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Mini Gyro pod Mini Gyro pod Mini Gyro pod
  • Mini Gyro pod
  • Mini Gyro pod
  • Mini Gyro pod

Mini Gyro pod


$ negotiable

Min. Order: 5
Supply Ability: /Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

100 people are purchasing

Quick Details

Number of axes:
2 or 3
Stable precision:
single or double

Product Description

Technical advantages:
1,High-precision, low-drift MEMS sensor array, combined with proprietary data fusion and attitude filtering algorithms.
2,High-performance feedback control algorithm, several times the conventional error prediction and interference observation performance.
3,Precision brushless motor and drive algorithm.
4,High-performance processor and high-speed bus.

Application areas:

Small PTZ for multi-rotor, fixed-wing drones or general aviation, equipped with a visible zoom camera and / or miniature thermal imaging cameras, to meet the power patrol line, forest fire prevention, marine monitoring, environmental monitoring and other industries needs.

Company Profile:
Our company is committed to the gyro-stabilized pod R & D and design promotion, the company uphold the "innovation to create cost-effective, innovation-driven competitiveness" concept, the core technology research and innovation on the unremitting efforts, with a series of advanced autonomy Intellectual property.
Our products are applicable to the monitoring and evidence collection, photoelectric detection and directional communication of multi-rotor / fixed-wing UAVs, navigational vehicles, unmanned vehicles, unmanned vehicles, robots, satellite communications and other mobile carriers to meet the needs of industry users Long-distance observation of the performance requirements, cost-effective very competitive, and for different industries for product design, program customization.

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Mini Gyro pod Price:$0.00/Unit

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