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AVIC Optoelectronics produced a Cui Gaoyou: the first prize project turned around


introduce: For Cui Gaoyou, an industrial engineer of the first manufacturing department of AVIC Optoelectronics, 2022 will be a year of continuous exploration, continuous transcendence, continuous efforts and continuous advancement. This year's report wri

For Cui Gaoyou, an industrial engineer of the first manufacturing department of AVIC Optoelectronics, 2022 will be a year of continuous exploration, continuous transcendence, continuous efforts and continuous advancement. This year's report writing, business trips, and reviews are his key words. "I hope that the key projects in charge will pass the review and achieve good results." At the beginning of 2022, he set himself the first New Year's goal.sounding rocket
Have the courage to explore, face up to difficulties and take on the mission
February 3, 2022, the third day of the Lunar New Year, is the starting point of the new year. For Cui Gaoyou, an industrial engineer of the department, it is also the starting point for his preparation of the group company project. This is the second year he chose to stay in Luo for the Chinese New Year. When everyone else was immersed in the festive atmosphere of thousands of lights, he started the preparations for the group company's 14th management innovation achievement declaration. The lights in the room are particularly bright. "Construction and application of digital intelligent production management system for aviation electrical connectors", he sat in front of the computer, wrote this sentence seriously, and fell into deep thought...
As an industrial engineer of the department, he is more in contact with production process optimization, production line lean improvement, information construction and other work. Suddenly facing the group company project, Cui Gaoyou seemed a little at a loss. But he knows that the task is the order, and the time is everything, and there is no room for any lingering. With the in-depth advancement of the project, he realized that the existing knowledge reserve and thinking logic could no longer meet the requirements of the project. In order to explore the optimal result structure and thinking direction, he read the project materials over the years and immersed himself in various outstanding projects. The achievement case, after repeated demonstrations and considerations, finally determined the achievement structure with the workshop production process as the main line.
After determining the writing idea, it seems that the door to a new world has been opened, and everything becomes clear. You have to strike while the iron is hot. After a week of hard work, I finally finished the first draft. "This is really like reading ten thousand volumes, and writing like a god." Looking at the first draft of more than 20,000 words in front of him, he laughed at himself. For him now, this vacation is like climbing a mountain he has never met before. Under the yellowish writing lamp, he breathed a sigh of relief and closed his laptop.
On the first day of work after the Spring Festival, the team members sat around the conference room to review projects, and the meeting lasted until the end of get off work in the afternoon. For the next month, Cui Gaoyou was busy in the office every night.
Dare to return to zero, keep the integrity and innovate and start again
At the beginning of March, the project conducted an internal preliminary evaluation, and the project results that had been worked hard for a month were completely overturned. At this time, he realized that this is a protracted battle and a tough battle. It is not terrible that the project is overthrown, what is terrible is that the problem cannot be recognized. After this initial evaluation, he decided not to rush to start, but to think fully, to make a comprehensive layout with a brand-new idea, to jump out of the production process of the assembly workshop, and to integrate the market from the perspective of the main production value chain of the whole company. end, manufacturing end and procurement end, build an end-to-end main production value chain production system driven by digitization and intelligence. With this idea in mind, I embarked on the journey of the project again.
"We have systematic process management at the market, manufacturing, and procurement ends, as if a platform supports the construction of the production system."
"Then we will refine each 'end' to form a 'platform'."
"It can be combined with a technology platform and a talent cultivation mechanism."
"Yes, yes, so four platforms and one mechanism have been formed. Let's call it 'four platforms and one mechanism' for short."
After countless review meetings, the core of "four platforms and one mechanism" was determined. In mid-April, after the completion of the second edition of the results report, the review of the South Central Area began.
Firm goal, keep the clouds open and see the moonlight
"It's not the end yet, and the current results are all temporary." Cui Gaoyou said calmly after the results of the evaluation in the Central South area came out.
The results do not represent the final success of the project, but the first prize in the evaluation results of the Central South Area gave them great encouragement. After three months of repeated polishing, in mid-July, he went to Harbin with the final results of the project. The day before the release of the results, as the project leader, he was still considering every word in the release materials to ensure that the results were absolutely correct. Although this is the basic work of the project results, it represents the attitude of the project team. When talking about the feeling after the release of the results, he said: "At that moment, I felt that the air in Harbin was extraordinarily fresh..."
During the long journey of exploration, he harvested the brilliant light after the night. Looking carefully at the certificate in front of him, the "Aviation Industry Management Innovation Achievement First Prize" stands out. "Everything lost will come back in another way." He closed the certificate, put it in the drawer, turned around and started a new job...

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