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AVIC WestJet: Starting Again with the Will in Mind, Striving to Build a New Career


introduce: "I hope that you will continue to carry forward the spirit of serving the country through aviation, think in one place, work hard in one place, climb up the ladder in promoting self-reliance and self-improvement of aviation science and technolo

"I hope that you will continue to carry forward the spirit of serving the country through aviation, think in one place, work hard in one place, climb up the ladder in promoting self-reliance and self-improvement of aviation science and technology, act positively in promoting the high-quality development of the aviation industry, and strive to be a good young man of the new era who is idealistic, courageous, able to endure hardship and willing to struggle, so as to make new contributions to the comprehensive construction of a modernized socialist country and the comprehensive advancement of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. contribution."
On November 12, 2022, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote a letter to the members of the "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" of Aviation Industry Shenfei. Over the past year, AVIC West Aviation has deeply studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important reply, solidly promoted the implementation of the aviation industry's nine key tasks in 2023, "Luoyang Youth Commando" special work deployment, combined with the three major industries of West Aviation Industry Group, five aspects, 24 key work requirements, organizing and carrying out youth competitions, and organizing the "Luoyang Youth Commando" special work deployment. Organize the flag-awarding ceremony of "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" and activities such as experience exchange and sharing of excellent teams. Guidance to all levels of organizations to "youth" team as a hand, unite and lead the majority of youth to Luo Yang as an example of comrades, anchored in the annual task objectives, the establishment of "Luo Yang youth commando team" 107, to overcome "urgent, difficult, heavy, new", Dangerous, heavy, new" more than 300 tasks, to carry out "a good theme class" more than 100 times, covering more than 1,000 youth backbone, recommending and 0ing 75 outstanding youth individuals and collectives, commando 233 members of the Communist Youth League to the party organization to submit applications to join the party, 72 people were recommended for membership in the party The company has recommended 75 outstanding youth individuals and collectives. The "Luoyang Youth Joint Commando Team" for the production and delivery of DALY aircraft, the "Luoyang Youth Joint Commando Team" for the development of full-size composite wings, the "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" for the construction of lean factories, and the "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" for the improvement of quality and efficiency. "Luoyang Youth Commando Team".
Where there are urgent tasks, where there is "Luoyang Youth Commando Team".
"Time is tight and the task is heavy, we must ensure that the fuselage parts docking smoothly." Fuselage assembly plant "Luoyang youth commando team" members said. In order to successfully complete the annual production tasks, every production line can see the figure of the commando. At the same time to ensure production, uninterrupted digital assembly related theoretical knowledge training, to help more young people to combine theory and practice, and jointly explore the broader field of digital assembly.
"Time is tight and the task is heavy, we must ensure the smooth progress of fuselage large parts docking." Fuselage assembly plant "Luoyang youth commando team" members said. In order to successfully complete the annual production tasks, every production line can see the figure of the commando. At the same time to ensure production, uninterrupted digital assembly related theoretical knowledge training, to help more young people to combine theory and practice, and jointly explore the broader field of digital assembly.
Composite materials factory production speed up, product assembly due to multi-curved surfaces, large curvature characteristics, drilling vertical drilling sleeve can not fit well with the type surface, restricting the assembly efficiency and quality. "Quickly find Luoyang Youth Commando Team!" "It's surely no problem to give it to them." The "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" of the composite materials factory assembled quickly, searched for the source of the problem, boldly attempted three-dimensional scribing, repeatedly measured the subtle feedback the drill, and successfully increased the assembly efficiency by 20%.
"As a commando, it is normal to do more than others." The members of "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" of the Civil Aircraft and Subcontracting Project Department said while walking quickly to the inspection table. In order to ensure that the civil aircraft and subcontracting projects completed on time, the team made a shift plan, always ensure that when there are operators working on the scene, the team must be; when there are complex problems on the scene, the team must be.
In the tooling development project, the main welding frame can be completed according to the node of high quality, the key to the success or failure of the task. frame Fixture Factory "Luoyang Youth Commando" team members took the initiative to volunteer, reasonable scheduling and control of personnel and welding equipment, to ensure that the site equipment 24 hours a day without stopping, on time to complete the site equipment welding columns and beams of the supporting work. At the same time, they carried out laser measurements, adjusted parts, set up tooling and troubleshooting to ensure the smooth delivery of the project.
"If we accumulate strength, we will not fail to win; if we act with wisdom, we will not fail to succeed". AVIC WestJet's "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" keeps in mind the mandate, loyalty and dedication, and practices the original mission of serving the country with practical actions.
