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Drone Radio Modems

Unmanned aerial vehicle data transmission equipment refers to the equipment used to transmit data from the UAV to the ground. Digital transmission equipment includes an airborne digital radio and a terrestrial digital radio. The airborne digital radio station connects to the UAV's flight control system through the data line, and the ground radio station connects with the UAV ground station also through the data line. In the process of flight, the UAV's flight control system will collect data such as flight attitude, altitude, air pressure, and then passes them to the ground station through the airborne digital radio station, and displayed on the ground station software, which can help users understand the state of the UAV comprehensively; on the other hand, users can plan the route of aircraft operations by ground station, and upload it through the terrestrial digital radio at any moment, then the flight control system can get it through the airborne digital radio, so as to realize real-time planning route.

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