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User Guide

1 Member Rights

Enterprise members can release products, corporate news and exhibition trailers. Corporate news requires relevant, original content.

2 RegistrationLogin and password

2.1 Registration

2.2 Login

2.3 Password


3 Information management

IncludingProduct management (releasing products, revising products, deleting products), news management (publishing news, revising news, deleting news), exhibition management (announcing the exhibition)


3.1 Improve enterprise information


Only enterprises with complete information can release information.

Login to the background and follow the instructions:


3.2 Information Release managementLogin to the background and follow the instructions


3.3 Individual stores management

IncludingStores setting, template setting, company single page, honorary qualification, blogroll



3.4 Membership service

IncludingInternal mail, mail subscriptioninformation modification, etc



4 Website service

4.1 Website advertisingPlease contact the website customer service

4.2 VIP memberPlease contact the website customer service


5.1 Registration Problem: The general problem is that our customer cannot receive the verification code the verification code may be delayed due to different regions. If it does not, please change another  mailbox and try again.

5.2 The operation of information management in the business center may be malfunction due to the browser, please change the browser or contact customer service.


6 Website customer service

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