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Unmanned airships, unmanned parasols, stratospheric airships, high altitude balloons, balloons. Airship is a manipulable and lighter-than-air aircraft that driven by the engine. Modern airships have been widely used in modern air survey, photography, advertising, life saving and aviation sports. Classification of airships: From the structure points, the airship can be divided into three categories: blimps, rigid airships and semi-rigid airships. The shape of the blimps' airbag is maintained by the pressure of inflating the gas inside the airbag, so this kind of airship also called pressure airship. Rigid airship has a full metal structure, which maintains the shape of the main airbag. In order to generate buoyancy lift needed for the airship, the floating gas is charged into dozens or more of the separate airbags within the frame. The semi-rigid airship is basically a pressurized airship. Although it is supported by a metal or carbon fiber keel, the shape of the air bag still needs to be maintained by the pressure of the floating gas. The inflatable type of airship is also divided into three categories: hydrogen airships, helium airships and hot-air crafts. Early airships were hydrogen airships, and modern airships are mostly helium airships because of the flammable hydrogen. A Hot Air Balloon is lighter than air, and its upper half is an atmospheric sphere, and the lower part is a flying machine with a hanging basket. The inside of the balloon is heated air so that it has a lower density than the external cold air, thus buoyancy is produced to shift the whole. The basket can carry passengers and heat sources (mostly open fires). Modern sports balloons are usually made of nylon fabric and the openings are made of refractory materials.

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