The old way can not, then out of a new road
Artificial online inspection is subject to subjective experience, production quality fluctuations. Technology and Information Technology Department "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" deep into the field, constantly collecting, classifying, summarizing the problems that occur in the process of laying. "Our work is the application of digitalization, artificial online detection methods do not work, we will innovate." "Data electronically, feature visualization, defect detection accuracy, real-time demand ------", the birth of each problem means that another difficulty is solved. The team members in one innovation, out of a new road, only two months time to overcome the problem.
The "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" of the Skin Forming Plant adheres to the problem orientation and 0s typical parts to study the forming technology of complex structural parts. With a simulation report, test report "out", the team gradually mastered the part forming method, successfully reducing the risk of rupture, wrinkles in the process of forming parts, and improve production efficiency.
How to improve the efficiency of grinding processing output and quality stability, to ensure the physical and mental health of workers, has become the system parts factory "Luoyang youth commando team" of the new task. "We can use machinery instead of manual grinding." "We also need to realize the automation of the whole process product loading to the end of grinding." Clearly the direction of improvement, the team members from the processing of the whole process of automation, based on the original machine tool, adding vibration chip conveyor, feeding transfer device, design and manufacture of fully automatic grinding device, greatly improving the efficiency of product processing.
"Instead of sitting and discussing, it's better to get up and go." AVIC West Aviation "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" overcome difficulties, determined to innovate, in promoting aviation science and technology self-reliance and self-improvement on the courage to climb.
The heart is in an art, and its art will work!
How to ensure high-quality delivery of the modification project is the wing assembly plant "Luoyang youth commando team" is currently the most concerned about. "Look, the cable here is interfering with the corner piece, it can't be installed!" After discovering the problem, the team members immediately carried out brainstorming with the operators of the lean unit, systematically analyzed the problem and put forward a feasible solution, which was unanimously recognized and adopted after on-site verification time and again.
In order to further improve production efficiency, the CNC machining plant "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" carries out the ARJ21 project all three-dimensional conversion work, check engineering changes, delivery specifications for nearly 400 items of work, peer-to-peer help diffusion suppliers to carry out organizational documentation system training to enhance the ability of three-dimensional modeling literacy, and timely follow-up to ensure that the information does not stop! We will make every effort to improve the supporting speed.
"Dry cable, need two hearts, one is patience, one is careful." This is the general assembly plant "Luoyang youth commando team" captain often hanging on the lips of a sentence. With the continuous optimization of the aircraft design, the wiring harness laying path, the length of the wiring harness is also gradually lean, the fork position of the wiring harness, the length of the wiring harness and so on put forward higher requirements. In order to improve the cable production efficiency and delivery quality, the team members of the temporary change orders, delivery specifications to complete the design drawings together with the work of the length of the cable plate, branching topology, further optimization of the cable drawings, just 14 days, the length of all the cables to complete the topology map.
"Though the road is near, it will not be reached; though the matter is small, it will not be accomplished". AVIC WestJet's "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" is at the forefront, taking on heavy burdens, and acting actively in promoting the high-quality development of the aviation industry.
The first thing you need to do is to change your behavior.
On the tarmac, the test flight station "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" is improving the workflow of power-on test, after fully sorting out the time required for each professional process, the state of the aircraft, personnel skills and the required resources and other data, and proposed a method of multiple lines of each professional process in parallel without mutual interference, which greatly improves the efficiency of aircraft testing and delivery work. .
"The problem of this aircraft has been solved, but we still need to pay close attention to the measurement data of subsequent batches in order to eliminate such problems completely." "Right, our technical documents and data need to be synchronized and updated." As soon as they said they would do it, the members of "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" from the Manufacturing Engineering Department immediately analyzed the measurement data of each aircraft, cooperated with the design department to optimize the parameters, and solidified the innovation results, which solved the problem from the source.
In order to achieve the goal of supply chain cost reduction, the "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" of the Purchasing Management Department carefully sorted out and analyzed the characteristics of various materials to determine different cost reduction strategies, and synchronized with the coordination of various units, and ultimately successfully completed the task of cost reduction. "Cost reduction is not just a price fight with suppliers, but a multi-disciplinary, whole-chain cost reduction." "The realization of cost reduction across the chain is conducive to the continuation of the cost reduction model and the solidity of the chain." In the establishment and overthrow of the cost reduction program, the team also better understood the nature of the cost reduction idea.
"Ponce good change and into the creation, wrestling hard research to push the new." AVIC WestJet's "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" is enterprising and pursues excellence, shining youthful light in the process of building a world-class aviation enterprise.
