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HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV
  • HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV

HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV



Min. Order: 1 Sets
Supply Ability: 30 Sets/Units per Month
Port: China (Mainland)
Payment: L/C, T/T

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Quick Details

Product Description

Year Built:
Place of Origin:
Hubei, China (Mainland)
Model Number:
Product name:
HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV
Rotor Wing Number:
Carbon Fiber
1000 mm
Max Power:
3.8 kw
Max Thrust:
22.8 kg
Suggest Take-off Weight:
7.5 kg
Cruising Duration:
60 min
Max Flying Distance (Voyage):
40 km
Max Flying Speed:
80 km / h
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
International standard wooden case for outer package, flight case for inner package.
Delivery Detail:
15-20 Working Days

HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV

Product Description

MC6-NX UAV system includes multi-rotor aircraft and ground stations, including: multi-rotor aircraft fuselage is made of carbon fiber material which is refined by integrally molding process, sturdy and durable, very light weight, bring higher load carrying capacity and longer cruising duration, overall unit adopts a streamlined design, effectively reduce wind resistance, with excellent ability against rain, snow and wind resistance; ground stations install rich functions flight mission planning software, achieve task route planning, fully autonomous flight, data broadcasting, storage and other functions.

Function & Characteristics
1. Autonomous flight according to the flight mission planning routes or control flight with handheld controller.
2. With independent security return function.
3. With data link, real-time transporting the UAV flight parameters and vidicon images.
4. Real-time monitoring the UAV flight parameters (position coordinates, altitude, speed, remaining power, etc).
5. Customized load according to needs, fast switching the task load.
6. Smart retractable landing gear, to avoid blocking the sight line.

Vehicle Main Specification

Parameter Type Type/Value Description
Multi Rotary Wing UAV Model MC6-NX (Standard) Subject to customer choice model
Wheelbase 1000mm (Standard)
Max Power 3.3kw (Standard)
Max Thrust 21kg (Standard)
No-load Weight 3.0kg (Standard)
Max Take-off Weight 15.2kg (Standard)
Battery Capacity 6S 30Ah (Standard) According to customer demand customize
Max Flying Distance (Voyage) 40km (Standard) According to the nature of mission, battery capacity
Max Flying Time (Endurance) 60min (Standard) According to the battery capacity
Max Take-off Height 4km (Standard) According to the nature of mission
Max Flying Height 1km 120m-1000m will be suffered by air traffic control in China.
Max Flying Speed 80km/h
Support Data link Communication Mode (Signal Overlay Area) 900MHz/2.4GHz Open Communication (10km/64km), WiFi Communication (3km), GPRS Communication/3G Communication/4G Communication (Unlimited) According to the mission requirement
Aerial Camera Equipment GoPro Hero 3 (Black/Silver/White) Support other small fixed-focus type cameras, camcorders, thermal infrared camera, UV camera
Video Format 1080P(60fps/30fps)/960P(100fps)/720P(120fps)/480P(240fps) Optional
Ground Station Software Aerial Photography Mission Planning Software Ver1.00 Support customer demand customization
Data link Server Port Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 Service According to customer demand customize
Anti-wind Performance Level 5
Anti Small/Medium-sized Rain and Snow Customizable
Working Environment Temp: -20—50℃ Humidity: 20%~90%
Conservation Environment Temp: -30—95℃ Humidity: 10%~95% Non-condensing

HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAVHD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAVHD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAVHD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAVHD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAVHD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAVHD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV

Company Information

HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV

Packaging & Shipping

HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV

HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV


HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV

Q1:AreSaker Falcona trader or a manufacture?

A1:We are an industry and trade integration business.

Q2: What equipment does a whole set of products contain?

A2: Presently, the leading product is unmanned multi-rotary wing mission system with advanced intelligent equipment data chain , include:

1. Multi-rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicle (quadrotor / six-rotor).

2. UAV task payload (universal programs / customized programs).

3. Airborne black box data and analysis supporting equipment.

4. Separated ground control station / Integrated ground stations.

5. Platform Application Software (ground mission planning software / flight data analysis software / server core software).

6. UAV ground maintenance kit (portable multi-function ground maintenance box / ultra high-speed floor maintenance kit).

7. Portable GPS / Beidou information terminal.

Q3:What advantages ofyour Product?

A3:.Mission Payloads Fast Switch-The Same Payloads+Various of Mission Payloads

.Five Remote Controls Integration Ground-to-air CommunicationsData link

.Multi-Network Fusion and Motion Control

Automation Cluster Control

Q4:What is your use of the positioning system?

A4:Our UAV carrier supports USA GPS satellite positioning, China Beidou satellite positioning, Russia Glonass satellite positioning, provides high precision positioning Of Yami meters level in the highest, meets high-precision positioning needs of various industries.

Q5:What about Quality Control?

A5:Saker Falconhave a perfect QC system to sure the quality.we achieves a large number of high level technological achievements and independent intellectual properties, gains multiple national invention patents, design patents, software copyrights and registration certificates.

Q6:what payment terms you can accept?

A6: Telegraphic Transfer(T/T) or L/C.


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HD Camera Carbon Fiber Police UAV Price:$8980.00/Unit

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