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WF-D1600 WF-D1600
  • WF-D1600
  • WF-D1600



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Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Product Description

Name: WF-D1600 six rotor
Number: WF-D1600
Expand size: 1962*1962*620mm
Folding size: 600*600*620mm
Air machine weight: 7.5kg (+ 5%)
Specifications: 1 sets
Color: White / orange
Material: carbon fiber composites
Origin: China

1.Using thelatestintegratedformingtechnology,meeting industrial standards
The whole airframe is o
peratedwith high modulusandhigh-intensityimportedcarbon fiber.The engine arms adopt quick insert structure design and umbrella structure design.The connector adopts import material blending fiber together withthelatestintegratedformingtechnology.The airframe uses totally enclosed waterproof cage design,which really meets industrial standards.
2.High precision removable arm is beneficial to transport and storage

3.The umbrella structure make folding more quickly
The body uses simplified airframe structure and the key parts are custom-made with special
material,which can make the entirety more handiness and flexible,acquire longer time of
endurance,provide excellent work platform forfixed-point operations carrying special equipment.


Wheelbase: 1600mm
Expand size(L×W×H): 1962×1962×620mm
Folding size(L×W×H): 600×600×620mm

Basic parameters

Empty weight(no battery): 7.5kg(±5%)
Unloaded takeoff weight: 13.8kg
Maximum take-off weight: 30kg
Power cell: 48V/26000mAh
Image transmission: 15km
Data transmission: 15km

Flight Performance

Duration: 60min
Max work elevation: 6000m
Economic cruising speed: 5m/s
Max level speed: 20m/s
Typical level speed: 10m/s
Max climbing rate: 11m/s
2kg load max climbing rate: 9m/s
Horizontal track control accuracy: 0.5m
Vertical track control accuracy: 0.1m
Wind resistance: ≤level7
Rain proof level: IP43

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