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A Summary of the Work of Hongdu Trade union in Aviation Industry


introduce: China Aviation News: Under the leadership of the superior trade union and the Hongdu Party Committee of the aviation industry, the Hongdu trade union has always adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Charac

China Aviation News: Under the leadership of the superior trade unio and the Hongdu Party Committee of the aviation industry, the Hongdu trade unio has always adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and thoroughly implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on the work of the working class and trade unios , adhere to the work direction of centering on the center, serving the overall situation, and serving the employees, conscientiously perform the basic functions of the labor unio, resolutely promote the implementation of the production reform work, and unite and mobilize the majority of employees to make contributions in deepening the reform and development of the enterprise, and contribute to the high-quality leap-forward development of the enterprise. strength.
Raising the flag and shaping the soul
The ideological and theoretical armed forces have been continuously strengthened. Hongdu Trade unio insists on arming workers with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, focusing on the important ideas, important viewpoints, major judgments, and major measures put forward at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 19th Plenary Sessions. We will publicize and implement the Party’s innovative theories to the employees by means of essay writing and other methods, so that the Party’s innovative theories will continue to enter the employees’ minds and hearts; solidly carry out the study and education of the party’s history, integrate the history of the labor movement into the study and education of the “Four Histories”, and introduce General Secretary Xi Jinping’s views on the working class and the The important discussion of trade unio work is an important part of the training courses for trade unio chairmen and various special topics, and the theoretical level of trade unio cadres has been continuously improved.
The theme education practice is solid and effective. Combined with the work of the enterprise center, the Hongdu trade unio organized and carried out themed practical activities such as "Dedication, Love, Dare to Take Responsibility, Innovation Beyond Dedication"; Political education and red traditional education have further consolidated the mass foundation of "unswervingly obeying the party's words and unswervingly following the party".
Research and publicity content is close to employees. Hongdu labor unio has carried out theoretical research on labor movement. Carry out research on topics such as "going down to the grassroots, grounding, and changing work style", go deep into the front line, listen to the demands of employees, and coordinate and solve problems such as commuter vehicles in the aviation city park. Inherit the "Hongdu Spirit", do a good job in cultural publicity, tell the story of Hongdu, and publish more than 300 publicity reports in various media such as "Workers Daily", "China Aviation News" and so on.
Focus on the main responsibility, serve the main business, effectively condense the high-quality leap-forward development of the enterprise
Labor competitions are widely carried out. With the theme of "Being a Good Master and Contributing to a New Era", the Hongdu Trade unio focused on the shortcomings and bottlenecks of key scientific research and production projects of the enterprise, and extensively and deeply carried out "Practice New Concepts, Contribute to the 13th Five-Year Plan" and "Contribute to the 14th Five-Year Plan" ', Forge a New Journey" and other competitions and inter-factory joint research, so that "where there is a need, the flag of the commando will be planted where." In the past five years, the Hongdu Trade unio has organized and completed 363 research projects, involving 142,000 employees; collected 53,588 rationalization proposals, created an economic value of 71.3305 million yuan, and truly achieved the promotion of production and efficiency through competition.
Production reform has achieved initial results. The Hongdu trade unio systematically plans to promote the production reform, and forms a good working mechanism of "leadership by the party committee, led by the trade unio, coordinated cooperation of all units, and participation of all employees". Hongdu Trade unio held the first vocational skills games, 84 skills competitions including welder and fitter skills post training competitions, with a total of 3,936 participants; actively participated in and hosted the Jiangxi Province "Tiangong Cup" employee vocational skills competition, and 137 employees advanced to 6 major projects In the finals, 4 projects took the top three places; Xiong Cenhui and other large-country craftsmen and skilled craftsmen who have achieved good results in national, provincial and ministerial vocational skills competitions have been cultivated.
