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EWZ-S8 Coaxial Multi-Rotor EWZ-S8 Coaxial Multi-Rotor EWZ-S8 Coaxial Multi-Rotor
  • EWZ-S8 Coaxial Multi-Rotor
  • EWZ-S8 Coaxial Multi-Rotor
  • EWZ-S8 Coaxial Multi-Rotor

EWZ-S8 Coaxial Multi-Rotor


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Quick Details

Product Description

Ewatts EWZ-S8 aircraft has been critcallly acclaimed for years, it utilizes Ewatts revolutionary flight controller into a X8 design platform, and incorporates Ewatts industrial-grade cameras,and sensors payload packages into a system that was designed from the beginning to meet the demands of an industrial environment. Coupled with Ewatts flight planning GCS the EWZ-S8 creates new possibilities at every moment. Because we're confident that you'll be satisfied, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all buyers.


Anti-interception, anti-interference, more secure!



Ewatt's S8 Multi-Rotor is specially built for inspections, law enforcement, infrastructure development, construction, security, firefighting, surveying, and mapping applications in addition to offering cinematic or broadcast-ready imaging payload systems.


Intelligent obstacle avoidance

The binocular obstacle avoidance system of the Ewatt S8 is based on the data acquired by the UAV during flight. The basic 3D modeling is performed instantaneously, so that the planning is optimal. The flight path allows the drone to effectively avoid obstacles during operation or hover to avoid damage caused by accident collision.

The EWZ-S8 can quickly find, capture, identify and track a target and has real-time information transmission and anti-jamming capabilities.


  • What is the operating temperature of the EWZ-S8?

-20 to +55 degree

  • What is the hovering accuracy of the EWZ-S8?

Testing with the heightof 2 meters, wind speed <3m/s. The hovering accuracy in vertical direction is less than 2m and in horizontal direction less than 1.5m.

  • What is the maximum speed of the EWZ-S8?


  • What is the maximum ascent and descent of the EWZ-S8?

Maximum climbing speedis 15m/s - Maximum landing speed is 8m/s

  • Does the EWZ-S8 have a collision avoidance system?


  • What is the EWZ-S8 maximum takeoff weight?


  • How much wind can the EWZ-S8 fly in?

8m/s wind resistance

  • Is the EWZ-S8 waterproof?

EWZ-S8 is IP45 rated

  • How much payload can the EWZ-S8 carry?

Up to5kg.

  • What is the EWZ-S8 body weight?

9.8kG(with battery)

  • How long will the EWZ-S8 with or without payload?

No load endurance- is 40 Minutes

for 2kg payload endurance is 34 minutes

  • Does the EWZ-S8 have retractable landing gear?


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