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AVIC: Stand against the wind and walk on the snow


introduce: China Aviation News: Aviation contributes to the country and strengthens the country, on every inch of the frozen and snowy land that the aviation people have stepped on, in the back of the aviation people saying goodbye to their families, and in th

China Aviation News: Aviation contributes to the country and strengthens the country, on every inch of the frozen and snowy land that the aviation people have stepped on, in the back of the aviation people saying goodbye to their families, and in the hard work far away from the mountains and seas. In the snow, the strings of footprints left behind are solid and powerful.
The ray of light in the cold winter
In the middle of winter, at 10:00 p.m., the night flight had just ended, the chilly wind was blowing, the roar of the engine test was still going on, and the hangar was still brightly lit. "Come on!" The member of the Luoyang Youth Commando Team of the Paint Brigade of the Aviation Industry Shenfei Test Pilot Station, who had been busy for a day, looked at the "big guy" who was slowly advancing into the aircraft seat and cheered up again. In order to gain enough time for the post-commissioning work, recent efforts have been made to shorten the construction period for the whole aircraft painting tasks of many sorties. According to the arrangement, only by completing the painting task of the previous day before 10 o'clock in the morning of the next day can the smooth progress of the next day's painting work be ensured. Such inversion of black and white, continuous work intensity is undoubtedly a severe challenge for the commandos. In the harsh grinding sound, in the dusty working environment, the cold wind is blowing, and it hurts like a knife when it blows to the face. The commandos hurriedly put on the airtight spray paint protective clothing, put on the protective masks, walked quickly to their stations, and took on the most laborious and difficult tasks in the paint spraying work. (Liu Lin)Military Drone Swarm
stand by the hawk
In the early morning, Dai Pengzhi and his colleagues from the No. 1 Squadron of the Aviation Industry Jihang Test Flight Station came to the test station early. After they arrived at their posts, they performed their duties: the mechanics carefully checked whether the appearance of the aircraft, the engine, and fuel were in compliance with the specified requirements. The ad hoc divisions meticulously checked whether the power-on data indicators of the Warhawk were normal and correct; the ordnance engineers carefully checked whether the various ammunition insurances were safe and reliable. Although we are all from the Northeast, we still feel the bone-chilling chill at minus 25°C in Jilin. There is no shelter in the huge airport. They wear cotton jackets, cotton trousers, cotton hats, and big-toed shoes. This is the "warm package" for the test pilots. They are not afraid of severe cold and hardship, and have been waiting by the warhawk until the test pilot boards the warhawk, drives into the runway, accelerates into the air, and goes straight to the sky. (Wei Tianqiang)Anti Drone Defense System
soaring into the snow
In the cold field at minus 36 degrees Celsius, two test planes of the Aviation Industry Test Flight Center are ready to take off.
The high-cold flight test has strict requirements on the temperature. In order to seize the best low temperature conditions of the day, the test flight team set off at 6:00 in the morning. The sun was still out, and the gray road leading to the airport stretched from the snow to the gray sky. It was still dark after arriving at the airport, so everyone cheered up and immediately started the preparations before the test flight. In the extremely cold environment, the maintenance crew unfastened the cover of the fuselage, pushed the aircraft into the designated position, completed refueling and a series of pre-flight inspections. The hot air exhaled by everyone condensed into frost between the eyebrows, looking like old people with gray eyebrows. The test pilots and subject personnel are conducting the final communication and confirmation of the flight mission, and conduct final plan discussions on various emergency situations that may arise during the flight; the subject and test personnel track the test conditions and test machine status in real time; the field staff conduct site support And vehicle preparation, selec weather information; on-site organization personnel are also racing against time to coordinate various emergencies that may arise.
With the full coordination of all parties, the pre-test preparations were carried out in an orderly and efficient manner. At 10:10, the first test plane took off, and at 10:13, the second test plane also roared into the air. (Lu Boxuan, Wang Kai)
Persistence of the ice city
The ice city in the northern country not only has the romance of ice and snow, but also the unremitting persistence of the rotormen.
In order to guarantee the follow-up and production tasks of a certain type of rotor, Zhang Yongqiang from the Flight Control Department of the Aviation Industry Automatic Control Institute has been in Hafei for seven months. In 2022, he will work almost all year round.
While upgrading the flight control and servo software, while cooperating with the electromagnetic compatibility test of the whole aircraft, and also taking into account the joint test of the system, Zhang Yongqiang played multiple roles by himself, achieving the goal of "where there is a need and where there is a difficulty, the rotorman is there". oath. In order to save the time of going back and forth every day, he and his Hafei colleagues took the factory as their home and lived a military life of "playing the floor". In the hangar at minus 20 degrees Celsius, I often took off my gloves to operate the equipment, tapped the keyboard stiffly using the "One Finger Zen", frequently wiped the fog on the glasses, and stomped from time to time. Stamp your feet to make sure your body doesn't freeze.
If the cold is just a test of will, the unexpected new coronavirus made him go through a "high and low temperature test". Soon after the fever subsided, he continued to embark on the "Ice and Snow Protection Road". In the winter, the multi-state test flight of the model was successful, and good news spread frequently. His thin but firm figure was left in the snow. (Zhao Xinkai)
Machine tuning trip in extremely cold place
Jiagedaqi, a little-known small northern city, is known for its long winter. The opening of the Spring Festival Gala and the early winter are the characteristics of the city of Jiagedaqi. In November, the lowest temperature in Jiagedaqi was minus 15 degrees Celsius. This is already the temperature of winter in many cities, but it is one of the few warm moments here.
Now, the Chinese Flying Dragon B-7807 crew, which has completed its mission in 2022, will also leave for the warm southern region to continue its winter aviation forest protection mission. In the bitter northwest wind, the crew still did the pre-flight inspection as usual, and took another photo with the snowy weather. (Tian Yu)

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