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wireless 433mhz 500mw radio modem
  • wireless 433mhz 500mw radio modem

wireless 433mhz 500mw radio modem


$ negotiable

Min. Order: 6 Pieces
Supply Ability: 50000 Pieces/Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Product Description

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
HAC-LM Series
500mw (100mw~1w customized)
Working Frequency:
Baud Rate:
1200bps~38400bps (Set before delivery )
Receiving sensitivity:
-116dBm~-123dBm (-118dBm@9600bps)
Transmission Distance:
4500m@1200bps; 2000m@9600bps
Power supply:
Transmit current:<400mA Receive current: <50mA Sleep current: <5uA
Working humidity:
10%~90% relative humidity without condensation
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
Standard package for exporting
Delivery Detail:
Product Description

The series of wireless transmitter has passed customers' 10years inspection. The wireless transmitter is reliable for long term working. It's widely used in railway, oilfield, industry, military field. The wireless transmitter is ISM frequnecy band, the working frequency is 433MHz(868MHz/915MHz available as another type HAC-LN) .

Features of HAC-LM Series

Ultra low power transmission

Ultra low power transmission with 500mw, 10mw~5w is available as another type HAC-UM/HAC-HM if needed.

ISM frequency band with no require of applying frequency

The factory default carrier frequency is 433MHz. (868/915MHz available as another type LN)

High anti-interference and Low BER

based on the GFSK modulation, the high-efficiency forward error correction channel encoding technology is used to enhance data’s resistance to both transient interference and random interference and the actual bit error rate of 10-5 ~ 10-6can be achieved when channel bit error rate is 10-2.

Long Transmission Distance

Within the visible range, when the height of antenna is higher than 2m and The Bit Error Rate (BER) is 10-3, the reliable transmission distances respectively is 4500m@1200bps. When the baud rate is 9600bps, it is more than 2000m.

Transparent data transmission

Transparent data interface used in transceivers is for meeting many standard or nonstandard user protocols. Any false data generated in air can be filtrated automatically (What has been received is exactly what has been transmitted).

HAC-LM transceivers offer 8 channels, if needed, 16 or 32 channels available to satisfy various configuration of communication under user’s demand at the same time

1 ports with RS232/RS485 connection methods
HAC-LM transceivers provide 1 ports, a RS232/RS485 interface.

Big data buffer area

With optional interface baud rate: 1200/4800/9600/19200/38400bps and 8N1/8E1 data format (set by user), the transceiver can transmit unlimited data frames with flexible user program.

Intelligent data control and no any extra programs required
Even for half duplex communication, no any excessive programs required. All RF system data sending/receiving and other On-the-Fly conversion and control are performed by HAC-LM transceivers automatically.

Lower power consumption & Sleep function

With +5V power, the receive current is less than 50mA, the transmit current is less than 400mA, and the sleeping current is less than 5mA.

High reliability, small and light

By using monolithic radio-frequency integrated circuit and single-chip MCU, the transceivers have less peripheral circuits, high reliability, and low failure rate.

More options of configurable antennas for user different applications.

Technical specification of HAC-LM Series

Modulation mode: GFSK/FSK

Working frequency: 429.00~434.93MHz

Power supply: 3.3 ~ 5.5VDC

Transmission power: 27dBm (500mW)

Interface data rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400bps(set before delivery).

Receiving sensitivity: -116dBm~-123dBm, (-118dBm@9600bps under 10-2 BER)

Bandwidth: 12.5K@1200bps, 100K@9600bps

Interface data format: 8E1/8N1

Transmit current: ≤400mA

Receive current: ≤50mA

Sleep current: ≤5mA

Working humidity: 10%~90% relative humidity without condensation

Working temperature: -20°C~70°C(Commercial) , -35°C~80°C(Industrial)


Antenna configuration:

Many appropriative antennas for low power RF modules are 0ed for meeting different user antenna configurations. Please ask our Sales office for further information about the antenna’s dimension and performance. The main options of antennas are exterior flagelliform rubber antenna with helical SMA joint and microstrip antenna.

Applications of HAC-LM Series

The wireless transmitter low power data radio module is suitable for:

n Auto Meter Reading system.

n Remote control and monitoring.

n Automatic data collection.

n Building automatization, security, machine-house equipment wireless monitoring

n POS system, wireless keyboard and mouse

n Traffic, Personnel positioning and alarm in the well

Our Services

n Our working time is 8:20 am---17:50 pm(Beijing Time) Monday to Friday.

n Design any of your customized products and put into production.

n Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.

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