Advanced models are emerging one after another. Hongdu labor unio vigorously promotes the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, and creates a strong atmosphere of glorious labor, valuable skills, and great creation. The pursuit of learning from model workers and striving to be model workers has become the consensus of Hongdu people. In the past 5 years, Hongdu has won 55 national-level honors such as the National Model Worker and the National Demonstration Unit for Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs, and 125 provincial and ministerial honors such as the Model Worker of Central Enterprises and the May 1st Labor Award of Jiangxi Province. There are 100 model workers in Dudu and 48 advanced units in Hongdu Company.
Helping, caring, and loving employees, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees
Condolences and help convey warmth. Hongdu labor unio focuses on the activity of "unio into ten thousand families", and strengthens the Four Seasons brand of "condolences in spring, cool in summer, students in autumn, and warmth in winter"; participate in social welfare undertakings such as "charity one day donation" , to convey the love and warmth of Hongdu to the society.
The service system has been continuously improved. Hongdu labor unio adhered to the orientation of serving the needs of employees, and carried out themed activities such as "I do practical things for the masses", focusing on coordinating and solving a series of urgent and anxious problems of the masses, such as the enrolment and custody of more than 600 employees' children; around the relocation of enterprises, Nanchang Airlines was established in advance City service station to provide emergency services and assistance to employees who settle in first; in the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the unio funds are used to purchase protective equipment; Video connection activities; held the 2022 meeting of the trade unio to maintain political security in the field of labor, and signed a letter of responsibility.
The rights and interests of women workers are guaranteed. The Hongdu Trade unio actively carried out the Women's Workers' Rights Protection Action Month and the Law Popularization Competition; carried out various activities such as creative western pastries and flower arrangements for women's workers, showing the style and style of the women's workers; built 4 "Love Mommy Cabins"; Set off a wave of female employees "competing technology, comparing business". In the past 5 years, Hongdu female employees have won 6 national honors including the National May 1st Labor Medal, 26 provincial and ministerial honors such as the May 1st Women's Model Post in Jiangxi Province, and 4 municipal honors including the March 8th Red Flag Collective in Nanchang City. , a total of 18 female employees won the title of model worker of Hongdu Company. As the work contact point of the All-China Women's Workers Department, the work of Hongdu women's workers has been highly affirmed by the All-China Women's Workers' Department.
Democratic management is progressing in an orderly manner. The Hongdu Trade unio has always adhered to the democratic management in the form of the workers' congress. All major matters involving the interests of workers and the reform and development of the enterprise have been reviewed by the workers' representative conference. The role of workers in democratic management has been effectively brought into play, and the rights and interests of workers have been effectively protected. In the past five years, 30 workers' congresses have been held, and 69 proposals related to the vital interests of employees, such as the "Hongdu Company Holiday Management Regulations", have been reviewed. Promoted the proposal work of the workers' congress, revised the "Administrative Measures for the Proposals of Employee Representatives of Hongdu Company", and collected 170 proposals, of which more than 50 proposals were listed as key proposals for implementation. The employees' awareness of participating in democratic management has been continuously enhanced, and the level of democratic management construction has continued to improve. Hongdu Trade unio teamed up twice to participate in the Jiangxi Provincial Federation of Trade unios Collective Negotiation Competition, and won the first and second place respectively.
Cultural education highlights many highlights and effectively meet the new needs and expectations of employees
Cultural and sports events strengthen the physique of employees. Hongdu labor unio carried out activities such as "chasing dreams and achieving leapfrog" Spring Festival fitness group exhibition run, Hongdu employees showed the spirit of "innovative collaboration, passion and transcendence"; held the 12th employee sports meeting of Hongdu company and other employee sports In the event, it hosted the first "Falcon Cup" employee men's basketball game of the aviation industry, and won the championship.
Cultural activities enrich the life of employees. Hongdu labor unio seized important historical nodes and held 10 large-scale themed theatrical galas to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China; organized Haiyan Art Troupe to perform 15 condolence performances to production, field front-line and customers; selected "Moving Hongdu" for 5 consecutive years Characters and teams, the touching deeds of 32 individuals "moving Hongdu" and 16 teams "moving Hongdu" were discovered and excavated, effectively spreading the positive energy of Hongdu.