To produce products that satisfy both ourselves and our customers
The double pressure of the production task and quality situation makes the daily process inspection more important. To this end, the Quality Management Department Youth League Committee, Wing Assembly Plant Youth League Committee set up a joint "Luoyang Youth Commando Team", stationed at the scene and the research and production of efficient collaboration, adhere to the violation of "zero tolerance", set up directives to preventive measures to enhance the level of quality control, advance gatekeeper, process Prevention, "we want to 'higher than customer requirements, more stringent than customer standards', to produce their own and customers are satisfied with the product."
Late at night, machine tools buzzing, structural components factory "Luoyang Youth Commando" closely follow the production progress of titanium alloy joints, the surface of the parts to improve the details of the "question-answer-feedback-improvement-optimization" cycle. It is the members of the team night and day, regardless of loss and gain, so that the surface quality of the parts significantly improved.
In the production project of anti-icing test modification parts for aircraft wings, "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" of International Aviation Components Factory optimizes the quality management system, improves the inspection mechanism, drafts the quality risk, puts forward the control requirements, standardizes the quality education and strengthens the role of reminder. The team members, each in their own way, sort out the key points in the manufacturing process, communicate actively with craftsmen to clarify the manufacturing points, and verify one by one from the parts manufacturing to the tooling samples to ensure the accuracy of each part positioning and each hole position, and put into practice the principle that "quality is the life of an aviation man".
"A tree is born from the end of a thread; a nine-story platform is built from the soil". AVIC WestJet's "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" strives for excellence and keeps on practicing, and grows up in the development of aviation industry.
The horn urges the march, the mission is like a mountain, more and more "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" team flag flying in the research and production site, with the fighting spirit to fulfill the leader's mandate, with the power of the example to convey the spirit of struggle, with a full-blooded interpretation of youthful vitality, in the aviation power of the country's new journey to continue the glory of victory.
We are all letter recipients
On the occasion of the first anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping's letter to the members of Shenfei's "Luoyang Youth Commando Team", the members of AVIC Xifei's "Luoyang Youth Commando Team" talked about their experiences and feelings over the past year based on their post duties and mission commitment.
Zhang Jiaqi, Airframe Assembly Plant
In this year, as a member of Luoyang Youth Commando Team of Fuselage Assembly Plant, I have based myself on my position, studied hard, cultivated digital assembly technology, fulfilled my promise with youthful mission and action, and strived to move forward on the road of promoting the high-quality development of aviation equipment.
Wing Assembly Plant Xing Yu
This year, the Wing Assembly Plant Luo Yang Youth Commando Team studied the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important reply letter in depth, followed the example of Comrade Luo Yang, dared to work hard and be pioneers, and continued to plough into the "double leap" of technological innovation and production capacity enhancement, casting the great national weapon with youthful blood and sweat, and blossoming youthful radiance in the company's high-quality development.
International Aeronautical Components Factory Jiang Bi-Win
This year, I have been focusing on technical improvement and technological innovation, actively studying the case of lean improvement in the production site, and practicing the ideal pursuit of aviation youth with practical actions.
Li Mengyue, System Parts Factory
This year, I remembered the earnest wishes of General Secretary Xi Jinping, followed the example of Comrade Luo Yang, rooted in the first line of aviation equipment research and development, and struggled and dedicated myself in the urgent and dangerous tasks. At the same time, I actively participate in skill competitions at all levels, and contribute my youthful strength to the construction of a strong aviation country in the new era by studying hard, practicing hard and seeking breakthroughs through innovation.
Zhang Zhixin, Structural Parts Factory
This year, I was honored to join the Communist Party of China, which is also a new starting point in my life. I will be guided by the "five and one knowledge" character traits of aviation youth in the new era, and while striving to be the vanguard, I will unite and drive more young people to join hands to strive for excellence, climb the peaks of skills, and strive for perfection, to create better results and strive for greater glory.
Lu Wenxuan, Sheet metal Component Factory
I want to be rooted in the front line, seriously do every job, deal with every detail, solid foundation, realistic and innovative, in the company's scientific research and production tasks to bear the heavy burden of the front, striving to be ideal, dare to take responsibility for the hard work, willing to struggle for the new era of aviation good young people.
Composite materials factory Shi Haosen
I deeply understand the rich connotation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important letter, as a front-line operators, I take the initiative to bear in the work, innovation, and actively deal with the difficulties and challenges in the production process, the successful completion of the work, with the love of aviation and the firm belief in their own dreams and work hard. loitering munitions
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