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VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones
  • VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones

VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones



Min. Order: 1 Sets
Supply Ability: 50 Sets/Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Control system:
JOUAV VTOL Autopilot
Model Number:
Year Built:
JOUAV VTOL Autopilot:
4 hour
ISO 9001/ISO14001
Takeoff & Landing:
Vertical Takeoff and Landing
Aerial Surveying /Mapping / Inspection

Product Description

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
Packing Details : Aluminum Aviation Case 2.18 *0.4*0.6m
Delivery Detail:
15 days

Product Description

VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones


3.2m Duration 4 hours
Length 1.8m Max. Speed 144km/h
MTOW 24kg Cruise Speed 100km/h
Payload 3kg Wind Resistance 44km/h
RTK /PPK Yes Takeoff and Landing VTOL

Key Features

Simple Configuration Simple configuration design for easy to assembly in short time
VTOL Vertical takeoff and landing for no runway and luanch system requried
RTK/PPK RTK for high accurancy positioning
Full Auto Full autonomous controlled by GCS , no RC needed
High Security Level Perfect monitoring and emergency management


Surveying Integrate RGB camera for aerial ortho-photography for surveying
Mapping Integrate RGB camera for aerial ortho-photography formapping
Agriculture Integrate spectural camera for precision agriculture inspection
Powerline Integrat gimbal video camera for powerline inspection
Pipeline Integrat gimbal video camera for pipeline inspection
Security Integrat gimbal video camera for securityinspection

VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones


VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping dronesVTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping dronesVTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping dronesVTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones

Packaging & Shipping

Package Dimension :2.18*0.4*0.6m ,weight about 60kg

VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones

Shipping Method:DHL ,FEDEX ,UPS or By Sea

VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones

Our Services

What purposes does JOUAV UAVs for?

1.After-sales service content

Field service

Installation guidance, operation debugging, maintenance, fault clearance, technology upgrade,etc.

Need to pay extra staff costs, including basic cost, travel expanse and personnel expenses,etc.

Return-to-factory maintenance

You can send back your faulty items to Chengdu JOUAV maintenance department to repair by express delivery, which will cost lower.

Replacement service under warranty

We will exchange your product if it malfunctions in guarantee period.

Replacement service under warranty

Providing sales of replacement part of mainstream products.We provide replacement parts sales service for you, and we ensure to send you by express delivery as soon as possible.

Our quality warranty is aimed to solve problems caused during manufacturing and production process. We will not be responsible for any loss caused by transportation and unpacking as well as situations listed below:

  • Misuse, abuse and improper installation.
  • Abnormal condition as temperature, dust and other corrosive material.
  • Operation or storage beyond required parameter.
  • Maintenance or modification by clients improperly.
  • Force majeure: for example, thunderstrike.

2, Warranty service

We provide warranty service and accessory change service under eligible warranty clause.

Warranty period

Normal warranty period is 1 year, from the day you buy the product.

Warranty voucher

Warranty service can be provided if you present proper voucher, without which we will not provide this service for free.

Warranty content

We offer warranty service for free to our clients if the products have any problems caused by production, fabrication, material,etc.

We offer warranty service with compensation to our clients if clients use improperly. We will firstly check and list all problems to quote price and sign maintenance contract in order to maintain and updat as soon as possible.

Exchange policy under guarantee

If clients refuse to repair under conditions below, we can change a new one for you.

Breakdown caused by main performance fault in 15 days since sold, which is a manufacturing problem of our factory. Breakdown after maintenance twice, which is a manufacturing problem of our factory. The new product will enjoy the warranty period remaining of the old one.

Company Information

Chengdu JOUAV Automation Tech Co., Ltd was established in 2010, adhering to philosophy of technology innovation, military quality and customer-oriented service, which is a company committed to provide multipurpose, high-performance and integrative industrial autopilot system, carrying payloads and UAV solutions based on core technology such as UAV intelligent flight control and navigation, carrying payloads, command control system and system integration.

VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones

Headquater Exhibition Hall

QC 1- Airframe QC 2- Features


Exhibtion -1 Exhibtion -2

Exhibtion -3



What purposes does JOUAV UAVs for?

JOUAV UAV solutions help users to capture high quality imagery of hard to reach assets and use that imagery to inspect the condition of an asset. This provides an efficient and safe means of performing inspections and offers an alternative to traditional methods.

What are the advantages of using JOUAV VTOL UAVs for asset inspection?

Apart from reducing the requirement for people wher to climb towers and other infrastructure such as water reservoirs to perform manual inspection, which can be dangerous, UAV inspection can often be faster and provide photographic evidence of condition for year on year comparison and analysis.

How about JOUAV CW series VTOL UAV operation training

With detailed training schedule, it would takes 7-10 days for handling operating of CW series VTOL UAV.

JOUAV is the only VTOL UAV training center in China authorized AOPA , the trainees would apply for AOPA certificate after finishing training .

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VTOL fixed wing long ranges mapping drones Price:$1.00/Unit

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