The Federation of Literary and Art Circles prospered the culture of workers. The Hongdu Trade unio takes the Artists Association, the Calligraphers Association and a series of employee associations as the starting point, gives full play to the role of the backbone of literature and art, insists on "acting and acting by oneself", and organizes the creation of cultural boutiques that show the positive energy of Hongdu employees' work and life. The poem "Persuading Mother" won the first prize in the All-China Federation of Trade unios "Scholarly 38" reading achievement exhibition, "Flying Paintbrush" won the gold medal in the aviation industry employee dance competition, and 13 works including "Rainbow in the Heart" won the aviation industry. The first, second and third prizes in the Industrial Workers Art Competition, the recitation of "This Day" and the original song "Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom" won the first prize in the Jiangxi Federation of Trade unios' staff cultural activities, and the staff cultural atmosphere is even stronger.anti drone laser system
Strengthening the foundation and consolidating the foundation, quenching internal skills, effectively improving the vitality and combat effectiveness of trade unio organizations
Staff home empowerment upgrade. On the basis of the "Three Family Construction" brand, Hongdu Trade unio focuses on the five dimensions of "body, mind, culture, sports, and family", upgrades and empowers and promotes the creation of the "Happiness Station" demonstration unit, the field is constantly expanding, and the connotation is constantly enriched. In terms of promoting the construction of "worker's small family", the overall organization and continuous incentives have achieved full coverage of "worker's small family", setting up a new stage for employees to learn, communicate and work. The most beautiful home for workers".
The basic work should be firmly done. The Hongdu Trade unio effectively promoted the system construction, participated in the drafting of the “3511” trade unio work system of the aviation industry, and completed the compilation and revision of the “Administrative Measures for the Selection and Commendation of Hongdu Company’s Advanced Units (Trial)” and “Administrative Measures for the “Star Rating” evaluation Work of the Trade unio of Hongdu Company” and other systems to form a "1+N" system. Participated in the first-class improvement action of Hongdu's benchmarking, completed the benchmarking project one year ahead of schedule, and promoted the improvement of the management level of the trade unio.
The organization is solid and effective. The Hongdu Trade unio has scientifically built a trade unio organization system, further improved the matching of people and positions, and broadened the way to selec froand train trade unio cadres. In the past five years, 24 young cadres with both political integrity and ability have been selected, and they have been enriched into the team of trade unio cadres, and 16 trade unio cadres have been sent to important positions in the front line of scientific research and production. Adhere to internal and external training, actively participate in the training of cadres of Jiangxi Provincial Federation of Trade unios and aviation industry trade unios, and incorporate the training of trade unio cadres, female worker cadres, labor protection knowledge training and team leader training into the annual first-level training plan of the enterprise, and a total of 22 trainings have been carried out. Sessions, 1540 people.drone with bombs
Team building continued to improve. Hongdu Trade unio carried out the construction of "six good" teams, and selected 1 "Gold Medal" team and 16 "Silver Medal" teams. The team quality competition activity of "promoting learning through competition and improving quality through learning" was launched to continuously strengthen employees' awareness of quality, standards and awe. 28 teams including the welding inspection team of the inspection center and the engine team of the 650 Power Design and Research Department were awarded the honors of the national and Jiangxi Province quality trustworthy teams.
The "14th Five-Year Plan" period and the next five years are an important period for my country to start a new journey of building a socialist modernized country in an all-round way, and it is also a critical period for Hongdu to open a new chapter of high-quality leap-forward development. Standing at a new historical starting point, the Hongdu Trade unio will hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, unswervingly follow the development path of socialist trade unios with Chinese characteristics, and unite and mobilize the majority of employees to innovate, take responsibility, and work hard. Perseverance, strive to write a new chapter of high-quality leap-forward development of Hongdu, and welcome the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress with excellent results.

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