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AVIC: Stable and improving! Achieving "double half" with high quality


introduce: New era brings new missionNew goals call for new actionsAll units of China Aviation Industry CorporationAnchor the annual goals and tasks and do not relaxEnsure the realization of "double half" of time and tasks China Aviation Researc

New era brings new mission
New goals call for new actions
All units of China Aviation Industry Corporation
Anchor the annual goals and tasks and do not relax
Ensure the realization of "double half" of time and tasks
China Aviation Research Institute successfully completed all major scientific research tasks in the first half of the year and successfully achieved "double half". "Qingyun Project" achieved the delivery and use of Building A1, and demonstrated the construction of a collaborative innovation center with many advantageous units of China Aviation Industry Corporation to accelerate the creation of a talent center and innovation highland in Beijing. In the second half of the year, the Aviation Research Institute will continue to focus on its primary responsibility, main responsibility and main business, ensure the full completion of various annual work tasks, and contribute to the formation of new quality productivity and high-quality development of the group company.
AVIC Assets has undertaken the reform and development tasks of China Aviation Industry Corporation, such as urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks, and promoted the development of strategic emerging industries and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The revenue share of new industries such as unmanned systems has further increased; it has created new quality "equipment" for asset management and operation, deepened the construction of "digital and intelligent assets", and played the role of asset rating center, technology transformation empowerment center, and value innovation center; it has deepened the "double integration and promotion" of party building and business, and completed 51.4% of the annual target, successfully achieving "double half".
AVIC International achieved stable growth in total profit in the first half of the year, and the profit of recurring business increased significantly year-on-year; continued to promote the transformation of supply chain integrated services, firmly fulfilled the primary responsibility of supply guarantee; actively promoted the development of civil aircraft business, won the bid for the second assembly line project of Airbus A320 series aircraft, and all tasks of large aircraft projects progressed smoothly; strategic emerging industries continued to develop, key projects progressed smoothly, and the 8.6th generation new display panel production line and Micro LED production line of display business achieved product lighting; continued to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, R&D investment continued to grow year-on-year, and continuously promoted product and technological innovation, and won 2 national science and technology awards in 2023.
AVIC Automotive focuses on nine major tasks and goals, firmly serves the aviation main business, and continues to cultivate specialized and new enterprises around special professions. Optimize and improve the industrial layout, enhance technological innovation and lean operation capabilities, use advanced management tools such as VSM and CBA, accelerate the promotion of digital manufacturing capabilities, and achieve the goal of "double half".
AVIC General Aviation South China implements the spirit of the annual work meeting of the AG600 model, benchmarks the annual "1236" tasks, decomposes the target plan layer by layer, and coordinates and promotes various tasks. The annual MOC4 laboratory test and MOC9 equipment identification test have been basically completed; the fatigue test machine (9009 aircraft) has completed final assembly and was signed and delivered to the Aviation Industry Strength Institute; all planned rescue mode verification subjects and contents were completed as planned, and the water rescue mode verification task was completed ahead of schedule; for the domestic market, marketing visits were organized to multiple key provinces for fire prevention and firefighting, and active efforts were made to assist local governments in completing the project application for procurement planning; actively expand foreign markets, participate in multiple exhibition promotion theme activities, further expand the scope of publicity, and lay the foundation for obtaining foreign orders.
The Aviation Industry Strength Institute has made orderly progress in all aspects of its work, and achieved remarkable results in high-quality development. The strength tests of models such as AG600 are running efficiently, and 7 types of vibration reduction products have completed PDR review work; key scientific research projects are steadily advancing, the construction of innovation platforms has achieved practical results, and the application and promotion of independent software SABRE has achieved new breakthroughs; capacity building work is carried out in parallel, and multiple modern laboratories have been built and delivered, achieving "double half" as scheduled.Synthetic Aperture Radar
Aviation Industry Braking focuses on its primary responsibility, main responsibility and main business, and runs at an "accelerated" pace on the track of high-quality development. All staff on the front line of scientific research adhere to the concept of forward design, innovate R&D methods, improve R&D efficiency, and strive to build an agile and efficient R&D team with braking characteristics. Re-deploy, re-mobilize, and re-sprint for new product development, contract performance, and special tasks. The production front line efficiently connects with planned tasks such as batch production and new products, overcomes urgent, difficult, and dangerous tasks, continuously improves work quality and efficiency, and solidly promotes product delivery. All cadres and employees are committed to the "summer" to ensure the realization of "double half".
Aviation Industry Tianfei focuses on key areas and key tasks such as new aircraft batch repair, safe production, and product quality, scientifically and reasonably arranges production tasks, and exceeds the main economic indicators. The aircraft test flight delivery and factory inspection and acceptance by user representatives have achieved "double half" of the total annual tasks. All manufacturing tasks were completed on schedule, achieving a phased victory of "half of the time and half of the tasks", laying a solid foundation for completing the annual tasks.
The product delivery of various projects of Aviation Industry Shenyang Aircraft Corporation fully meets customer needs. Products of projects such as C919, ARJ21, A220, and B777 have been shipped one after another, successfully completing the delivery tasks in the first half of the year. Since the beginning of this year, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation has focused on building new quality productivity, promoting the high-quality development of the civil aircraft industry, and continuously building core capabilities such as "R&D design, assembly integration, supply chain management, and project management". It has accelerated the construction of the "six major projects", carried out digital transformation, and "customer satisfaction improvement and supply chain risk control" special work, focusing on customer value creation, and comprehensively improving the ability to fulfill contracts and deliver.
Aviation Industry Xi'an Aircraft Corporation's many key tasks have entered the critical stage, and it is fully promoting the development and production of various models. In mid-June, the HH-100 commercial unmanned transport system verification aircraft independently developed by Xi'an Aircraft Corporation successfully made its maiden flight at Xi'an Lantian General Airport, and entered the scientific research test flight stage from the ground test stage. The scientific research and production tasks of the "Xinzhou" series aircraft and other models have been steadily advanced as planned, and the "double half" has been successfully achieved.
The Aviation Industry Computing Institute has continued to make efforts in scientific and technological innovation, quality improvement, market development, production delivery, after-sales service, and field reform. With contract performance as the driving force, it has strengthened business plan management, warned of risk issues in advance, and continuously improved business quality and efficiency; vigorously promoted penetrating full performance management, cadre and employee training empowerment, all-staff cost reduction and efficiency improvement actions, product design "look back", party building and scientific research production and operation "double integration and double promotion" and other work, and successfully achieved "double half".
Aviation Industry Qing'an focused on the goal of "half-year task completed in half a year", established a special commando team for party members and a Luoyang Youth Commando, played the role of the master studio, and led all employees to participate in the production task. While consolidating the existing market, it fully explored and expanded new fields and new markets, and took labor competitions, multi-skilled worker training, lean production and other measures as the starting point, with projects as the driving force, and customer needs as the node to complete the "double half" goal.
Careful planning, quality improvement and upgrading
The pace of struggle never stops
Aviation people work hard and strive
To launch a strong impact towards the goal of "full house" throughout the year

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