labor unio as a real "mother family". In fact, since the establishment of XAC Civil Aircraft in 2017, the company's labor unio has done more to focus on humanistic care while serving the economic development of the company.
XAC Civil Aircraft is located in Yanliang Aviation City, Xi'an. From the establishment of the company to the continuous growth, the number of young people has been increasing year by year. The old saying goes: "Start a family and start a business!" With a stable small family, young people can stabilize their minds and build a new blueprint for civil aircraft. .
In order to allow young employees to settle down from peace of mind, the company's trade unio female staff committee first made full use of various youth networking platforms such as the Shaanxi Provincial National Defense Trade unio, and actively organized the company's young male and female employees to participate in the networking activities. Qixi" as an opportunity to organize and carry out youth workers' friendship activities. On June 25, 2021, the XAC civil aircraft matchmaker service team was officially established, and the normalized marriage and love service work kicked off. This is another measure to serve single young men and women.
Take multiple measures to open up multiple assistance mechanisms. "Xiao Wei is suddenly seriously ill, you should use various rescue measures and carry out rescue and assistance in a timely manner!" On the way back from the holiday condolences to the employees in difficulty, the chairman of the company's labor unio told the employees of the labor unio office. Every year, the XAC Civil Aircraft unio purchases a medical mutual assistance insurance plan for all employees and a major illness mutual assistance insurance plan for all female employees. The purpose is to provide strong protection for on-the-job employees when they are sick and hospitalized. In addition, the employees' hardship relief funds, student aid programs, etc., have opened up a number of assistance and relief mechanisms for employees, greatly reducing the pressure on employees' living.
Enriching and satisfying the spirit of the employees is also the key work of the XAC Civil Aircraft unio's constant attention and construction.
Create a high-quality cultural and sports activity room, continuously improve the leisure cultural life of employees, and improve the vitality and cohesion of the enterprise. There are staff bookstores in major companies, but it is rare to create a "striver-oriented" "honest bookstore". The bookstore is built in a place very close to the work of the employees. The employees in need complete the borrowing and returning by themselves. The whole process fully demonstrates the ease of home and the true meaning of "integrity". The bookstore has a collection of nearly 10,000 books, involving aircraft design, safety production, management innovation, life health, parent-child education, historical masterpieces, etc. Every year, it also purchases the latest best-selling books for employees, and the latest coffee machine, which has won the love of the majority of employees. , sipping a big cup of coffee and swimming in the ocean of knowledge, this kind of considerate service greatly improves the desire of employees to learn.drone with bombs
"Play billiards after get off work today." "Little Li and I made an appointment to play table tennis after get off work!" "The new fitness equipment in the staff activity room is good." The table tennis, billiards and fitness equipment are the most watched every day. Everyone learns their skills, competes for endurance, shouts and cheers, and deeply releases the pressure of daytime work. Cage football is also one of the choices for many football fans after work. On summer nights, in the cage on the east side of the office building, although the fans are sweating and panting, they can always see bursts of joy on their faces. I think it must be the dopamine that has been sleeping for a long time has been awakened!
"Spring brings health, summer brings coolness, autumn brings education assistance, and winter brings warmth..." In the development and construction of enterprises, the labor unio has taken countless measures to care for employees, taking practical actions to care about the living conditions of employees to solve practical difficulties, strengthen psychological services for employees, and improve The quality of employees and meeting the development needs of employees are the work presentation of the labor unio to perform its duties, and it is also a powerful guarantee for promoting the harmonious development of the enterprise.anti drone laser system

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