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5G Enabled Network UAV New Application Competition for Intelligent Appearance at the World Mobile Co


introduce:Shenzhen Saiwei Intelligent Co., Ltd.The gradual penetration of 5G technology in the industry will promote the deep integration of industrial UAVs in agriculture, patrol, emergency, security, logistics and other scenarios. UAV flight operations will be fu

Shenzhen Saiwei Intelligent Co., Ltd.
The gradual penetration of 5G technology in the industry will promote the deep integration of industrial UAVs in agriculture, patrol, emergency, security, logistics and other scenarios. UAV flight operations will be full-time, intelligent and autonomous. Dr. Chen Pingping, Vice President of the Institute of Intelligent Artificial Intelligence, said at the World Mobile Congress in 2019.
From June 26 to 28, the 2019 World Mobile Congress (MWC19) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of "Wisdom Alliance of All Things", more than 500 operators, hardware equipment manufacturers and industry technology companies around the world demonstrated the latest achievements and application scenarios of 5G technology to the audience.
_Shenzhen Saiwei Intelligence Co., Ltd. with the newly developed industrial-grade UAV Saiying Eagle SY14KT tethered rotor UAV appeared at the conference, attracting the attention of mobile, Unicom, telecommunications, Softbank and other domestic and foreign operators, as well as Huawei, ZTE, Qualcomm and other well-known enterprises.
With the formal issuance of 5G commercial licenses, major domestic operators will enter the stage of large-scale infrastructure network construction one after another, and 5G applications will undoubtedly be better promoted. The advantages of 5G in ultra-high bandwidth, millisecond delay, ultra-high density links, and the deep integration of 5G with industrial UAV will effectively solve the problems existing in the era of 4G and bring 10 times business opportunities to the industry.
With the support of 5G technology, 5G + UAV will be subdivided into more application scenarios. A large number of subversive UAV applications release new momentum, driving the industry to achieve positive expansion and upgrading.
According to Erie Consulting, the total domestic UAV market will reach 75 billion by 2025, of which 20 billion will be applied in agriculture and forestry, 15 billion in security market and 5 billion in power inspection. Industrial UAVs for industry applications will still firmly occupy more than half of the industry's market share.
_Chen Pingping introduced that Saiying SY14KT moored UAV is a high-altitude information platform designed for base station application of high-altitude UAV. This industrial UAV product can carry 15kg CPE communication equipment of 5G communication base station at an altitude of 200 meters to realize all-weather operation. It is suitable for public communication and wireless communication guarantee in emergency situations. At present, as a proposal unit of international standard for moored rotorcraft UAV, Saiwei Intelligence has three types of products in the field of moored UAV: Saiying SY4000T, SY8KT and SY14KT, which cover communication relay, emergency rescue, anti-terrorism surveillance, security monitoring, forest fire prevention, traffic supervision, air monitoring and film and television shooting. Application field.
5G Urban Tridimensional Patrol of Saiwei Intelligent Saiying Hawk UAV
At the same time, aiming at the field of 5G City three-dimensional patrol and remote unmanned patrol, Saiying SY135HR multi-rotor UAV, which is developed by Saiying Intelligently and independently, has carried 5G CPE equipment for many times to carry out city three-dimensional patrol in Hefei, Anhui Province. This fully explains the new response of "5G+intelligent law enforcement terminal+high-definition video real-time transmission+AI intelligent identification". Use scenarios.
"Not only is it flexible, compatible and stable, but also it can be customized according to the needs of customers."
_In June this year, Saiwei, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intelligent, signed the first 5G mobile communication technology and UAV integration application project in Anhui Province with China Mobile Hefei Branch. Both sides focused on 5G basic communication capability, networked UAV, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, cloud-end robots, virtual/enhanced reality. Deep business cooperation in real, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data areas.
With the deep enabling of 5G technology, Saiwei Intelligence will rely on the three research institutes of AI, Big Data and Intelligent City Research Institute to develop and innovate, and actively promote the key breakthroughs of automatic obstacle avoidance, autonomous flight and cluster operation technology.
The deep integration of 5G and UAV will accelerate the widespread popularization of civil UAV, and then subvert the existing industrial applications in the fields of agricultural plant protection, patrol operation, communication relay, emergency rescue and so on. 5G will be a new engine for all-round application and take-off of industrial UAVs, "Chen Pingping said.

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